How to Throw an Easy Cheap Harry Potter Party! | DIY | Thania’s Birthday

Hey what’s up this is Jose and this is
Thania we’re back at it again. Last month was Thania’s birthday. I decided to do a
Harry Potter theme because I’ve been wanting to do it ever since I was a
little kid because… Ravenclaw… okay Hufflepuffs are better everyone knows that. Ravenclaws are better. No we wanted to make a Harry Potter party
that is affordable and easy to DIY for everyone because all of the Harry Potter
parties that I saw on blogs were like super expensive in prices so I’m gonna
do it on the cheap yes to start on my platform 9 and 3/4 wall I’m gonna
measure out the door where people are gonna be entering it now it’s time to
cut the tablecloth to the measurements of the door. What I’m doing is I’m laying
down the brick for this tablecloth for the 9 and 3/4 entrance. So now I’m
halfway done but this morning when we took Loki
out to walk you ran in here and he made some holes inside the tablecloth but
we’re just gonna go along with it. We’re just gonna patched it up with some
tape because I’m not gonna do this whole thing again. We hung it up and there you
go the 9 3/4 entrance. We also bought this wall decoration at the dollar store
just to make it feel a little bit more like a castle. What I’m gonna do right
now is potions and Thania got these cool glasses only for like a dollar each at
goodwill. We like to be cheap. This glass came what a top that was white but I
spray painted it gold just to give it more of like a potion looking
feel to it. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make
this orange because I noticed that if I put yellow it starts looking like pee.
Yeah I just looks like someone really dehydrated peed into this bottle so I’m
gonna make it orange. And to make it look like a legit potion bottle we got these
labels here that we printed out and all we’re gonna do is we’re gonna cut them
out and put it on the bottle. This is the sign we’re gonna use and we’re just
going to put some Elmer’s glue on it. This is washable Elmer’s glue if you
want to reuse these bottles you can if you just have to use some water to wash
it off after semester of potions class with Snape these came out pretty good so I decided I’m going to make four
banners representing each house I have all the colors for the houses and I got
these really cheap at the craft store I got them for three dollars a yard so I
decided just to take my alt Amazon cardboard make a template very simple
I’m gonna start tracing out my shape now it’s time to cut oh crap I’m supposed to
cut around it an inch around it ah okay so I have to stir it over again this is
why I get two yards of fabric because I will mess things up like this time I’m
gonna cut it the right way leaving one inch all around my template this is to
allow a seam allowance I think that’s what it’s called I’m new to the sewing
world once you have your fabric cut out you can start pinning it down because it
makes it much easier to work with on the sewing machine I’m still very new to all
of this but I think it’s coming along great yay my banners are done I’m so
happy I’m happy with it now we can cut out the house crust that we print it out
then we’ll use permanent double-sided tape to make sure they stick on check
out our blog link below to download the designs I used here it’s really looking
like Hogwarts now don’t you think we ordered a few things for the party and
we just got the packages right now go ahead and rip that open nice it’s a
share of my house ravenclaw the best house of course
how does it look there looks nice here you trying to do that thing that
youtubers do alright I’m gonna check something else see it works this we
bought really last minute so I this cage from my mom she had it just
laying around and so we spray painted it gold and this is Hedwig’s cage like he
has a little Hogwarts letter mmm he’s saving it for Harry well we have him
here trap so he can’t get to Harry I’m also helping Tanja with the Golden
Snitch it’s just very common you take or Cheryl chocolates draw the the wings
first so let me show you the process here this is definitely not good then
Tanja thought she could show me up by doing some weird dead chicken wing and
some weird cloud I don’t know what the hell that is
so I finally did what she said I think which is this swoosh thing that she
wanted to do just a full paper of paper in half and get cran and just do this
around your master copy and then just cut it doesn’t have to be perfect and it
should come out like this when you unfold and cut it and then you have a
bunch of wings you just put a little bit of hot glue and then you stick this
little buddy and there you go a little Golden Snitch cheese next we’re gonna
make our very own chocolate frogs so we have a glass bowl on top of a pot of
boiling water and that’s gonna melt the chocolate to the side once you got the
top down melted we’re gonna start pouring it into the mold oh it’s hot get
Loki out of here monkey get out of here I don’t think
we’re doing it right people said to just like tap the train like that and then
we’ll put it in the freezer overnight and then look they’re ready to jump off
the plate here we go making the candles now all
you do is grab some paper roll it up tape it use something to weigh down the
candle and string some fish line through it and once you’re done with it you’re
just gonna put the little candle and stuff it in there and there we go it’s
done it’s a floating candle after doing this 25 more times we started hanging it
up it took a long time but you know what it was worth it
check looks awesome just like the Great Hall
now it’s time to hang all the letters coming out of the chimney the TV is
gonna be the chimney I got my fishing line here and I’m gonna just tape the
fishing line coming from the top of the roof now I’m going to put on the letters
each letter has our guest names this one says well this one says Harry Potter
yeah he’s coming and they’re young it’s the day before and I realized I don’t
have anything Hufflepuff to wear so I decided to make my very own hufflepuff
scarf out of filth now I’m just gonna sew this scarf together put a Hufflepuff
logo on top of it and wear it and this will be my my house colors just to have
that hearty touch we bought this at Walmart it’s easy and it was cheap we
like to be cheap we’re adding the finishing touches and we’ve opened the
Chamber of Secrets I grabbed all my books that I collected since I was 12
and I set them up like decor and it looks really nice I like it I still can’t believe how we managed to
pull this off only in a few weeks and under $100 budget it looks freaking
magical and it was affordable all of the decorations are done the
guests are arriving it is time for them to compete for their houses Gryffindor’s
off to a good start getting all the points unfortunately but little did they
know the underdog was gonna come and get the prize even the Ravens all stop they hunt this
in the bag but you should never underestimate a couple because they will
beat you up flip Cup and of course it’s no surprise that the
hufflepuffs won as we gotta give it to our honorable
mentions and dollars and the ravenclaw I’m gonna remember this birthday for a
very long time and it’s all because I was surrounded by the people who I love
the most in this world so I hope this inspires you to make your very own Harry
Potter party for Halloween or your birthday party any time of the year do
something fun don’t make it boring make it practical we want to give a big shout
out to one of our subscribers her name is Ashley we actually met her last year
at Phoenix Comicon well during my Siena costume and since then we’ve kept in
touch and she actually just made an Instagram page for us and we’re really
flattered by that because you’re like yeah so we want to give a big shout out
to her yeah thanks a lot for doing that for us appreciate it yes to you believe
the Instagram fan page links below I wanted to thank all of you for being
part of the funds birthday this year making it extra special yes it made me
so happy to see everyone just having so much fun and something I’ve always
wanted since I was a little kid and so to make it possible and plus there to
spend so much time and we spent or we spent a lot of time making this so thank
you so much of course anything for time the question of the day is who’s your
house mine is the awesome ravenclaw no pop-ups are the best and we won all
those games so let us know what is your house in the comments below I’m just
kidding hufflepuffs are cool too my rating Falls are better alright guys so
I hope you guys like this video and until next time

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  1. This was an awesome party! Thanks for having me and your guy's hard work paid off with those decorations! Really fun party and thanks again <3

  2. Yay! An actual affordable one! Thank you so much for this video. My son is having. A 16th Hogwarts party in two weeks. With bills, everything is going to be diy. ♡☆♡

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    Alex's vegan Harry Potter birthday cake recipe:

  4. Omg thank u so so so much I love u all and I really hope I'll see u again one day and I'm also a hufflepuff

  5. I'll be 50 !! next year and I'd so love to have a Harry Potter themed party, I'd invite my relatives with children – I'm from a Mediterranean Islan so think big here, the only thing is I'd probably have to do the organising and crafting of any things myself since it's my idea : ( still I can dream sigh

  6. i'm having a harry potter party for my 15th bday sadly the only people who like harry potter are me and my sister so to many muggles will be there

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