How to Throw a Modeling Themed Birthday Party : Food Tips for a Birthday Party

In this clip, we’re going to show the items
you’ll need for food and accessories to make the party a success. You’re going to need
a table and a table cloth and as you see our table cloth matches our runway. You’ll also
need a cooler or juice boxes for drinks. In our cooler, you’ll need ice and a lot of times
I like using this type of cooler if I’m not doing the juice boxes because you’re most
likely to run out. For food, we tend to use pizzas and it’s great because you don’t know
how long the party is going to take and when you’re doing the photo shoot you can have
pizza delivered at anytime within the three hours. It gives you a lot more lead way. You’ll
need paper plates and you need to make sure you have enough paper plates for not only
the food but also for the birthday cake. Then last but not least, you need your birthday
cake, you need your forks, your knives. Don’t forget your candles and a lighter; those are
one of the things that are very typical to forget during a birthday party.

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