How to Throw a Modeling Themed Birthday Party : How to Apply Makeup For Kids Modeling

In this clip, we’re going to start talking
about how to put on the makeup. We’re going to begin by covering the whole entire face
with a powder. The reason why you want to put powder on the whole entire face is because
it absorbs all the oils, it makes a more neutral surface. It kind of creates its own painting
camera surface. Next we’re going to begin with the eyes. What we’re going to do is we’re
going to start by putting a light color on the total eye, covering up the whole eyelid
with the lightest color possible. I’ve chose to go with tans. Then you’re going to want
to take a thinner applicator and we’re going to go with a little bit darker brown and you’re
going to want to put it right on the crease of the eye. What this does is it creates shadowing
and it will give a nice dramatic look when you’re doing the photography. Then, I’m going
to take a more sheen brown; it’s usually the color in between the two colors you’ve already
utilized. You’re going to want to put it closest to the lid right by where the eyelashes are.
Then I usually will go back and take a little bit of the lighter color and accentuates right
by the eye brows so we’ll get a nice shine. Next step is you’re going to want to put on
mascara. You’ll start by having the child close their eyes and you can do a little bit
on the top and then you’re going to have them open their eyes. Remember you want to take
off any globs that are on the mascara brush so not to go onto the child. If they’re nervous
about putting the mascara on, you can have them open and just blink. Just as Kasey’s
doing here. And as you can see with just a little bit of makeup, it turns her into looking
like a model.

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