How to Throw a Modeling Themed Birthday Party : Birthday Party Game Tips

In this clip, we’re going to show you how
to play the game Over Accessorize. We all know there are models on the runway, they
have way too much jewelry and have way too much clothing and look totally goddy. So there’s
where this concept comes from. You’re going to split your groups up and you’re going to
create piles of clothing. You’re going to want to blind fold everyone in the group except
one person. It’s very important that you have the same kind type of clothing in each pile.
Like if you have a shirt, then every pile should have a shirt. If you have a pair of
pants, every pile should have a pair of pants. What will happen is you’ll blind fold two
in the group or however many extra, then you’re going to put music on. The ones that are blind
folded have to dress the one that is not blind folded. What I’m using to blind fold the girls
is body suits, tights, leggings, anything that is long enough to actually cover their
eyes. This is a fun and exciting way to pass time while they’re having their makeup done.
Ready girls? On the mark, get set go! Usually you’ll have music in the background. The person
who is being dressed, you have to dress the person who isn’t blind folded. You’re not
suppose to see, you’re suppose to tell them what it is. Tell them what it is. Now they
don’t actually have to wear it the way that it is meant to be worn. So it’s a shirt, so
you want to try and put it on her. Go, go girls go. You got to get her dressed. And
the goal is, start helping, start helping, the goal is to get everything on before the
music ends. And as you can see they end up looking over accessorized.

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  1. that i9s not fun or exiting at the begining they all looked like they had to smile and wen the game started they didn't even play the game properly probably because they didn't like it

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