How to Throw a Modeling Themed Birthday Party : Birthday Party Costume Ideas

In this clip, we’re going to talk about costuming
for the runway as well as the photo shoot. I’ve collected costumes throughout the years
with our organization. But for a person throwing a private party, what you can do is go to
second hand stores or thrift stores as well as you can ask some of the participants to
bring old costumes from Halloween. What you want to do is try to find themed ones; like
maybe a cheerleader costume or a race car driver or something more like a princess.
There’s a lot of princess costumes that girls already own. You can do something that is
imperial style or you can now that is divas or rock star style or Gennie style. When you’re
doing the costuming not only do you want to think of dressing the kids up, but they can
also wear their favorite school outfit or they could wear something that is more formal.

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