i cooked DINNER vs. my MOTHER !!! lmao

Last time we spoke to you guys, I think I was in Italy when I did all the Pizza videos(very tasty pizza i loved it) and then I actually flew to Portugal just to visit my family and my mom actually had no idea that I was coming so I actually surprised her You guys have always requested me to make it better with my mom because most of you guys know that my mom is actually quite good at baking and cooking mostly baking But I actually thought that today was the perfect opportunity to fill in the video with my mom what we’re actually gonna do for this video is my mom is gonna be making a dinner that is my favorite food that she used to make when I was little and Then I’m gonna go ahead and try to replicate it like after and I’m gonna eat whatever my mom makes because I make the rules And then my mom has to eat whatever I make so my mom’s English is not great But my Portuguese is also not very great, so I guess it’s fair I used to love steak with mushrooms, and these like creamy sauce that my mom makes I’ve got no idea. What’s in it I’ve never even been part of it So she’s just gonna make it and then I’m gonna coffee it and hopefully I’m knowing this like in this But I probably have I’m gonna have to translate everything that my mom does because she doesn’t really speak English very well So let’s see what happens so My mom did the shopping and she bought all the ingredients that she always buys, and these are some veal steaks I’ve never cooked with veal in my life, so this is not gonna Be easy, okay, so we’re gonna start by salting and adding a few spices or some piri piri I think my mom is using powder piri piri, so it’s like the Nando’s stuff Okay I’m trying to remember everything for when I do it oh It was quite a lot of garlic. It’s gonna be a very garlicky steak. Okay last step is some pepper You Mendte? Okay, so the pepper is in So we’re gonna grab some butter now So now we wait for the butter to melt a little bit This is not really fair, but my mom told me to wash the mushrooms. I can’t really say no usually I would be like not helping my opponent but Honestly do I have an option? I don’t think so so I’m just gonna wash the mushrooms My mom said now, we’re gonna add the stakes into the butter. That’s like all foamy Okay, so we’re gonna turn the steaks on the other side. I keep on forgetting that I’m gonna have to recreate this whole thing So my mom said she cooks it depending or like whoever she’s cooking for for their tastes like whether it’s like medium rare or Very well cooked in my case I like my steak very much dead like very very well cooked so my mom is gonna remove the steaks now It looks well cooked so pretty happy about that so the mushrooms go first Okay a little bit of salt in the mushrooms a little bit of Burberry because my mom likes food quite spicy ie my mom’s food so honestly it’s not that spicy but I’m gonna let her believe that it is everybody’s mushrooms It smells like steak because this is cooked in like all the stay like juices and the butter so my mom said that the juices from the mushrooms So I’m trying to translate this in my head the juices from the mushroom are releasing And then it’s going to like I don’t know where my mom went wrong on raising me But I should be able to cook like this, but I can even when I’m filming a video I have to help with cooking like this is my whole childhood okay? Oh, so my mommy’s gonna add some wine now a little bit more so the wine goes in The most relatable person in the kitchen is no longer me, it doesn’t look like cream, but I swear this is cream It’s just it just looks like the in Portugal I guess it comes in like a little pouch to settle in a little cup so the cream goes and now So now my members gonna add The steak I think they’re just gonna finish cooking a little bit more in the sauce. I don’t know once again I’m trying to translate. I don’t know That’s like this steak blood I Wish I never seen this part and my mom said it’s red You just let it cook for as long as you want the steaks to be cooked like Extra longer plates ready gas is going to have to do this. That’s gonna Be me so Mama’s gonna add some oil now, and she’s gonna make some fries as a side. I think oh My god that is insanely fast like I Am shook, I’ve never appreciated this I’ve just seen a potato being peeled in literally 10 seconds Wow I also Practically no waist hold him like one go I wanted this scale Instead of hay fever and asthma and all the things that I got the color blindness She’s gotta make sure you hydrate yourself I want someone to make a gif of my mom drinking wine I would already have no finger if I was cutting like that my Mom saying she wants to make this as thin as possible because apparently goes better with the sauce so she’s gonna make very very thin potato chips I’m gonna love when I can finally try these So we’re going to wait for these to finish cooking and then that’s kind of the whole dish that was very very quickly I’m sure I’m gonna take a lot longer So we got the steak with the mushroom sauce we’ve got the chips, and I think that’s everything now I’m just gonna plate everything now, and we go that looks so good The steak goes in Yes, so no one is gonna have the sauce with the mushrooms. Oh My god that actually looks so freaking good This is looking better than when the professional chef cooked a mess, okay So my mom’s gonna clean the sides a little bit It looked kind of a symbol, but I know that’s one of those things that when I try to make it It’s just not gonna look this amazing, so I guess my mom’s gonna sit down now and then it’s gonna be my turn Unfortunately, this is my time to make the food I am gonna suck at this my mom is gonna be sitting down on her phone, so she actually can now help me So we’re actually not cheating on this I have a lot of pressure today because if I then my mom is here And she always sends me aggressive messages after I ruin food in videos, so this is curry powder Okay, some garlic some pepper So we’re gonna start with the butter oh Wait this is like this is like a phone. I’m like. Oh, sorry. I accidentally text you. I was trying to make pancakes I’m gonna melt the butter now. I feel like I’m skipping something, but I feel like I might not So I’m just gonna go ahead whatever oh I think we can go to have with the temperature because my mom said that if we do that the butter will burn Hey smells really good. That’s a great caller on it. It’s supposed to go foamy my mom. Did it why is he not happening? Oh? Oh my god. I’m using metal autopen people are gonna kill me in the comments It smells right it smells like my mom’s one day, I don’t know if my mom did this But I’m pretty sure you have to remove it Why does my meat look so fricking Carly and my mom’s one looked perfectly flat? Because I don’t have someone to come and wash my mushroom iself I have to do it myself So I’m gonna let this cook for a little bit, and I think I’m gonna go ahead and prepare the potatoes I still have some potatoes left for my mom, but I’m actually not gonna use it because I am NOT cheating to type Honestly, not as much of a good technique as my mom, but I’m using a potato peeler Taking definitely a lot longer than my mom’s dead and a lot less efficient That’s nasty Oh The mushrooms are looking good. Oh Wait I think my mama said do not add the whole cream oh wow It’s a little bit wider than my mom’s one, but maybe it’s gonna thicken up a little bit while he cooks Hopefully I actually think he might thicken up a little bit So I’m just gonna wait back to the potato my mom did slices and then I don’t have time for this. I’m just gonna do like That mine are gonna be a little bit thicker But it’ll still be great Is this an acceptable size for a potato chip these look great and let’s go back to the sauce Oh my god, that does not look right? You’ve got no idea. What’s going on here? Why is it like that? I’m gonna add the meat already and see if maybe it’s gonna go darker. Oh My mom used to play to collect all the juices the meat is gonna be so overcooked by the time this thing comes out It’s looking thicker though, so I’m not mad about that so we’re gonna set this aside now my mom said to test the oil Actual thing balance right it doesn’t if it’s okay to eat the testing one then why don’t we test all of them already? I’ve never eaten potato chips, and I said oh, I got the tester all right guys so the potato chips are gonna go in our These are pretty ready, I think I’m just gonna remove them with my fourth because I don’t want to wash any more dishes So I’m gonna try to drain all the oil like my mom did but Not too bothered if there’s a little bit of grease doesn’t that make it delicious, so I’m gonna add some Oh. Oh my god I’m gonna shake them a little bit. Hopefully that insane amount of salt Is going to spread out so I’m gonna go for this steak right here? I’m just gonna put it on top of the fries. I can understand why my mom didn’t do that it’s gonna look a lot nicer I Think mine actually looks okay and That he’s my food. I actually don’t think he looks that bad Maybe looks a little less refined than the one my mom made. Oh, my god. Nice way too much salt This is the food that I made it’s literally Ranching this like creamy sauce and this is one of my mom made which is a lot better It looks a lot more refined. This is the Parden which I’m really lucky My mama’s gonna have to eat the tribe fun in my defense though my meat is very much over curved, which I prefer Even better than I remember that this used to be this is so severe I’m gonna try a little bit of the meat This is honestly Now to this sad part of this venue my mom is gonna try the food that I made I think the steak is nicely cooked I Didn’t do that But I thought my steak was really nicely go so I was kind of hoping for a good reaction my fries are gonna be killers Trying to fry it Mmm. My fries are good. I’m gonna try my own fries is it they can different? Wow you guys very spicy and very salty my fries are incredible though, this one is still a lot better I Gotta be honest my mom is the definite winner of this one So we’re gonna give you an eating or dinner guys And I think for next time wish you do like a dessert because my mom is really good at baking especially baking So I feel like it’d be really good if you made a cake or something like that so if you guys wouldn’t watch it definitely give this video a like and We will film it don’t forget to subscribe and switch for Notifications on and leave nice comments cuz my mom is gonna be reading them so to say something nice to her in the comment section We’re gonna go now. I love you guys, and I will see you on my next video. Bye. Bye

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  1. Só vi esse vídeo hoje, tem que pedir pra sua mãe falar mais da próxima vez!! Parece ser muito bom, vou tentar fazer aqui qualquer dia. Abraços do Brasil!

  2. Tu és português ??? O meu Deus quando eu vi o teu Instagram eu fiquei a pensar :será que ele é português ?? Mas agora sei que és ! Kkk

  3. 50% your mom is so nice
    20% your moms cooking is nice
    19% i dont like food

  4. wAiT
    If you can't speak Portuguese
    And your mom can't speak
    How the fackkk do y'all talk?!?

  5. Aww she is pretty.. Am definitely going to cook that for sure. It looks so yummy.. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. "I don't have time for it tho"

    And you question why your cooking Is bad ._. you have to do it nice and perfect reeeeeeeee

  7. How do u not know much Portuguese when it's ur mother's main language? 🤔 Like didn't u live with her didn't she raise u?

  8. Your mum and you are so pretty and cute awwwwwwww!!!! And also
    Expectation:your mums food
    Reality:your food

  9. Awww your sweet and beautiful mama. Great cook and loves you so much. Don't ever lose touch with her.

  10. Expectation=Food that you can't make
    Reality=No matter what you try it doesn't look like your expectation unless another person makes it

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