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(Jacob, Emily, and Chloe sing happy birthday to Isaac) It’s Kinder Playtime! Jacob, Emily, Chloe, (baby giggles) It’s a toy party! Jacob and Emily: Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Kinder Dad: Welcome back everybody! How are you guys? Good! Kinder Dad: Good? Are you good Emmy? Woo-hoo! Are you good Jacob? (yes!) Why are you guys so excited? Jacob: Because we have a surprise coming. Kinder Dad: Are you going to tell me? Emily: Yeah (Jacob: No!) Jacob: It’s a secret. Kinder Dad: It is a secret. We’re so excited to be back here at Kinder Playtime, and man do we have a big surprise for you! What was that sound? Jacob: I think there’s someone knocking on the door. Kinder Dad: Oh, okay, let’s go see. It’s Chloe! Hi Chloe! What do you have today? Bring it on in! Awwww, who is that? (Baby Isaac!) That’s baby Isaac! Hi baby Isaac! Jacob: Hello baby Isaac! Kinder Dad: What did he bring us? (Surprises!) Baby Isaac brought us surprises? Jacob: I think it’s about thirteen or fourteen. Kinder Dad: Chloe’s a big sister now! Alright, can you bring Isaac in? Welcome to Kinder Playtime Isaac! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! (Laughing) You have the sneezes? Oh my goodness! Alright! Thanks for all of the surprises Isaac. (Isaac Sneezes) Oh my goodness! He’s sneezing! Which surprise do you want to open up Isaac? It looks like he wants a Surprizamal! Alright! Good choice Isaac! Alright Chloe, you ready to open up this Surprizamal? (chloe: yep.) Let’s do it! Oh yeah, I hope you guys get the unicorn this time! Chloe: It’s stuck! Kinder Dad: It’s stuck? Emily: I’m hoping for the unicorn! Kinder Dad: Yeah, me too. Jacob: I’m hoping for the elephant. Kinder Dad: You want the elephant? Chloe: No, it’s a frog silly! Kinder Dad: It’s a frog? Are you sure? Emily: I see green in there! Kinder Dad: Okay, let’s open it up and see what we got! What’s inside? (Frog!) Ah, you did get the frog! Can I see his face? Awe! I think that is my favorite one so far. I really like this frog. Can I see him? Do you think baby Isaac will like him? Yeah! Jacob: His name is Freddy the Frog. Kinder Dad: Freddy the Frog? Okay, awesome! Good choice Isaac! You taking a look at Isaac? Alright, let’s open up this Donutella. Emily: We got a Donutella one. Kinder Dad: Alright, which one do you want? Emily: I want the donut. Kinder Dad: The donut one? Yeah, like the main girl? Okay, let’s open it up! Okay, which one did you get? Let’s see it! Jacob: Oh, I love! Kinder Dad: You got the chocolate boy, donut guy?! Jacob: I love the chocolate donut boy! Can I have him please? Okay, so we got the donut boy one. And it looks like someone took a bite out of his ear. Jacob: I want to eat him! Kinder Dad: You want to eat him? Jacob: I’m gonna eat him first! Kinder Dad: Oh I think they’re going to fight over who’s going to eat him. Are you going to eat him? Oh, Jacob got him! Jacob got him! Awe, look how little his toes are. Chloe: Yeah, they’re tiny. Kinder Dad: They are tiny. Are you going to tickle his toes? Tickle his toes! Chloe: Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle. Jacob: I think he wants to open this Thomas and Friends Mashem. Kinder Dad: Oh, I haven’t these before, have you? (No!) No, I haven’t either. Let’s check it out. Jacob: Uh, I think I want the main character, Thomas. Kinder Dad: Oh, of course! (I want Thomas) Kinder Dad: You want Thomas? (Yeah, I want Thomas!) Okay, we all want Thomas. Let’s see what we got. Jacob: I also want Gordon. Kinder Dad: Gordon? Okay! Alright, what do you got in there buddy? Jacob: Oh we got Toby! Kinder Dad: Toby! Oh, Toby is really squishy. Jacob: Can I see how squishy he is? Kinder Dad: Alright, here’s our Toby. Ah man, let’s see how squishy he is. Oh my goodness, look how squishy he is! (A ten! A ten!) You want a ten? Oh my goodness his eyes are popping out! Jacob: Guess what I give him? Kinder Dad: What are you going to give him? Jacob: I’m going to give him a fifteen! A fifteen? Oh my goodness a fifteen?! Emily: I wanted to give him a one hundred. Chloe: I’m going to give him a one hundred. Kinder Dad: You want to open the PJ Masks blind bag now? Okay, let’s open it! These are new! Oh man, which one do you want Chloe? Chloe: I want the girl one. Kinder Dad: The Owlette one? Okay, open it up! Jacob: I want Connor! Kinder Dad: Okay, oh who did you get? Jacob: We got one of the bad guys. (Uh-oh!) We gto Luna Girl! Kinder Dad: Well, we didn’t get a good guy, but we got, what’s her name again? (Luna Girl) Luna Girl! Emily: She’s sometimes nice. Kinder Dad: Is she? Emily: I love you baby Isaac. Isaac, can I open this up? Kinder Dad: What do you think Isaac? Can she open that up? Umm, he’s not saying anything, so sure, open that one up! Emily: Babies can’t talk! Kinder Dad: It looks like you have series seven, figural keyring, princesses. Which one do you want today? Chloe: I want Anna! Kinder Dad: You want Anna? Emily: I want all of them, but I really want Elsa. Kinder Dad: Elsa? Okay, let’s get Elsa. Alright, what’d you get? Emily: Cinderella! Kinder Dad: Cinderella? She broke? Let me see! Emily: Wait, do you have to build her? Kinder Dad: Huh, you shouldn’t have to. Emily: No, you have to! Kinder Dad: Oh no, did you get a broken Cinderella? Emily: No we didn’t. (Emily sings Bippity boppity boo) Kinder Dad: Well here’s our Cinderella. And it looks like she is not in her pretty dress, but she is in her working clothes. Jacob: I want Super Sayan Goku. Kinder Dad: Yeah, this is an awesome box. I’ve never seen these Dragon Ball Z vinyl figures. But just in case you don’t know who Goku is, that’s this guy on the front. And when he goes Super Sayan, his hair turns gold. He’s really powerful. Alright, let’s open him up. And, what did we get? Oh nice, we got Gita! And he is in Super Sayan form. Awesome! Oh my goodness! He’s just as cool. Jacob: These are his weapons. Emily: Spiky! (yeah look at his hair.) Kinder Dad: He is super spiky. Okay, so we changed his hands, and he’s holding a Dragon Ball now. Very cool, and all his arms and his legs move. Emily: I like his Dragon ball. Kinder Dad: You like the Dragon ball? Chloe: I like the dragon ball too! Kinder Dad: Yup! And his hair is crazy. You could probably hurt somebody with him. So don’t stab each other with his hair. Jacob: He looks like he’s doing the cha-cha dance. Emily: Cha-cha, cha-cha. Chloe: Isaac has emoji’s! Kinder Dad: Emoji’s? Nice! Which one do you want? Chloe: I want Elsa. Kinder Dad: Elsa and Ariel? Open it up baby! What’s in there? Elsa! Kinder Dad: You guys were super excited about that. Well good! You got Elsa! Chloe: This is a crazy Elsa. Kinder Dad: Yeah, this Elsa looks like she’s scared or something. What is going on? Is she scared? What is she scared of? Maybe she’s scared of Chloe. Is she scared of you? No? Are you her friend? Jacob: Awe, he’s holding my hand. Emily: I really like these Unicorno’s. Kinder Dad: The Mermicorno? Isaac! Can Emily open up the Mermicorno’s? Who said that? Did you say that Isaac? Alright Emmy, go ahead! What do you got in there? Emily: We didn’t get the one I wanted. Kinder Dad: Okay, which one did you get? Whoa! She’s pretty! Emily: Well, I wanted this one too. Kinder Dad: Okay, here’s our Mermacorno we got. Yeah! Man, it looks like she’s got a little sea star on her head there, yeah! Emily: Yeah, it’s her comb. Kinder Dad: Oh, her comb? Chloe: There’s a sea star on here. Kinder Dad: Yeah, do you like it Chloe? Jacob: I can’t wait to tell you about super heroes. They’re so cool! Kinder Dad: Yes they are . What do we have today? We have a Marvel Tsum Tsum series three. Okay! Jacob: Alright! I want Ant Man! Kinder Dad: Ant Man? (yeah) Have we gotten Ant Man before? I think we did. I want the Hulk. Emily: I want that black Spiderman. That black Spiderman! Kinder Dad: Okay, let’s open it up. See who we got inside. Jacob: And… We got, Oh we got… Kinder Dad: Who is that? Jacob: That is Iron Fist. Kinder Dad: Oh yeah, cool! Jacob: I have never heard about Iron Fist. Kinder Dad: Yeah, I don’t really know much about Iron Fist either. I think there’s maybe a show about him coming out or something, but yeah, I really don’t know anything. Jacob: I love his symbol. Kinder Dad: Yeah, it’s really cool. It’s like a dragon. Jacob: Yeah, it’s like a dragon. Emily: It’s like Batman’s symbol. Kinder Dad: Kind of! Well it looks like Isaac is going to sleep. I think you’ve worn him out. Okay, which pet did we get Chloe? Emily: I want Max. Kinder Dad: You want Max? (Yeah, me too.) I wonder if we’ll get Max? What’s inside? Max! Nice! Chloe: I wanted this one! Kinder Dad: You got it! (me too!) And here’s a close up of our Max! He looks kind of happy. Well maybe, he looks kind of annoyed. Yeah, kind of bored waiting for his owner. Chloe: No, he’s waiting for his mom. Kinder Dad: Oh is that his mom? Okay. Well it looks like you guys have worn out Isaac. He’s asleep. I guess we’ll just have to finish these surprises without him. Can you guys give him a kiss? Everybody give him a kiss. Emily: He’s eating baby Isaac. Kinder Dad: Alright, goodnight Isaac. Alright, these are the one’s that Isaac left us. We have just about five more it looks like. Six more. Let’s see, how many do we got. One, two, three, four, five, six. Yup! We got six and it’s Emily’s turn. Which one do you want? Shopkins! We have season seven Shopkins, and they’re gift boxes. Emily: It says two over here. Kinder Dad: Yup, there’s two Shopkins and two Gift Boxes. Let’s open them up. What’s inside? Who’d you get? Who’d you get? Emily: I got this one. Kinder Dad: Okay, I think that’s Anna Pajama’s. And that one is common. Emily: And I got this one too. Kinder Dad: And that one is Wynola Wing. And that one is also common. We’ve gotten these before. Okay Jacob, which one are you going to pick this time? Oh, what’s that one? It looks like it’s a Play Skool Heroes, super hero blind bag. Cool! Jacob: I want Captain America. Emily: I want Spiderman! Jacob: Because his name spells America. Emily: I want Spiderman. Kinder Dad: Spiderman? Okay, let’s see. What did we get? I bet Captain America. Jacob: Hulk Smash! Kinder Dad: Oh we got the Hulk! Oh my goodness! He’s going crazy! He’s going crazy! Jacob: I am the Hulk! Kinder Dad: Oh my goodness. We have our mean, green, Mr. the Hulk. And we have Emily the Hulk. Oh my goodness, I have a famiy of Hulks. It’s Chloe’s turn! Alright, what do you got? Oh these are like those sushi cars. These are kind of cool. Jacob: I want to eat the sushi. Kinder Dad: You like sushi? Jacob: I do not like sushi. Kinder Dad: Then why do you want to eat it? Emily: We got this one last time. Jacob: Because I’ve never tasted toy sushi. Kinder Dad: Ah, you want to eat toy sushi. Okay, let’s see which one we got. Alright, which one did we get Chloe? Ah no, what is that? Is that like a cow ? Here’s our sweet little cow on top of a… I don’t know what kind of sushi that is. It’s a little sushi car. Chloe: Yeah, she’s driving. Kinder Dad: Yup, beep, beep! Okay, we’ve got three left. Which one is it going to be Emily? Emily: This one. Chloe: Uh-oh. We got a duplicate! Emily: We got Num Noms! Kinder Dad: Num Noms? This is a series 3.2. Emily: Yeah, let’s open it. Kinder Dad: Okay, what you got in there? Alright, what’s inside of it? Emily: I’m using my strong muscles. Kinder Dad: Use your Hulk muscles. Oh my goodness! You got it! Emily: I already know what it is. Kinder Dad: Okay, let’s see. Whoa! What is that? We got the chocosprinkles and we also got…. the Peachy Pina glossa. (yeah!) Alright. What’s it smell like? Emily: It smells like chocolate. Chloe: I want to try! Emily: Smells like chocolate. Kinder Dad: Okay. Jacob: We got Thomas blind bags! Kinder Dad: Thomas Mini’s. Okay, what did you get? I don’t think we’ve seen these before. It’s 2017 blind bags. Oh you dropped it! Jacob: This is Hiro as a leopard. Kinder Dad: Oh cool! Is that a leopard? Is that cheetah maybe? Cheetah Hiro? I don’t even know. (Cheetah Hiro) Nice! Emily: Cheetah Hiro, that’s his name. Kinder Dad: Is he dressing up for Halloween you think? Oh, bye Hiro! Alright and the last one goes to Chloe! We got a Tiny Genies blind lamp. Alright, you ready to open it? Get it open! Who’s inside? Whoa! Emily: She’s flying on a magic carpet. Kinder Dad: Is she? Okay. Chloe: What is this name? Kinder Dad: Umm, I think we’ve gotten her before. I think her name is Nisa. Okay, yup. We definitely got Nisa. And she’s got pretty purple hair. What do you guys think? (good) Yeah, you like her? Emily: I think she’s flying on a carpet. Kinder Dad: Well maybe, I think she’s just sitting on a pillow. Emily: No, she’s flying on a carpet! Kinder Dad: Okay, fine. Whatever. Do you guys love your little brother? (yeah!) Yeah, we do. We love Isaac so much, and we’re so glad that he’s a part of our family . Alright, well, thanks for watching everybody. Bye! Goodbye everybody! Happy birthday little buddy. Leave us a like, write us a comment, and “sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, bye!

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