Husband And Wife’s Love After Marriage – Hindi Short Film – Destiny’s Two

I am hungry Let’s eat something? Take some rest No I have to go now Can i come with you? Later …I am going for work I had a conversation with Hasmukh Bhai over phone really dude You little boy!
you are enjoying a lot huh… You want to go there?
Tell me…? What do you say dude?
Should I take him there…. Kids doesn’t go there you little fellow… Look at your height…. the whore might put you completely in at once Dad is not here… You do one thing…
You come tomorrow morning Only Dad will see the samples… Ok All right. Hey! What kind of lass do you want… You will get everything You can get shorter chicks as well… I don’t need anything
You go! You go! So why the heck did you come here for?
Moron! Hi, everybody calls me Maya here. Mohan Why so shy? Oh…me… here..
just like that! What?
Came here for some pudding? Come on now No Are you married? Yes and you? Me?
I do it everyday. Sorry, I asked that by mistake. Hey! You don’t worry at all You just lie down here and leave everything else on me. No it’s not like that Maya
Then? Then? The way how incomplete I’m.. …she would be feeling the same. We are on a journey together… …both are hungry… then how can I alone feed myself. She too has desires of her own… …But she won’t ever take this step. So how can I? No You love her a lot? No not yet… …and neither she loves me. Actually, our marriage is a compromise. But, just by staying unsatisfied… I can at least support her. So will you take me to see Mumbai tomorrow?

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  1. Seller boys/girls hamesha costumers se aachha vyavhar karte hai na ki costumers ki insult karte hai woh. Unka target hota hai costumers ko happy rakhna aur items sell karna๐Ÿ˜ก

  2. I literally yelled NOfrom within the moment he entered into the sex worker's room. Very honest video. We should train our brain to be free to any kind of insecurities, jealousy or hatred. No one is complete. Everyone has their own set of problems, difference lies in the way people handle their situations. All the best!!

  3. what a beatiful message ,these guys have given ……. through such a sweet and simple story.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค—

  4. 10mnts of this video won't waste your time.
    I remember I skipped this video first time few years back, thinking it must be an empathy banking short film. Good I saw it…its more than just empathy awareness.

  5. Small story with the biggest truth of the life..
    Everyone's make them life so complicated but this story gives us a message, How we spend our life in simple manner, How we can accept our problems, how we can find out the solutions….
    We always try to find out our problems and never try to solve those but He did this so simply..
    And decide to move on with together..

  6. The way how incomplete I'm…she would be feeling the same. We are on a journey together …and both are hungry..then how can I alone feed myself?
    She has too desires of her own but she won't ever take this step so how can I?
    Epic lines…if everyone will understand this there would be no divorce in relationship…
    Apart from it the life of dwarf people seems very hard as they think themselves less than everyone when it comes to height.., I want to request every people who feels this way- is wrong ,, can u agree with me?
    That we can feel wrong, or we can be wrong? Yess na …then the way u feel like this is absolutely wrong..that u are less than anybody just because u have short height or dwarf…we got human body as per the karma we have performed earlier
    and to experience life as human being…
    Only God is perfect ..we all have imperfections in many ways…body , mind , the way we feel, and in the endless ways..
    Think about Ur strength and the
    goodness in you…and spread that goodness, help urself first
    and then those around you.. perform good Karmas always. Be kind and caring to those around u…and wherever u are Ur environment.

  7. mei apna pet kaise bharloon uski bhe tu icha hongi , adhura rahkar hi sahi mai uska sath tu desakta hoon na , what a story 10 Minute me sari zindagi ka sabak dediya tumne
    after a long time i watch which touched my heart , writer was very experience about life it seems thanks anyway

  8. Sahi baat hai… Hum Sare log to kisi na kisi roop me adhure hi hain.. Fir hum dusron me paripurnata kyon khojte hain.. Patni jaisi v ho.. Zindagi to uske sath hi bitani hai.. Fir kyon nahi use bharpoor pyar dein.. Use jitna pyar denge. Apki zindagi utni hi sukunbhari hogi… Very nice movie.. Zarur dekhe

  9. เคฌเคนเฅเคค เคชเฅเคฏเคพเคฐเฅ€ เคฎเฅ‚เคตเฅ€ เคนเฅˆ

  10. Very good story just good to understand each others feelings height doesn't matter just understanding n love n trust shud b there

  11. It's such a beautiful love story. There love is so pure and pious. Also, short people should never be ashamed of tall people and get dominated.

  12. So sweet…. pyar ke dusre nam biswas he, uske kamio ko bat lena he, har maikel pe sochne he, koyi mere apne he, Jake jagah koyi nehi le sakta.

  13. Jo sachche dil se ek dusre ko pyar krte h na wo ek dusre ko hmesa achhe lgte h …akele khubsurat ya sunder na lge lekin ek sath me made for each other hi lgte h

  14. We should thankful to god to give this precious life more better than the others like disbled. And also poor labours, beggers who cannot afford two times meal in a day .
    Kai punyo k baad aapko ye behtar jivan samporn sharir k saath mila h dosto , ise u gawane k bajay hmesha acche karam krte raho kyunki yahi ek aakhri rasta h ya to moksh prapt krne ka ya phir phir se jivan chakr m ghumne ka
    Thanks for everything My lord vishnu ji

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