I finally meet Oli London…(WE GOT MARRIED!)

It’s it’s it’s it’s- It’s your favorite show host
Jimmy Kiplee the dog keeper Over it’s your favorite host here
Jimmy Kiplee the barbershop barber over and out Stay swipe my friends and peace guys, byebye ba wiuuuu *ahem* I think I think I wanna get married. Oh my god, that’s kind of oh like that’s so- oMg that’s so epic So random hAhaHa I’m dressed in proper wedding attire. I think it’s time to get married, to um, what is it a cardboard OLI LONDON? Hang on a second. K-pop superfan marries a cardboard cutout of his singing idol in a bizarre ceremony in Las Vegas after spending $165,000 on surgery to look like the star. Oohuhuohuhohh Was it a real wedding? woo wooo WOO Look he’s smiling he’s so happy I guess I’ll sign for you, Jimin wooooowwwww wha- what is this -_- Oh what is this??? Ohhhh pft- Yeah we’re gonna have a honka honka burning love I’m not sure this is a proper Korean wedding oHmYgOd Omg look Oli London has a shirt that’s so similar to mi- PFT- e o o o ᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘᵘ Hello. Today me and Oli London are gonna get married. How are you doing Oli London? You might want to wipe the sweat off of your- your brow, you know you look a bit exhausted *sMACK* So since you’re my- 😮 Cover that we want you to stay clothed out here 😉 Oli London! um Do you consent to getting wedded to me
without any fair permission uhhh just because I um cut you out of a piece of cardboard and paper and just *printed you and stuck you on* uhhh with a piece of hanger? Omg, you’re leaving? Oh oh don’t! Don’t leave me! :”( Omg, as you can see he’s a bit of, uh,
balding back here, but don’tbutdon’tbu Don’t look at the flaws in people, okay For a newly wedded couple there’s a lot to work on, including the bit of balding behi- Hello Oli London! Um, so as you can see, this is our first date. Oh, what’s wrong? You don’t- you don’t seem too happy Let’s pause this little date for a little moment to talk about our sponsor rai- WINTER NODE! WinterNode is the best option for
Minecraft server hosting. Have you ever wanted to buy a cake to eat with your little cardboard friends? Wait you- you can’t because you live in a coral reef? Oh and you don’t have enough money to afford a cake? Well you don’t need plenty of money to eat a cake in a coral reef with your cardboard friends! Thanks to WinterNode starting from one gigabyte for $1 with unlimited player slots and run with the most high-end hardware Don’t worry if your computer is made out of cardboard because WinterNode’s fast speed systems will take care of it. Use code: jojo for 20% off your first month For some reason I don’t know why but there’s like a couple of like, dots here It’s like he was- he took this picture before
doing a plastic surgery idk So if you can just sit here I know you don’t have legs but just
go ahead and sit down here You know make yourself comfortable
because I know this is our first date You must be a little shy I can see you’re- you’re staring down ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) For- for some reason You don’t look too happy! um Why don’t we just uh go ahead and draw you a a little smile 🙂 Yeeeahhh Yeah much better! Omg you look so much better now! Um So yeah, how’s it hangin’ girl? I mean- I know I know life has been tough for you You got bullied on Dr. Phil’s show but y’know I’m- I’m here for you uh I would like if you responded to me Uh, as you can see, I- I mean no pressure you know, it’s not like there’s a- there’s a camera, but it’s alright Are you feeling a little cold? Uh I- I know you’re not wearing pants. But uh, I don’t understand because you don’t have legs um How tall are you? Maybe- maybe we have the same pants size? Here, first, let me give you my- my jacket Oh, you’re a hard one to dress! There you go. Feeling much better? oop we don’t want to show that- You think we wear the same pant size? Uh, I don’t know how tall you are But you know, we might wear the same pants size Do you want to try my pants on? Twitter tells me that you are uh 5 feet- -and 11 inches I’m gonna assume that those are two different measurements because I- I I know what you are packing down there ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o) OH- Yeah Oli, um you can run this by me another time But um, what do you think we get matching tattoos? Like, as you can see right here, I’ve got tattoo of my dad Right here ^^ You wanna get a tattoo together? Maybe a picture of like me and you together My dad would definitely approve as-
as you can see he’s right here but ʰᵉʰ it’s okay Don’t worry about it. Maybe we just ummm right here give you a little like 𝓫𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓪𝓵𝓸𝓹𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓷 With a little heart of course

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  1. Nice work,Because you've just earned a new subscriber, Because of your humorous acts and i think that's what oli london if the cardboard cutout of jimin was sad ( 3:52 ) (Which Cardboard cutout jimin is sad about having a marriage with that weirdo freak Oli. I wonder what REAL jimin is thinking about this absolute mess. Regards-Your Polite New Subscriber.(I hope you have a good day,and remember your the best,humorous youtuber I've ever subscribed to!💜)

  2. So this British bloke, who wants to change his ethnicity to Korean, married a piece of Cardboard in America. Somebody ring Netflix
    Edit: Seriously what kind of autosexual narcissism does he reckon Jimin is into that he thinks looking like Jimin will suddenly win Jimin's heart.

  3. Oli needs to be stopped. But he can't be stopped, so Jojo, please troll him even more. He just can't take hints. Everyone hates him lmao

  4. 1:23 I swear I have never cringed so much…I could have died cringing like StOb iT bRuV!!! lmfao….but jojo you're amazingly hilarious (lol wtf) I can't stop laughing!

  5. It so funny in the moment That You accidentally Destroyed The face of Oli london I'm army and I don't like Oli bcoz 🤣🤣never mind 🤣

  6. Priest:Jonathan London do you expect Oli London as your beloved wife??
    JoJo: eXcUsE mE?? oLi LoNdOn is a gender less alien! And yes I do!!
    Preist:Oli London do you expect Jonathan London as your beloved husband??
    JoJo: I'm a genderless aLiEn!!

  7. Jojo is low key husband material

    But did you see how scared and grossed out he was when Oli and Jimin got "married" Omfhhsnah

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