>>Oh no, did you get a muumuu?>>No, I think you’re turning five.>>No, I’m seven.>>I am your mother. I would know. I might just have won an award,
for the world’s ditsiest mother. Pretty sure it wouldn’t be
the world’s worst mother, but it’s kind of on
that end of the spectrum. [Captions by Jeffrey D. at Y Translator]>>Mom! Mom! Let’s go! Let’s go, Mom!>>I’m going too!>>You are?>>Yes.>>Can she come with us?>>Uuhmm…>>Or do you want it to be just you?>>Just me!>>Can I go?>>Russell wants to go by himself.>>Aww!!>>Well, I will go out with you tomorrow.>>That is true. So maybe she could come with us. Oh, Russell that’s so nice of you! Russell says you can come!>>Hey look!>>I’m not taking you until you get
some appropriate clothes on. Look at me, where’s your skirt?>>Oh, I’ve got some ice cream on it.>>Oh dear. Let’s fix your hair too. Now, you’re ready! Yes. Now you look fresh and ready to go.
>>Okay, let’s go!>>The bow! The bow!>>You want a bow in your hair?>>Mm-hmm!>>Who did this on my floor?>>Me! I made a circle!>>It’s green today.>>I’ll put them on.>>Umm, no, no, no.>>What?>>On the side. Okay, hold still. Okay, now you do that side. Hold still! Kind of. There we go. Okay.>>Now, you look awesome! Whoaa—Oh! Oh-Oh!>>When I turn seven,
I’m gonna be about—>>Are you gonna grow
that big overnight? You’re gonna be seven tomorrow!>>And then, so she’ll be about this tall! And I’ll be about this tall! Just stop growing you guys like, put some tape on your heads
and make yourselves not grow anymore.>>We can’t, Hey!>>You’re just not trying!>>If we don’t grow,
we won’t be parents.>>And I want to get a baby! So, I want to be a mom.>>Oh okay. Well I guess you can grow then>>[Laughs] Okay!>>Every once in a while,
I’ll get a viewer who says: “Why do you guys push your kids
into getting married?” “Why do you push your kids
into having kids?” And I quite honestly don’t feel like we do,
but I think kids naturally, especially when they’re like Ece’s age,
they just watch their parents and her, Eve’s just watching her aunts,
aunt Ellie, aunt Emily, aunt Julie, like a hawk right now,
and she is obsessed with babies. I don’t think we’ve pushed anything on it,
but I think they naturally just watch what we’re doing and since
me, their mom, I’m married, and I have kids I think
that’s just kind of what they see and want to mimic, you know. Anyway, while I’m outside
I wanted to give you a tour… The grass is all pulled out. We may have to pull out the driveway. But what is this? Look at this! If you have a dump pile in your yard,
neighbors will naturally acclimate to it, and start dumping things. Like, there’s a car bumper? Really? A car bumper? A microwave? My house is not a dump. Stop dumping your junk over here.>>[inaudible] ice cream cake!>>Okay, we’re gonna go pick birthday cake. Should we get birthday balloons?>>Sure!>>And birthday candles, and what else do we need for a birthday? Wrapping paper.>>Good idea!>>Is that a good idea?>>And I wanna pick — where can I,>>Can I pick the wrapping paper, Russel?>>No, it’s my birthday. Okay where is the cake?>>This way! [Music plays] I might just have won an award
for the world’s ditsiest mother. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be
the world’s worst mother, but it’s kind of
on that end of the spectrum. I ordered Russell’s birthday presents
on Amazon one week ago and I have Prime shipping. And so, with his birthday being tomorrow, I like started like, really like getting nervous
like: “Are these presents gonna come?” So, I got on Amazon this morning
to check where the shipment was. I only put them in my cart
and I never checked out. Literally, I have not a single present
for Russell’s birthday tomorrow. I suck. [Laughs] Whoa! Look at all the cakes
you have to choose from! These are some serious cakes!
>>And look! Look! Look! Look! And Look! There’s another [inaudible] right here.>>Holy smokes!>>Whoa! These ones are huge!>>You’re gonna have a hard time picking!>>Oh, there’s so much to see!>>That looks like a cake
from Nailed it or Fail it!>>Is that a fail, or a nail?>>Uhh… Fail?>>Nail. Nail!>>Right?>>You want a ‘Fourth of July’ one? Okay! Of all the ones you can pick,
that’s the one you want?>>Yes!>>Okay.>>Perfect size!>>It is the perfect size.>>For you!>>All right! Whatever you want!>>Where are the balloons?>>Uhhhmm…>>This [inaudible] that!>>Russell is always so confident. He does not even hesitate
to ask adults questions. [Shop clerks speaking]>>Look at her and say thank you!>>Thanks!>>Your welcome.>>Do you want the kind that say birthday? Do you want the kind
that have stripes on them? They have curly cute ones—
>>I kinda like those>>And they have—
You like the numbers?>>Yeah.>>And you’re—
No, I think you’re turning five.>>No, I’m seven.>>I am your mother. I would know.>>How about all of the
seven candles will go in the, um… In a circle and then this will go—>>Because you’re turning five?>>Oh, I actually want a six!>>Oh yeah, you’re right, you’re turning six!>>I’m seven.>>But Russell you’re not turning seven.>>Yeah, I am! You’re just joking!>>All right, you were right! There’s no way you were gonna
get mad at me though, huh? You’re seven. Do you see
any wrapping paper anywhere? Because you will have presents. Russell, I found some wrapping paper,
which one do you want? I’m guessing I know which one.>>These look amazing.>>Oh, that’s kind of cool!>>And they are $3.99.>>All right, that is not the one
I thought you were going to get. When do your kids grow up
and then you don’t know what they want anymore? You’ve become your own person. All right, let’s go!>>Now we need to go find balloons. [Music plays]>>Okay, so Kevin’s not home. So, he has no opinion
on the new pajamas I bought. I love them, but you guys might think
I look like a granny. That’s what Kevin’s gonna think,
but I absolutely— They like screamed my name
from across the mall. Yes. I went to the mall
to get Russell a birthday present and I got myself something.
Yeah, I’m literally, like second or third in line for the best mother of the year. But you guys are gonna love this
when I see it. Okay when I show you,
okay here we go. Are you ready? This is what Kevin’s gonna come home to. I love it. It’s a zipper, so it zips down. You know. For nursing moms, like, not me. I just love it and it doesn’t go
like too far out like a muumuu. I literally and – [Laughs]
see if Bonnie and Ellie want to start making a muumuu. They should add a muumuu to their line, Don’t you think? That BOLLIE Brand needs to have a muumuu? Just like this, I do. I totally do. I wonder what the kids are gonna say. Um, do you guys like my muumuu? Do you love it?>>Oh no, did you get a muumuu? Oh no!>>Don’t you love it?>>Yeah…>>You do, do you really?>>It looks like Grandma.>>Grandma! I knew you were gonna say that! I love that! I love looking like Grandma. What do you think of my muumuu?>>You kinda look like Grandma.>>She says I look like Grandma.>>Eve, do you like Grandma’s– Moms?>>Do you like–? Oh, you pulled your hair out! Hey, do you like—
Do you like my nightgown?>>Yes!>>Look at it! Do you love it?>>Yes!>>Oh, you’re not even looking. You don’t even care!>>Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! But I want to finish Russell’s present, The wrapping it.>>Okay go on, go finish it. Nolly! Nolly likes it! Look, she got right up! Do you like it? Oh yeah, she does! Yes, she does. She loves it! My toaster gets one side white,
and one side burned.>>I like your dress. You do?>>Look like, scrappy–

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