i did something i never thought i’d do with david dobrik…

Much better hello vlog. I am high as shit right now And it’s probably really bad time to do an intro, but it is I was literally about to refer to it being morning But it’s just 3:30 p.m Today is one of my managers birthdays and I am going to her birthday party for a little bit and then I don’t even know how to What I’m doing for the rest of the day so a long time ago through little pump I met his manager one of his managers then he ended up stopping managing. Well pump because I’m sure it’s a really hard job. I always like kept in contact with him and he got always like brought me random deals or just like stuff to do or whatever he Asked me a while ago if I wanted to do like a special appearance at this girl’s like sweet 16 And I’m not gonna lie to you that has always been like a bucket list thing of mine to do like growing up watching sweet 16 how they would always have like guests, but first of all, I’m such a bad Sweet sixteen guest like literally what who wants me at their Sweet 16 and so I agreed to it but nonetheless I was still really excited to get to do that because that’s really cool I never thought I would be fuckin on like that or someone would want me at their sweet 16 and so then after agreeing to It I found out that the other special guest that was doing with me was david dobrik So basically, you know, the gods are in my favour Yeah, so today I’m going to Rebekah my managers birthday party for a little bit and then going with David to this birthday party to Surprise these girls and I think it’s gonna end up being a pretty cool day and I obviously knew that the title and thumbnail surprising fans with david dobrik would get so many views But no, I’m excited to bring you guys along. I am so high *laughs* Come with me david dobrik and a flame thrower to a fun as fuck. Sweet 16 what hurry up Okay, guys, it’s like 19 hours later I went to Rebecca’s party I honestly didn’t vlog just because like way too many business executives of way too many companies waits You drunk just not a good idea, but I just got here. I Was just saying I never had a sweet 16 and my parents would’ve literally never bought me a Person to show up to anything and ever so like that’s just wild and they’re all like out there getting lit right now We’ve like hide so I’m just hiding right now. What’s up guys? David, and I just filmed a really fancy intro in his car, but i’m not doing that We’re doing a less fancy, which these two girls sweet 16 ashley and lola and they love us and they happily they love us Yeah, hopefully their parents or their out here So we’re going not buck Yeah, that’s it. Okay, so hopefully they fuck with us. I don’t really know allegedly. They’re big fans one likes David one likes me Crazier than the other. Yeah one is a little more corrupt. I don’t know I’m really scared because we’re gonna come out we’re gonna come out and part of the entire like Sweet sixteen They’re all the kids are crazy in there And Joe’s over you fucking get it so it’s your sister’s birthday. No Frazee that one loves David and one loves me. So one has good. Taste one has bad taste. This is Gunnar I just met him he was apparently on the music video Finding that out Okay, this dream threesome thing is really eating away at me because I feel like it’s making Tricia not like me and I want to Film with her and I’m like sad about it and I feel like she low-key like resents me. Where did this like happen? When did I become like the dream threesome person? Why and just fill Mia, you know? There’s always trouble I don’t want to be associated with Can you make Tricia not hate me or think I want to fuck you guys video I’m so sorry about filming us Yeah, sure Look at everything absolutely mandatory that you fucking stop This is Troy Manager of the Stars. Okay. So the plan is this mom and dad are gonna walk out with a cake They’re gonna say we have two special guests here tonight to sing happy birthday with you my second cakes that have come out you guys are gonna come out we’re gonna They like me in ten they do so I brought my flamed our Troy what’s the surprise was a surprise? Mr Grundy my You’re the I am the other one You I’m minutes your tits. Okay, cool. Cool. Cool. I’m gonna walk out that my tapes are gonna have your backstage So should we do it sooner than later let’s do it now I did it the longer We wait the bigger chance Meza messing it up will be quick, please look at this Blood We This is exclusive behind-the-scenes boxing you can’t get anywhere else people right here I’m no longer behind the scenes. I’m in them Everyone’s like running David as a flame thrower I literally know what’s going on. I don’t know Ready I can’t go first cuz I’m gonna block your black through the flame not gonna know where you are Girl first just go first. No because if I go, I’m gonna block you if you bring back first half You guys are all here What about vlogging make sure it’s silent around I just like adorable and fun in high school like this And I really caught them Update they brought us back to their house and it’s so family. Like I’m just I’ve never seen this much family at The beach Lots of family photos but the cute shit that my family never did people people. Why do you like me back? Okay Okay, we’re here with the twins and apparently their psychic asthma we are shit show up it’s like the twin fire The twins are super You two can read each other’s minds if you guys are twins, so, how are we so, how are we doing this? So I’m gonna actually get up and she’s gonna ask you guys to tell her or anyone really or like an object if you like And I’ll come back We’re not that very adding knowing who these people so it has become that we both know a hold on time out time out I’m onto you guys We do something we do something it camp doesn’t do things present give you one of us. Oh shit We’re not faking man, what do you have to do do you like How are you This is the proof, it’s actually real ok Shall I say you can do it? What please get it, can you restore it Please get it Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg at everything That was rim again, is this a real thing it is what are you here? I can’t with my phone’s brother’s Crazy you listen to me. Look at me. Fuck are you? Are you riding? I’m not lying. How are you guys doing that? It’s just like it just works. Thank you So basically my learner tell about that and they talk with her and she can’t say

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  1. They aren’t telepathic they’re playing the snaps game. I know how to play it. Snap for each vowel

    A – 1 snap
    E – 2 snaps
    I – 3 snaps so on & so forth.

  2. Not one soul:
    No sentient being:
    No one that has or ever will live:

    David: I’m playing thank u next… okay sorry go

  3. That mindreading, see how many times she snapps with her fingers is how many letters are in the name. She first snapped 5 times for snoop and then 3 times for dog .

  4. They were playing snaps!!!

    Snoop dog would be –

    "(S)eriously I hope you get this"
    "(N)o really I hope you do"
    Snap 4 times (O)
    Snap 4 times (O)
    "(P)lease get this"

    we used to play this at sleepaway camp!!

  5. Everyone besides my mom and grandma forgot my 16th birthday, must be nice to grow up with a family like that 🙃

  6. When Tana was talking about the threesome with Jason and the mom came up 🤣 she kept looking down at the camera and them like wait whattttt? Lmao 😂🤣

  7. Tana needs to be with David more. Not romantically but like his camera man. They have good plutonic chemistry.

  8. The code words and snaps are how they do the "telepathy" Phrase that ends in the first letter and another that ends in how the second name ends (how are you going to get thiS, very easY)

  9. The mom telling Tana to swear…the dad yelling "Tana, show us your tits"….

    Both of those parents are trying to be the "cool parents" like Regina George's mom from Mean Girls

  10. to do the psychic trick you just spell out the names. david cut most of "steve harvey" out but not "very easy" which spells out ve. like basically if i was doing this trick w my twin and the celebrity was david i would tell them: dude, actually very interesting… dope. definitely obscure, but really, i know you'll get it. and they would know my celebrity is david dobrik. simple twin trick lol.

  11. first rule of being a stoner dont constantly keep saying your high guess what noones cares you ugly bitch even when u wear makeup you look gross i cant imagine you without it

  12. I was watching a mix the last one was Erika costell I skipped it the first thing Tana says is that's better🤣

  13. they guessed correctly because while the other one was thinking the other one was snapping how many letters the name contained so basically they are not that telepathic

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