Howard County PRIDE Celebration 2019

Howard County is a community that
celebrates inclusion and it celebrates diversity. And we’re here to rejoice in all
the beautiful things that we’ve been able to accomplish together as a
community. [music] What’s so important about Howard County PRIDE is that we as a community have never had one, but as a community we’ve always had pride in the
fact that we are a diverse and accepting community. And events like this are so
crucial to helping people get a better understanding of a community within the
broader community especially in Howard County. [music] People need– should have a place that they can come and feel accepted and safe in their community and where they can meet other people who are just like them. It’s really nice to know that you’re part of something else. [music] I like it actually because especially having a physical disability it’s kind of nice to come here and discover that it’s small, it’s laid-back… And it’s nice to be somewhere that celebrates pride but it doesn’t feel out of place for the people who are more reserved in life. [music] So, I’ve never really felt like going to a Pride ‘cuz it didn’t seem like it was my thing but I’ve been sort of online active… So it’s kind of like, hey this is like tumblr only in person. [laughs] [music] We’ve had such an amazing relationship with all the volunteers that have come out to our headquarters and helped us put on this event. And then day of all the people that showed up so that we could get everything together; it was amazing. And so, it really did– While we are a planning committee and we planned, it took the whole community to put this whole thing on. We will be the example for the rest
of the state, the nation, and the world that love is love.
[applause] [silence]

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