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  1. The pope of Rome is the antichrist, the vatican is the 7 headed dragon beast, and Sunday is the mark of the beast. Is it wrong to sin? Yes. So what is sin? Breaking the 10 commandments. Well they removed the 2nd not to have idols, changed the 4th the sabbath day Saturday the last day of the week to Sunday the first day of the week. Then they split the 10th into two covet Commandments to make it appear there are still 10. How can u repent and be born again if u don't even know what sin is then? This is the greatest deception! He even calls himself the title of God alone; The Holy Father. Everyone needs to read exodus 20 for themselves to know what sin is, repent of those sins, ask God to accept Jesus as your sacrifice for those sins, and sin no more being born again in spirit. Repent!! He will be here soon!!!

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