Human Rights Video: Marriage and Family

She came up and kissed me one day. It was an impulse, I just grabbed him and I kissed him on the lips
and I ran away. Because I was like 20 years old, it’s not like
something you talk about marriage all the time… But I asked for her number,
she wouldn’t give me her number… No, I think he liked me first,
for sure, ’cause… She’s hot! We met in the grocery store… We were in the class together… … came up to me one day and says,
I got this perfect girl for you. He was a good dancer, but not too good… Like he was my soul mate. She’s my queen,
of course I am the king. I said “I have to ask you something”. And she said “What?”. And I kneeled down… … she was laughing and trembling … She gets so embarrassed. What did I say? Did I say
“Will you marry me?” or “Will you be my wife?” “Will you be my wife?” He proposed to me on my birthday. And she said “Yes. Are you sure?” I’m sorry…

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