I Eat Only Burgers For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Hi! Please tell me, do you like hamburgers? Those wonderful toasted sesame seed buns…
and delicious smelling juicy beef patties… a slice of melted cheddar… mmm… isn’t
your mouth already watering by just imagining it? Yes, I also like hamburgers. But they turned my life into a living hell
and even caused me to commit a crime. My name is Stella, I am fourteen years old,
and this is my story. It all started approximately three years ago
when I was almost eleven. It was only three years, but I was noticeably
younger. Not only by my age but also by my mentality. But I beg you, please do not blame my mother! She gave birth to me shortly after graduation,
and even into her thirties she still did not have enough experience to anticipate this
unfortunate coincidence. Well, I was lost. We lived in the suburbs of a big city, and
we usually went shopping in a neighborhood I did not know very well. And it happened right there. When we had bought everything we needed, my
mother went to get the car so that we didn’t have to walk all the way to the parking lot
with our heavy shopping bags. I moved off the sidewalk a little bit while
I was waiting. And I saw that there was a bus stop, with
a bus leaving. And suddenly I saw my mother taking the bus! I didn’t even have time to think, I just jumped
on the bus, following her, and it was only when I was inside that I realized that the
woman I thought was my mother, was not really her! She just looked similar, with the same hair
and clothes that looked like my Mom’s. I was so shocked that I managed to travel
a few miles before I got off… in a totally unknown place! Now, I have no clue why I didn’t just approach
somebody and ask them for help, explaining that I was lost. I was probably so ashamed of my mistake that
I just couldn’t think straight at the moment, And also, I was really scared. I was walking alongside this unknown neighborhood
around unknown people, trying not to draw any attention to myself. Mom found me in the evening, with the help
of the police, but I was totally stressed by that time and it AFFECTED me deeply! Especially one episode. When that terrible day was almost over, I
had become really hungry, to the extent that I got cramps in my stomach and my hands were
trembling. I wanted to eat so badly that I even stopped
being scared. So when I saw somebody’s untouched hamburger
in a carton box on an outdoor table in some café, I did not hesitate. I don’t know who left it or why, but it
did not matter. What mattered was that I still remember the
taste of this hamburger, and the feeling of my hunger retreating. Also, that I felt safe while I was eating
it. That was the day my eating disorder began. After a short time I ate hamburgers for breakfast,
for lunch, and for dinner. Actually, I was able to stuff some other food
in my mouth, but with difficulty, and it always had some consequences. Fruits and vegetables smelled STRANGE now
and I could get nausea from a single apple. I would get this feeling that I was putting
something inedible in my mouth, something that my stomach would not be able to digest
and metabolize… and which had to be gotten rid of ASAP. So if I was forced to eat something apart
from hamburgers, I had to go to the bathroom to empty my stomach. It was not hard – throwing up helped me
to pretend I was eating normal food. I did not say a word to my parents, and I
carefully concealed my new habit. You might ask how I managed to do this? Well, it was a piece of cake: my parents were
young and they thought that food was not something that has to even be cared about that much. They almost never cooked at home and loaded
the fridge with packaged products and the simplest meals which I could always cook with
the help of a microwave. And also, my parents’ way of life is kind
of unusual. They both work as administrators for a night
club and live a more nocturnal lifestyle. So we never had dinners together. As for the babysitters… well there is nothing
simpler than tricking a nanny. When I got older, my parents decided that
it would be much easier if they left me some cash so that I could order take out. And guess what I ordered? Of course, hamburgers. The junk food did not really have any impact
on my looks – I am a normal height for my age, I am neither fat nor skinny, so if hamburgers
did any harm, then it was only to my hair and nails – which became dull and weak. Sometimes I got some unpleasant hives on my
neck and chest, which I hid under my clothes. I also had some digestive problems… but
I’d rather not talk about those. Time went by and I successfully deceived everyone
around me for three years, and it seemed to me that this could go on forever. But everything changed when my aunt Molly
started her own business and opened a fast food restaurant. Where, of course, hamburgers were an essential
part of the menu. By that moment, I had already turned fourteen
and I was looking for a part-time job, so I asked her if she needed some help. Aunt Molly joyfully agreed and sent me to
help in the kitchen. Soon afterward, she promoted me so that I
could pick any job I liked at her café. I did everything that was needed. I washed dishes, I cleaned the dining room,
I helped to unload and put away products, and assisted the cook while he made hamburgers. In some cases, I even had access to the cash
register in Aunt Molly’s café. Every day after school I went to the café
to work… where I spent time surrounded by dozens of my dear hamburgers, indulging in
their delicious smell… Oh, my… So, I started to get food from Aunt Molly’s
kitchen. Why should I order food elsewhere if I had
everything there, at an arms’ length? As much as I wanted… Then I started to steal hamburgers from the
kitchen, diligently saving the cash in my closet, that my parents left for me to buy
food. Apparently THIS could not last forever. My aunt could not help but notice that the
restaurant’s revenue slightly differed from the cost of products purchased for the kitchen. And she went through the security camera video
recordings. Can you imagine what it felt like for her
to uncover that it was her own niece who was stealing from her! Aunt Molly decided to postpone lecturing me
in person and called my parents first. At the time she thought I was selling hamburgers
under the table in order to make some money and she advised my mother to find out about
her fourteen-year-old girl’s secret spending. So my parents snuck into my room and… found
all of the cash I’d saved! I did not count it, but by that time I’d
saved quite a lot of money which they thought that I’d stolen from Aunt Molly. And then I had to tell them everything. I just had to explain. Mom and Dad were shocked that they did not
notice for so long that their daughter was in trouble. And they promised to pay more attention to
me and my problems, and of course they were going to help me cure my eating disorder. Well, soon I am going to a special treatment
center where I hope I will get some help. And please… if any of you have a similar
problem, talk about it! As you can see, silence won’t lead to anything

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  1. If any of you have a similar problem, talk about it! As you can see, silence won't lead to anything good.

  2. Wow how u no i like burger them so yummy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa coooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll

  3. Why is every comment section on this channel filled with the same comments ? Wtf its like im in YouTube twilight zone

  4. I'm lucky I have a chef dad that makes great burgers the best type he made is a 50 50 burger and he makes fantastic steak

  5. Girl:I saw someone's untouched hamburger
    Actually happened: draws half eaten hamburger
    Me: ok…

    Edit: also 99% of the comments are this:
    Her:eats hamburgers for breakfast lunch and dinner for years and still thin
    Me:eats one crumb and gets fat.

    Lol there are so.many of these comments

  6. I do and I’m imagining eating one beacause some of my fam lives with my dad so it is not so much food sooooooo I’m hungry

  7. You have the same animation texture as Molly who accidentally poisoned a birthday cake

    Like if u saw too

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    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║O O ║



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