How to Throw a Modeling Themed Birthday Party : Photography Equipment Tips for a Birthday Party

In this clip, we’re going to talk about the
equipment that you need to make the photo part of the modeling themed birthday party
a success. We used see style stands which are the professional stand. We’ve chose a
white material back drop and you can also take different colored materials to accentuate
your pictures. We used clothes pins to hand the material. If you don’t have a see drop
or see stand you can take and hang the material from a wall by using tape, tacks or you can
use draping. For your photo shoot, I’ve chose to use a digital camera. If you don’t have
a digital camera, you can use throw away cameras also. Or you can choose to use both. What
we do sometimes is we’ll use the digital camera for the professional photographer and we’ll
give the digital cameras to some of our participants so they can actually feel like a photographer
at the photo shoot. The reason why we do this is because that way you have pictures to send
out. With a digital camera you can get all of the emails from all of the participants
and you can email them to the parents rather than sending thank you cards.

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