How To Use NeoGeo 25th Anniversary Humble Bundle With FightCade!!

How is it going guys?! This is thec0re3 from and I am back with another tutorial to help you set up FightCade.
The main objective of this tutorial is for the Humble Bundle that was released in December
for NeoGeo 25th Anniversary. It is basically to help you set up games from that bundle so
that you can use FightCade and play online. For those who are not familiar with FightCade,
FightCade is an application that allows you to play certain classic titles online using roms.
It is built on an emulator and what is interesting about the humble bundle, is that it also uses
an emulator and a rom as well. In most cases, when it comes to using roms and emulators,
it is a very sketchy subject. There are a lot of legalities. With this recent release
of the 25th anniversary, it kind of helps with some who might be sketchy about using
roms. This helps a bit with the legalities. For us, this allows us to give you certain
titles that are available for FightCade and give you a place where you can actually purchase
them. What I decided to do today was go ahead and go through a full walk through of getting
FightCade, installing it, and then taking the rom from the humble bundle to use with
the applictation. So let’s go ahead and get started. The first thing that we are going
to do is go to
and download the application. Just to let you know, I will be doing this on the Win
7 OS so it may be different for you. I do not believe, when it comes to the humble bundle,
that it works with platforms other then Windows Oses but that is something you would have
to check. So let’s go ahead and extract this. I’m going to be a little more cleaner then
I usually am this time around so give me just a second. Most of the time, I tell people
to put it on the desktop. If you’re not familiar with working with the PC a lot, I
would say go ahead and put it on the desktop. If you really want to keep things clean, I
recommend putting it on your local disk drive and making a shortcut of the executable file
for your desktop but that is going to be up to you. I’m going to go ahead and put it on
the local C drive so just give me a moment and then will comeback. Okay so if you’ve
put it on your desktop, you just click on the FightCade folder. If you’ve extracted
it somewhere else like your local drive, then you just look for it on that drive. Once you
have done that, I would like to talk about a few things that you should pay attention
to. The file that you are going to run the program with is fightcade.exe. That is the
most important file. The next important thing to pay attention to is the roms folder. This
is where you will put your games. And, if you would like to setup your controls before
you jump on
to fightcade..because FightCade’s default controls are the keyboard. So, I recommend
you go to the ggpofba.exe. I believe things may have changed so you might have to use
ggpofba-ng..I’m not sure but you basically load the game and then go back to the menu
and click on map game inputs to select your control inputs. It very important you do this
before you start FightCade because once you start a match, you don’t want to have to have
some one waiting because some opponents are idea why. Once you’re all setup, you can start
FightCade. One of the first things you have to make sure and do is allow access. Windows
7 does have a firewall that blocks connections so make sure that you allow access to FightCade.
The next thing you want to do is create an account. So you just have to give them a username,
password, and email address and you’re all set to go. So, now we are getting to the meat
and potatoes which is taking the rom so that you can add it to FightCade. I did forget
to mention one thing. During your registration process, you have to go to your email and
activate your account to access FightCade. Okay, I think now we can
assume that you have FightCade all set up
so go ahead and download your humble bundle game. The games will be exe files it will
most likely go to your downloads folder. Once you’ve downloaded it go ahead and start the
file and install the humble bundle game. Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to just extract
the game from the exe file so you have to install the game. If you do know a way around
that, let us know in the comments. So, I will assume that you already installed the game
so what will do now is open
our hard drive and find out exactly where the rom is. Hopefully your just a little bit
familiar with using the explorer. We are going go to the C drive and then go to program files…now
I’m not quite sure which one it is in. Let’s see which one. Doesn’t look like it is this
one so its most likely in the 32bit program files(x86). Okay, it is under the NeoGeo 25th
anniversary folder. I decided to install Garou Mark Of The Wolves. When you go in the folder,
you are looking for That is the rom file and what you need. It is up to you
to keep it in the folder or cut it. You might want to run the program when and play when
you are not going online. It will save you more space if you cut it and paste it in FightCade
but that is up to you. Your preference. Once you’ve copied or cut it, we are going to go
back to the FightCade folder and paste it in the ROMs folder and it is that simple.
Once you have all the games added to the ROM folder, you can run FightCade(don’t forget
to setup controls first). I’m going to assume that you have set everything up and will go
ahead and log in. If you look to your left, these are all the title that are available
on fightcade. Right now, I’m looking for Garou Mark Of The Wolves the rom I put in the folder.
As you can see, it is here and it is brightened which means FightCade recognized the game.
Now, all I have to do is click on the game and it will take me into a room with other
players. You will notice the clocks beside some players that means they are not available.
If you look here, you can also click the away box which I did because I’m not planning to
play. When you are ready to face an opponent, you will click on
the icon beside the players name. Once you
click on the icon, it sends a challenge to the player. Once they challenge you, the same
screen that we opened ggpofba with will start to run and hopefully the game will start.
In some cases where you’re having trouble connecting, you may have to open up your ports
although this is an application that was programmed so you wouldn’t have to…it just depends.
So that is about it. You want to download each of your humble bundle games that are
compatible with FightCade. We have linked all the anniversary games on our site as you
can see here. So if you want to purchase anything you can. Some games do come in a pack so just
be aware of which ones. As you can see, they are all available for purchase and you can
own them out right and use them with FightCade. Alright, hopefully the tutorial was helpful
to you. If there are any issues, let me know in the comment box and I will see if I can
help you especially if I missed something critical. That is it, I hope you guys have
fun, FightCade is continuously updating their program, its a pretty fun application, and
it is great to have people online and playing. Okay, take it easy and enjoy!!

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  1. I forgot to mention something very important!!! All neo geo roms require the neo geo bios( in order to run. You can find it in the same directory as the game. Apologize for the oversight.

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