I Am 19, But I Had Been Married 3 Times Already

Hi guys, my name is Nancy. If you are convinced that one cannot be married
three times by the age of 19, here I am! And believe it or not, I’m planning my fourth
wedding at the moment… But let’s start at the beginning… Maybe my story can serve as a lesson for you! I met Willy when I was 17. He was the love of my life! At least that’s what I thought then… During my graduation year, I was hired as
a part-time assistant at a small local grocery store. I did it because I wanted to feel independent
from my parents, who restricted my pocket money and treated me like I was their property. Willy was a senior cashier at this store. We spent our shifts working together. He was so charming with his multi-colored
locks and torn t-shirt! Also, he was very open-hearted and told me
his story honestly. He was raised in an orphanage and had lived
on his own from a very early age. At 15, he moved to our town and met Stan — his
best friend, who always supported him. Willy worked on various jobs, but his dream
was to become a professional photographer. Stan and Willy were both 22 when I met them. Soon Willy and I became a couple. We spent a lot of time together. Stan and Willy were roommates and we started
to all hang out together. I felt very comfortable with them. We had our own special wonderful world. Just for the three of us and their doggy! They had a dog — named Scotty. We watched movies, played video games and
enjoyed life. Then one day I invited Willy for a dinner
at my family’s house to introduce him to my parents. The dinner was a disaster. My parents were very conservative people and
they disliked Willy right away! They asked rude questions about his childhood,
education, and finances… My father treated him very condescendingly. They had an argument and Willy left the dinner
early. My parents told me that he was not the right
match for me and that I should get this nonsense out of my head. They demanded that I go to the local college
and get some boring respectable job before even thinking about romance. They criticized his appearance, his hair,
and his style… I got very angry and ran away to Willy that
evening! We decided to move in together, despite my
parents’ protests. I was already 18 by that time. It was such a great time! I finally dyed my hair pink to match my boyfriend! And after a while I realized that I was pregnant. When I told Willy, he proposed to me and I
said “yes.” Of course. We loved each other… We organized a nice, small wedding, just for
our close group of friends. My parents had no idea about the wedding. Stan walked me to the altar, instead of my
father. I was very happy to start a new chapter in
my life. After the wedding, the grocery store where,
we both worked, was closed. Some fancy developers decided to build another
mall in place of that building. We lost all of our sources of income and ran
out of money. Willy had to push away his photography ambitions
and agree to take any side job he could get. He was really exhausted and we started to
have more fights. Then I made the big mistake of telling my
parents about the pregnancy and the wedding. I went over to my parent’s house for dinner. I told them the truth, hoping that they would
be glad to provide any help to their future grandchild, but they were furious and cruel! Especially my mother. She was only interested in providing financial
support to me if I would get rid of the baby. I left their house in tears… Three months after the wedding, Willy suddenly
came home in a very excited mood! He’d just received a new job opportunity on
a cruise ship as a photographer! BUT! The work was seasonal and it was a worldwide
cruise. He had to leave in 2 months and be away from
home for 8 months, traveling through different continents… On the one hand, I was very frustrated that
he wouldn’t be there for me during the childbirth, but on the other hand it was a great opportunity
for him to develop his skills as a travel photographer… He was so excited to finally get his dream
job… He really deserved that opportunity… Later that evening, we had dinner with Stan
and discussed what had happened. We only had one problem. Willy was to receive the bulk of the money
afterward, while I needed health insurance immediately! We could not rely on my parents, of course. And Willy didn’t have parents. That’s when Stan suddenly suggested his
crazy plan! He is a software developer and has really
good medical insurance for spouses. He told us a story about one guy from his
work who had to marry his pregnant immigrant girlfriend, only because she didn’t have her
own insurance yet. And it worked! So the guys came up with a plan: Willy and
I would divorce and then Stan would marry me, so that I could get my medical treatment
and not have to worry about any bills. We still had enough time to proceed this plan,
but we had to hurry up. This is how my first marriage ended. Five weeks later, I was standing in a registry
office with Stan. In 10 minutes, I became Stan’s wifey! I was in my fifth month and my belly was already
noticeable. The office workers congratulated me and Stan. And we both laughed. The only guest invited to our wedding was
Willy. He looked very confused. But we all had fun afterward and celebrated
my second wedding. And then Willy left to go on the ship. He left me with Stan and the doggy. First, I missed him very much, but then I
focused on my preparation for childbirth. Stan was very kind to me the whole time. We got a chance to get to know each other
better. It turned out that we had so much in common. We liked similar music, movies, and food. My fake husband had become my best girlfriend! He studied maternity training courses with
me and we had a lot of fun. Willy called me sometimes, but he was really
busy. At least that’s what he told me. When the time came, I gave birth to my beautiful
daughter — Stacy. Stan was there for me the whole time. I was very grateful. When I was laying in the hospital with my
daughter, I texted my parents, but they never showed up… Only friends and Stan… We had a Skype call with Willy — when he
saw the baby, he was so touched that he started to cry. I have never seen him so happy before. When we took Stacy home, I had some sort of
postpartum depression. Stan took care of me and kept my spirits up. It was hard and unusual to raise a baby, but
I felt blessed. And one evening he suddenly told me that he
loved me. From first sight! And he knew that it was wrong, but he just
could not help it. I wasn’t surprised. To be honest with you, I had romantic feelings
for Stan too. But I never allowed myself to fantasize about
him because it would have been a huge betrayal! At the same time, I was madly in love with
Willy. And I missed him so so much! I hugged Stan, but then I asked him to forget
about this conversation. He said he would always be there for me whenever
I needed him. And then, unexpectedly, Stan’s parents, who
lived outside the city, called him and asked why their only son forgot to mention that
he was married! His mother was filing some property documents
at a bank and they told her that her son was married! In few hours they were knocking on our door! That was a disaster! We had to explain the whole thing to them. But their reaction was surprisingly calm. They really enjoyed spending time with Stacy,
despite the fact that she was not their granddaughter. They started to help us take care of Stacy
sometimes, which I appreciated a lot!” “Willy came back when Stacy was 5 months old. I was very glad to see him. He had changed though… He cut his hair, got tan, and he looked and
talked differently. By that time Stan and I had already filed
our divorce papers, so that Willy and I could get married again as soon as he arrived. We had a beautiful wedding. Quiet, but nice. Only this time Stan didn’t walk me to the
altar. My feelings for him were too jumbled, so I
asked him to find an excuse to skip the wedding and to move out from our shared apartment. Which he did… And he took away our dog too… Willy took me and Stacy on a short honeymoon
to the bay. He was glad to finally meet his little daughter. He took our pictures and we enjoyed our first
vacation together. The first one and the last… After we got back home, I began to notice
some oddities in Willy’s behavior. Strange secret calls and mystical disappearances… Obviously, he was hiding something from me
… And then one day, I saw a text message preview from “Bobby.” “Bobby” texted Willy that “he” was
waiting for him and sent a selfie — of a beautiful woman making an air kiss. When Willy returned from his run, I asked
him directly what was going on… And he told me the truth. He met this woman on the ship and they’d had
an affair during the cruise. They continued their relationship on land
and guess what?! That girl got pregnant too!! They were already expecting when he married
me! I was just destroyed! Not only did he cheat on me while I remained
faithful! He’d lied to me all this time! He married me again for whatever reason!! Because of guilt, I guess… And I had to push away my beautiful and loving
friend Stan! And for whom? For some lying cheater! He wasn’t MY beloved Willy anymore… It was so dramatic. I told him that he felt like a stranger to
me and I kicked him out. I noticed that it was hard for him to leave
his daughter, but not as hard as it could be… I mean, he barely knew Stacy.… Obviously, he was in love with that woman
and used this situation as an excuse to escape. Later that evening, Stan called Willy and
talked to him like a man. And like a friend. The next day he showed up. Stan brought flowers, a toy for Stacy, and
told me he wanted me to become his girlfriend! And this time — for real. I said “yes,” because during all this
craziness, I realized that Stan was my true soul mate. Now I’m in the middle of my divorce proceedings
with Willy. And I’m already engaged to Stan.

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  1. Dam she be getting married for about the 4rth time while I'm over here trying to do 3n=18… And i can't even get 1 boyfriend :/

  2. oh god damn it nancy
    you married like 2 times with his friend and your ex boyfriend you know i think being in polyamours was bad idea
    you could have dated someone else instead of stan or willy like your parents always do
    BUT NO you ended up married willy and stan at same year instead
    and you being got pregnant with his friend but not willy you always being naughty girl for this
    i glad willy left you for some woman because you used him for dating and married his best friend i think willy made good choice he dodged the bullet
    but i feel bad for stacy she will ending up became more likery being bitch and manipulative like her mom
    well i guess that open relationship and polyamours was both bad ideas

  3. Yassss im soooo happy for youuuuuuuuuuuuu😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😎

  4. Thats girl: I realized that we have a lot in common and we get to know each other better.

    Me: this were its gonna get messed up🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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