How to Throw a Modeling Themed Birthday Party : Teaching Kids Runway Poses

In this clip, we’re going to show you how
to put together the runway show. Each one of the models are going to come up and they’re
going to strike a pose; at the beginning, the middle, the top of the ‘t’ and at the
end like so. They’re going to make sure that each one hits a different pose at a different
time. As each girl goes, the next girl will begin. And in the background of course, you’re
going to have their favorite birthday music going. You may want to invite the parents
to come view their excellent modeling show. They’re remembering to walk like a model,
they’re remembering their pose and they’re remembering correct posture at all times.
Notice how each one of them keeps their eyes up and they walk with a nice skate.

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  1. wait when i was little i went to one of those bday parties and we just had fun and walked around the "runway" in dressup and took pictures…. that's WAY too planned.

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