How To Zero Gap The Wahl 1919 100 Year Anniversary Clipper

Hello everybody and welcome to another
60 Second Barber Tips. Today we’re going to zero gap the Wahl 1919 clipper which is
not as straightforward as you might think. To zero gap the 1919 clipper you will
need the bracket from another set of Wahl clippers.
First remove the blade from the 1919 clipper. Then remove the lever. Remove the
bracket rail from the 1919 clipper. Repeat these steps for the other Wahl
clipper you are using. You need the bracket and the screws. Place the Wahl
Legend bracket on the 1919 clipper. Reattach the taper arm. Reassemble the
blade with screws from the Wahl Legends, but don’t tighten fully. Set the gap, and
then fully tighten the screws. Now your 1919 Clippers are zero gapped. You can also
replace the cutting blade with a ceramic blade which works really well on this
clipper. Thanks very much for watching, see you next time.

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  1. Will definitely be making this modification. Is the a clipper that you would avoid putting a ceramic blade on? I don’t really see people putting one on masters, so I’m just curious. Thanks!

  2. I can't find any of those parts online for the life of me. If anyone has a link please let me know thanks

  3. Is there noticeable difference zero gapping these clippers when fading? Also, why isn't there one on the cordless seniors by you

  4. visuals and camera work here is flawless!!!!how wahl mess up a clipper like that by not letting us to cero gap from factory??? 🤔

  5. Have you tryed putting just a fade blade on these I love the magic clipper but I love how these and the senior are a little more powerful would it be worth buy this 100th clipper and just put my flat fade blade on it

  6. For anyone wondering what this piece is called. It's refer to as a "blade slide." Your looking for a Wahl 2 hole blade slide like the one on the video. Wahl has a lot of older types of clippers that all run the 3 hole design. I've checked a lot of the cheaper consumer line and it's all 3 hole. Random checks on eBay will yield the 2 hole blade slide your looking for. eBay search -Wahl 2 hole blade slide. Roughly $10.

  7. Hi ! I have a 1919 and i want to switch from the taper blade (that 1919 has) to the fade blade. Can i do it without replacing the bracket ???

  8. I have tried combine the best of the wahl.Power and blades.I have switched the bracket and put the stagger tooth and fade blade on the 1919.The result until now is very rewarding, plus,allow to have zero gap as well.

  9. yeap its awesome , i replaced blade with the senior cutting system and i plan to drill my blade slider soon to fit andis master blade so i can use magnetic guards 😉

  10. Could you use the bracket off the cordless seniors and if so will it make the senior where it can't zero gap?

  11. So I ran into a problem the machine works fine. But I was cleaning it a while back and put it however I could back into place. The black thing on top just jumped out and the little metal thing that makes everything move got disconnected with the black plastic. Where exacly do I put it back into place? Every time I do it it wants to push the plastic back out.

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