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[Suspenseful, terrifying piano] [Dramatic horror music] Salisbury steak?! Fried chicken?! Mexican?! [Silence]
Wait. Mexican? [Music resumes]
But I’m not hungry! But I’m not hungry! [Echoing] Somebody, help! Help… Help….. [Jammin’ action music] [Wood crashing] Hey, everybody! It’s no secret that I’m the biggest, strongest,
and most manly YouTuber on the Internet, and now that I’m dabbling in food reviews, it
only makes sense for me to check out Hungry-Man, the line of TV dinners known for their generous
portion size. [Chill commercial music] Man [Voiceover]: Warren Sapp is a hungry man. [Crashing] Packed with extra-large portions of the food
men love, Hungry-Man satisfies even the biggest appetites. Hungry-Man! It’s good to be full. Ian: That’s perfect for me, because obviously,
to keep up this physique, I need to eat a lot. In fact, if you’ve never watched my videos
before, it’s very important that you realize I’m well-known known for being very buff and
eating a lot of food. All right, no more wasting time. I’m hungry,
let’s eat. [Happy woodwinds] Whee! Oh, shit! Let’s start the day off with Salisbury Steak. Salisbury? Salisbury steak. Before I do anything, I should probably go
ahead and preheat the oven. I didn’t really think about doing that. [Beep beep beep!] While that’s going, let’s check out the box. Comes with Salisbury steak in-home style mushroom… In-home style mushroom? Oh! So it comes with [laughs] Salisbury steak
in home-style mushroom and onion gravy, with creamy mashed potatoes and tender green beans.
Includes a chocolate brownie! I’ve had this one before, many times. Actually,
I know I like Salisbury steak, and that’s why I got it. For those who don’t know, Salisbury steak
is basically ground beef and some other stuff mushed together into a patty form. I don’t really know what separates it from,
like, a hamburger patty, honestly? Apparently it’s also known as Hamburg steak,
although it’s not the same. I don’t know what’s different about it, but
it’s not the same. [Funkish jazz] We’ve got our Salibsury steak in here. A little
bit hard to see, got the green beans, got the brownie, and the mashed potatoes are insanely
overfilled. There’s a couple things in my Salisbury steak? Not quite sure what these things are, but
I’m hoping they’re ice. Oh no. Now you cut some slits in the other ones… You’re supposed to cook it in the oven for…
35 minutes! I’m actually gonna do 40 minutes. I – I just like to make sure things are- I just like to make sure things are done,
y’know? [Creak] All right, so while that’s in there cooking,
let’s look up a review to see what people think about what I’m about to experience. Here’s a review called, “Hungry man frozen
meals,” by PHarlow. So, all of you out there looking to rush out
and buy a Salisbury steak to fill up your husband, stay tuned. We – we have some doubts. I mean, you could argue that it is the right
name, since Hungry-Man left your husband a hungry man. But I get where you’re coming from, PHarlow.
I know what you’re saying. I’m picking up what you’re putting down. I’m buying what you’re selling. I’m sniffing what you’re scratching. [Sniff] Here’s one that’s called, “Things that make
you lose your appetite.” Not quite sure what Rikki was trying to tell
me there, but it does not make me very excited to eat this. [Distorted] There’s a couple things in my
Salisbury steak? Kind of makes me feel like I might eat a tapeworm. I guess I’m just gonna sit here and wait… [Voice deepening] and wait, and wait, and
wait, and wait, and wait… [BEEEP!] [Chanting] Hungry-Man! Hungry-Man! I am a hungry man! Would you look at that? Would you look at
that brownie? Pretty good-looking brownie. I dunno how to get this- [Sci-Fi warping sounds] It smells really, really good. Oh yeah. You got two little Salisbury steak
patties. Those are presumably mushrooms. Green beans. Nice, hot brownie. Uh, mashed potatoes still looking a little
bit scary. I mean, I’m no stranger to instant mashed
potatoes, but I mean, something about – just, the way it looks on the edge here – eh. Now normally, I would salt and pepper my Salisbury
steak. It just – even though it’s loaded with sodium,
it – it just tastes better with salt and pepper. Since I’m eating three of these today, though,
I’m gonna spare my body the extra salt. Plus, it’ll just be more accurate to review
it without additing- additing more flavors. Add-a-ding-ding?
[Ding ding!] [Bloop bloop] Ooh! Very hot. [Sawing sounds] [Bowling pins knocked over] [Crunch] Mm-hmm! The Salisbury steak is really good.
It’s – it’s really salty, but man, it’s tasty. This is, of course, not compared to real ground
beef or “real food.” Compared to other TV dinners, though, I mean,
that’s a pretty tasty slab of… possibly real meat. Probably not. The green beans are just green beans. It’s a lot like corn where it’s – it’s kind
of hard to mess up a frozen green bean. Could definitely use some extra salt, but
we’re not going there today. Be sure to get these edge potatoes. [Scraping sounds, audience protesting] There we go. Nah… [Squish squish] Better! Fake mashed potatoes, they’re… fake mashed
potatoes. I feel like it’s really hard to describe a
fake mashed potato, but if you’ve ever had one, you know what it tastes like. It’s just
fake mashed potatoes. The best way to eat these, though, is you
get a bite of the Salisbury steak, get some green beans on there, dunk it in some mash. Oh yeah. Mm-hmm! How about the brownie? I mean, it sure does
look like it’s all puffed up, but, uh… Good or bad? [Fancy jazz piano] I wanted that to be a lot more clean. Strangely, the brownie is the easiest one
to tell that it’s… not real. It’s not even that it tastes bad, or has a
bad texture, but the brownie taste is very faint. You eat it, and it feels like you’re eating
a brownie, but the taste is almost like it doesn’t show up until you’re done. Now, last time I reviewed a series of foods,
I used a system called Ian Points. It was a made-up point system, I made it up
on the spot. It was something stupid that I did to tie
the video together. So of course, everyone was like, “Did you
know that you did your math wrong?” [Distorted] “It got – it -” [Distorted] “Technically it got the most points! It should have won!” What I’ve got here is a chart of emotions,
and I’m gonna tell you how this Salisbury steak meal made me feel. I would say that the beginning of this meal
made me feel And while it tasted pretty good, the sodium
content really made me But as far as TV dinners go, I gotta admit
that this one leaves me feeling pretty I’m actually gonna finish this off-camera
while the other one is cooking. I’m very hungry, and this entire video is
my lunch. But sitting here next to an oven – it’s very hot, especially with all these big
muscles insulating me. So let’s get started on our next meal, and
I’m gonna finish that over there somewhere. Fried chicken! [Supa funky music] Man: Think I’m going to the bathroom! Wanna
come? Man #2: Yeah, sure! Man #3: I don’t really have to go, but I’ll
keep you company! MAN #4: Where you ladies going? Narrator: You are what you eat, so
make it a Hungry-Man! With a full pound of meat and potatoes, you
can eat like a man and be full like a man! Hungry-Man! It’s good to be full. Ian: Next up is classic fried chicken. Tender white and dark chicken portions with
home-style mashed potatoes and sweet corn. Includes a chocolate brownie. I have a feeling that some of you are going
to cheer the return of our good friend, corn. Yes, magical, magical corn. I’m not quite sure what makes this a Select? Uh, it says Hungry-Man Selects, but I don’t
know, it’s – it’s the same thing, but with chicken. On the back here, they have – they’ve got
chicken and waffles, which looks – it really doesn’t look like chicken or a waffle. We may have to try that if we do another Hungry-Man
video. [INTENSE opening music] I’m nervous. All right, so we got frozen corn. We got the
brownie. We got the potato, and here’s the chicken. I don’t know what it is about this frozen
chicken, but it makes me nervous. And I’m not even a stranger to frozen chicken.
Give me a Tyson chicken strip, hell yeah. I – I don’t know if it’s the color… like,
the batter looks very light. Maybe that’s what it is? It must be Select because of the portion.
It does look like there’s more chicken. It looks – it just looks like more food than
the Salisbury steak. In fact now, that I look at it, if you compare
the protein on the box, that’s probably what it is. Holy shit! I just don’t know. The batter just looks – I dunno, I feel like… That looks weird, right? That looks strange. Well, I’m gonna admit, I am very – I don’t,
uh… Also, look at all this crap in my brownie,
dude! You got corn, you got chicken in my brownie! I could just move it by hand, but I want the
full Hungry-Man experience here. [Crash] I dunno why, but for some reason I’m – I’m
worried that… the oven is gonna catch this on fire? “This” being my totally real muscles, of course.
I mean, you don’t get this hot without being at least a little flammable, right? Seriously, though. I hope this doesn’t catch
on fire and burn my skin off. Well, I’m gonna go eat the rest of my sodium
– I mean, lunch. And then I’ll be back when this – when the
chicken – I’ll be back when it’s chicken time. Buh-kah! I’m back, so let’s check out some chicken
reviews! This review is called, “They’ve changed it,” by No-thappy. Well, that sure makes me excited! Nothappy brings up a good point, though. If
you’re nostalgic for Hungry-Man meals, they might be a bit different than the Swanson
meals that you remember. Campbell’s Soup sold the Swanson frozen meals brand in 1998 to
a company now known as Pinnacle Foods, Inc. The – the chicken meal in particular seemed
to have a bunch of comments talking about how it changed and how it’s different than
what they remember from back in the day. And none of them are saying that it changed
for the better, it’s all saying that it changed for the worse. So it probably means it’s gonna be pretty
delicious! [Happy, excited horns] Chicken time! Chicken time! Chicken sounds pretty good. Looks pretty good, too. I mean, there’s that
brownie. The chicken looks a little… I dunno, looks
a little bit better. Maybe not that part. [Chicken Dance music] This chicken is making me feel… [Feisty, dangerous music] If there’s one thing that Hungry-Man definitely
got right, it’s the smell. If you were making this at home and someone
walked in, people would think you were making fried chicken. Like, actual fried chicken, not – whatever
this is. All right, let’s start. Let’s start from the
top up here. Mashed potatoes look pretty much the same. Stir it up a bit… That doesn’t taste the same. Suspicious potatoes, I hereby declare my suspicion
on the mash. They still taste like fake mashed potatoes,
but it is not as good as the Salisbury steak mashed potatoes. That obviously doesn’t make any sense. I mean,
surely they’re the same mashed potatoes, right? Something’s up, man. Something’s up with these
taters. Mmm. Hell yeah, dude. Mmm, corn is delicious. In fact, they should put this corn in the
Salisbury steak meal to make it even better. Mmm. I like green beans just fine, but man,
the corn is just – I fucking love the corn, man. Mmmm! I don’t trust the chicken. I don’t trust it. I’m not looking forward to eating it. I’m
gonna eat the brownie first. I guess I have to get the c- oh no. The stuff that was in the brownie – There’s a problem here. That looks disgusting. Now, I know that some
of you will say that this is my fault. And you’re right. I don’t want to eat that. I guess I got to
eat that. ‘Kay. [The cosmos itself expressing discontent] [Audience jeering] Blech! That brownie made me feel… All right, it’s chicken time! Chicken ti – oh
shit! Just got to do it. Just got to eat – just
got to take that bite. It’s just frozen food. People eat it everyday. I’ll do my best to eat the scary piece. Look at that wet – look at that wet – I can’t tell if it’s like – is that oil? Is
it greasy? I don’t know where to eat this thing. I don’t think any of this is chicken, I think this is all batter. This piece looks a lot easier to eat. I know where to bite this piece, so this is
where we’re gonna go. [Thrilling jazz] Mm. Mm-mm. [Slight retching] [Silence] [Jazz resumes] [Silence] [Jazz again] [Retches] It’s mental… It’s mental. Narrator: You are what you eat.
So make it a Hungry-Man. With a full pound of meat and potatoes, you
can eat like a man and be full like a man. Hungry Man: It’s good to be full. [Gags] Ian: We’re not done! We’re not done! I got
all batter. I thought I was getting chicken I think I got all batter again, ’cause these
little pieces are buried under all this batter. That’s not even crispy. Like, the outside is
a little bit crispy, but the bulk of it is just mush. [Crunch!] Okay, I mean… [Slap!] That’s really bad chicken. It’s very dry,
very salty, but it’s chicken. I honestly think the problem is the – the
batter. It’s really hard to show you, but it’s just
– it’s just mushy and gross. Let’s take another bite. Let’s go. Let’s go
for the wing. We’ve got a wing here. We’re going for the wing. Ugh, it’s just so wet on the bottom, dude. Ehh! Okay. Bizarre. So I’ve eaten some of each piece, and they
all taste radically different. It’s very strange and makes me very – I don’t know. I’m not
eating more. I’m gonna finish these up here. I feel bad wasting this chicken, but… Oh my – [Gag] The best bite I had tasted like just some
dry, flavorless chicken. That was the best. The worst was when it was all batter. I got a bunch of batter, and it was the wet
soggy batter at the bottom. That was disgusting. Now how am I feeling about this meal? Well, the mashed potatoes made me feel The corn made me feel pretty The brownie with the the corn – the brownie
plus corn plus chicken made me feel And the chicken made me feel This was not good. Do not buy this. I wonder what – I wonder what it tasted like
before the change. I wonder what the Swanson version of this
meal tasted like. But this chicken doesn’t look anything even
remotely – like, the colors aren’t even – you can – you can see it from there, the colors
aren’t even close to the same. Star of the show here, corn wins. Corn always
wins. It’s not that I have unrealistic expectations
for my TV dinners, but I’m a big fan of fried chicken, so I thought maybe – I don’t know.
I had higher hopes. Just disappointing. Fried chicken seems like
one of those things that’s – it’s hard to mess up. So when it is, you know, not even just messed
up, this is just a disaster. All right everybody, we’ve had some ups, we’ve
had some downs, but it’s time for the last meal. Mexican! [Crash] It’s called Mexican style Fiesta, and I just
kind of thought that was funny because the other ones were just Salisbury steak and fried
chicken. Like why not – why isn’t it just bees – beef enchiladas? Nevertheless, it has the least G’s of protein Oh, it still has an insane amount of sodium. Beef enchiladas smothered in chili sauce and
cheese with Mexican style rice and authentic refried beans. Includes cocada pudding. Coconut-flavored pudding? This picture just looks terrible. They – they
couldn’t even get a good picture of their own food for their box. It’s hard enough to get good tasting Mexican
food out and about, so I imagine that finding good-tasting frozen Mexican food is gonna
be impossible. [Space warping] Well, I gotta say, this plate looks a lot
like – I don’t know, the Titanic sinking? And I’m not saying that – I mean, it looks
like the – it’s sinking into the [laughs] – the sauce. We got three enchiladas in here, each in varying
depths of the sauce. I don’t know what’s sprinkled on top here. It
kind of reminds me of Drumsticks. Like, the nuts on top of Drumsticks. This is not a dipping sauce. This is pudding,
and I forgot what this is already. Refried beans! The refried beans are probably
gonna be okay. Here’s a review by Yesterdays Corn: [Sad guitar] I’m gonna predict that this is gonna be better
than the chicken, though. Not necessarily better, but I think I’m gonna be able to eat
more of this than I was the chicken. This is all at least supposed to be kind of
mushy, you know? Now I’m sitting here, waiting for 40 minutes
for this to cook, so out of curiosity I went and I’m browsing the Hungry-Man website. It’s kind of hilarious. Eat like a man! More of the food guys love. [D,istorted] Only men eat this much food! Salisbury steak, fried chicken? I guess it is more catchy than, ‘Hungry-Person’
though, right? I’m gonna go to the store and pick me up a
nice, frozen ‘Hungry-Person.’ And the product they’re currently advertising
is golden-battered chicken with cheese fries. That looks scary. I’m glad that that’s not
what I’m eating today. Hope you guys are ready for a – quite the
fiesta. Everything’s nice and bubbly. Check out those
beans a’ bubbling – the pudding a’ bubblin’. Enchilada… Oh no. I’m gonna be honest here, this episode has
been a little bit weird to film. I basically have to have almost hour-long
breaks as I wait for the food to cook, and I don’t know, the gaps in-between meals has
really worn me out a little bit, so sorry if I seem a little tired right now. I think next time I’m gonna do a food that
doesn’t take so long to cook, or maybe cook them all at once? I’m not sure. All right, enough talking. Let’s
get to… Sadness. Oh shhhhit. Travesty! Who’s hungry? Who wants to eat some of this? These two – the beans and the pudding – just
look flat. I mean, except for on the sides here. You can see the sides kind of curling up a
bit. That’s – I don’t know. And then there’s this… D’you know what? The chicken one may have gotten
the better of me, but this Mexican Fiesta isn’t gonna be so lucky. I’m Hungry Man, damn it, and I’m hungry.
I’m gonna eat this… “Food.” Grrr! Gaaauh! Rrggghhh! [Distorted] You’ve met your match, Mexican
Fiesta! Oh – [Gags] [Dancey, fun music!] Mmmmmmmm. Mmmmm? Hmm… Mm. Mm-hmm! It’s so good! Slop is a great way to describe this dish.
Oh my god, the corner! Ugh! It just like pulls away… [Grotesque squelching] I really like enchiladas! In fact, every food
that we’ve eaten today? I like it! But this isn’t enchiladas! You can’t – you can’t call
this shit enchiladas, man. You can’t sell this and call this a fucking
fiesta. I don’t even know what that’s supposed to
taste like! It tastes like mush. It’s got a little bit of a spice at the very
end of it that makes you go, “Okay, Mexican fiesta… okay.” Let’s check out these refried beans. [Squish squish]
Mmm…! [Squelch]
Yummy… This is giving me a tummy ache already, guys. What it – what is it? It’s not beans, so what
is it? What are you trying to – what are you trying
to sell me, here? Apparently – apparently it is beans. Apparently it’s beans and beef fat to improve
“stability.” But there’s no stability here. Now let’s try the… [Sigh] Pudding. What’d they say it was? Coconut-flavored? I love coconut! Coconut is one of my favorite
flavors, so… That’s vanilla. That’s not even close to coconut. This tastes pretty similar to, like, Snack
Pack vanilla pudding, except it’s watery and terrible. And also very warm. Again, I’m a big fan of
pudding. I’m not a big fan of warm pudding. That said, it’s the only thing on here I can
finish. Will I? [Sluuurp] Maybe. Now, how did this Mexican style Fiesta make
me feel? Well, the coconut pudding definitely made me
feel… The – the refried beans were And the enchiladas, of course, made me It’s just mush, and none of it really tastes
like anything. It’s all got this faint, weird taste. This is not an accurate representation of
the food that you receive. The Hungry-Man chicken is also not an accurate
representation, though this is more accurate than this is. And then there’s Salisbury steak, which is
exactly what you get. This looks pretty freakin’ close to what you get. So the hypothesis would seem to be the further
away you get from the picture on the box, the worse it tastes. And that makes sense,
because they’re trying to make it look like food on the box, even though they’re selling
you this. [Poignant, contemplative piano] So that was my review of three different Hungry-Man
meals. The only one worth even remotely considering
is the Salisbury steak meal. The chicken is, maybe – if you’re feeling
adventurous, and, I don’t know, want to take a chance. I’m sure somebody likes this somewhere. And then this one should just be avoided at
all costs. I’m actually surprised that this one is still
being – [Burps] Ooh. I’m surprised that there are people who are
buying this, and then buying it again. A lot of the time I try, and – you know – I
want to see where people are coming from, and you’ve gotta – you gotta see things
from different perspectives, right? But if someone comes up here and says, “My
favorite food in the world is Mexican style Fiesta Hungry-Man!” Then I – I don’t understand. I can’t – I can’t. I can’t. I hope you enjoyed this review of Hungry-Man
foods. This was a pretty heavily-requested video,
but I’m not sure going forward if we’ll do another one. I like the food reviews, but this one wasn’t
very involved. I like – I like when I have to put together
a pizza, or you know, assemble a magic sauce. Hungry-Man, you literally just throw it in
the oven and then wait- [Crash]
to be disappointed. Let me know what other kind of foods you’d
like to hear about. Other TV dinners, or, I don’t know, anything. Anything. I’ll review anything that, I don’t know, looks
fun to review. I don’t even know – I don’t know how I’m supposed
to end this, uh… Not like that. Next time we’ll try something a little bit
more involved. I don’t know about the future of the TV dinner
reviews. If all I’m doing is throwing something into the oven and then eating it, I’m gonna
get bored doing that, and I don’t want to get bored. So give me some suggestions. Thank you so much for watching, and- Oh no! I hear someone calling! Someone is… hungry! This looks like a job for Hungry Man! [Hungry-Man is blasting off!] [Electronic outro theme]

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