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hey guys it’s Eric at Big Dot of Happiness have you wanted to take your decorating skills to the next level? Well, today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about our straw decor kits. Each straw decor kit comes with 24 themed, unique shaped cut outs, 25 chevron paper straws and 40 round clear stickers to adhere them together. The straws measure seven and three-quarter inches tall while the shaped cut outs range from two to four and half inches depending on the theme. There’s very little assembly necessary Take one of the straws and whichever cut out you want to use. Line up the cutout to the straw, and using one of the clear stickers, attach them together. You can place these in any beverage! For instance, drinks in mason jars or Frappuccino bottles. You can even place them in cupcakes as treat pics. This kit can also be utilized as a bottle decoration kit. By using coordinated ribbon, or the stickers that are included, you can attach the shape cut out to the outside of the bottle while placing the straw on the inside. This is your chance to WOW your guests at your upcoming get together – time to get decorating! Hey! Thanks for watching. We have so many useful videos coming in the near future so if you want to make sure your parties are spectacular, make sure to click that subscribe button. Also in the description below, we have links to our Facebook page Instagram and website so you can be the first to see how all the new content and products coming your way. Thanks! And have a Big Dot Day.

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