Humber’s Bachelor of Music Listening Party

[music plays throughout] [Ilsa]
So tonight we’re really lucky ’cause we have the listening party
for all the fourth year students who have, um, participated
in their fourth year recording projects, which is what we all do as a part
of the Bachelor of Music program. We all get to perform, write,
arrange, and record our music at the studio at, um, Humber, which is a great,
great opportunity. And now we finally
get the chance to listen to what everyone’s come up with. [Nathan Whitney]
The idea came from Andrew Scott, the head of the music department
this year. And, uh, he was just hoping that our fourth years
would have the opportunity to meet with
some of the industry professionals that they’re actually
gonna be going out and working with once they graduate from Humber. And, uh, but he thought this would be
a good first introduction for them. [Peter Cook]
We’ve wanted to do this for a long time, even just for the students because they’re all working
on their own projects on their own, and they don’t get a chance
to hear each other’s work, and they don’t get a chance
to share each other’s work. So it’s a chance for them to hear, uh,
what they’ve been working on this year, what, what they’ve been working on, and it’s a chance to bring people
who are working in the music industry together with our young graduates, uh, and give them exposure to the-
this amazing program we have here and the really great students, and the, the incredible music
they’re creating. [Peter Piasecki]
You’ll find that Humber College has, you know,
as far as Canada goes, has a terrific reputation
as a music school, and I think even internationally,
as well. You know, people are starting to,
you know, hear about the program, and about, uh, the students, and the great music
that comes out of the school. [Ilsa] I’m actually a vocalist,
so I sing, I play a little bit of piano, but I majored in voice here. [Dennis]
My major, uh, instrument is piano. [James] Uh, I’m a drummer myself –
I major in percussion – and, uh, for my project,
I recorded three different tunes. [Nathan] Genre-wise,
you’re gonna hear everything from traditional jazz,
to progressive metal, from electronic and hip-hop,
to, uh, singer-songwriter folk. Uh, there’s a wide gamut of music that’s coming out of
the Humber recording studio this year. [Peter Cook] We bring in, uh, you know,
the best of the young musicians looking to, to study music, give them,
uh, some fundamentals in jazz, uh, the theory, uh,
in jazz history of music, composition, arranging,
songwriting, and we’re also teaching them a bit about what happens
in a recording studio. And then, in the fourth year,
we say, “Okay, go make an EP.” And, uh, it’s amazing what comes out
of that room at the end of he year. That’s what
we’re gonna hear tonight. [Ilsa]
I really do believe it’s the best music program
in the country. You get the most
hands on experience here, the faculty is amazing, the opportunities in the studio
is a big part of the draw. [Peter Piasecki]
I think it has an excellent reputation, and it’s growing all the time. [music fades out]

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