How to Throw a Modeling Themed Birthday Party : Birthday Party Game Ideas

In this clip, we’re going to show how to entertain
the party guests while each of the girls become a model. One of the games we play is called
Accessorize It. The way you play this game is you break the kids up into two groups and
they have to come up with all of the things they can think of that models will need during
a runway show. For example; maybe rings, tights, necklaces, pantyhose, jewelry, eye shadow,
lipstick, blush, slips, brazer’s, things of that nature. When the game is over or the
song has ended, each of the kids compare their list and when they compare their list, anything
that they both have written down gets crossed out, then you add up all of the things that
is not crossed out and they get a point for each. For example; what is something on your
list? Sunglasses. Sunglasses, do you have sunglasses on your list? No. No, so they will
get a point for sunglasses. And this is how you play Accessorize It.

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