How to Throw a Modeling Themed Birthday Party : How to Take Head Shots at a Birthday Party

In this clip, we’re going to talk about head
shots. Some of the ways that you can change the way a child looks is with hats. You can
get them at any second hand thrift store. The way that you position a hat will change
the way the child actually looks. You can also try turning their head or tilting their
face like so. Also, at any craft store you can get flowers and all these flowers are
is they have an elastic band ran through them and the elastic band is tied behind them.
This is something you can make at home and it gives a great lovely natural feeling. Thank
you! All of us have some sort of country western hat in our garage or in our closets. Pull
it out and this is a great way that accessorize the pictures. Wonderful. This is a beach hat
you can use; they can put their hands on it and if you look it creates just enough shadows
for a wonderful head shot. You can also do things where they turn around and look over
their shoulders and that gives a different look. Great. Come on over. This is a hat that
you can probably find at any party store. These hats only range ninety nine cents to
two to three dollars and they’re wonderful because you can send them home with the children
if you want to as party flavors.

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