“I Found Out Our Whole Marriage Is a Scam” | The Family Chantel

I basically found out that
our whole marriage is a scam. I knew it. I saw it. And when it seems that
it is an intentional plot to use another
person, it’s almost borderline body trafficking. Yes. Is it? How much money is he
sending back home right now? Do you know? I don’t know
because he doesn’t disclose that to me anymore, and
our bank accounts are separate. That’s very concerning. That makes me upset. He’s so shady, really. You have to get
out, and I can help. We will all help you. I tried talking to
Pedro already about it, but he just keeps going
in circles in circles, and last night he told me
to find another husband. That’s some bullcrap. Like that’s some stupid [BLEEP]. He doesn’t even respect
the marriage or you. Pedro has crossed the line. I think as a parent we need to
step in to try to talk to Pedro to try to handle the situation. We should just go over there. We need to go there. I don’t think you
should talk to Pedro. Don’t go to my house. I am going to do something. I’m ready to go. Stay away from my house. We’re going to
go to your house. Don’t talk to Pedro. I’m going to handle this. I shouldn’t have
told you anything. This is my relationship. Stay out of it. The last time my family was
in the same room with Pedro there was a big fight. If my family goes to
see Pedro right now, it’s only going to make
things a million times worse. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Stop! –right now. Stop it. No. You’re not going anywhere. Stop! No.

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  1. Lol this is funny America or the western country are out of there mind I don’t have to discuss with you whether I should help my family or not they are my family help yours, I help mine.we met yesterday or a year ago they made me who i am today the same person that you fall in love with, if you love me you should love my family or get out now.

  2. Chantal is so beautiful but so stupid. Pedro comes from a culture where it's a duty to send money to your family BUT it does not mean that they should stop working. Chantals family are flipping out with the taiser… Chill mama 😂😂

  3. I don't understand how Chantal,she can still be married to Pedro, a violent man, who doesn't respect his girlfriend's family, and that the mother and sister all the time want the couple to split up… I find it hard to believe that this reality show is true, I think there's a lot of fiction and that Chantal is a very bad actress

  4. Tells family all her marriage problems – 5 seconds later "stay out of my marriage". You can't have it both ways sweetie

  5. So, I have certainly found confirmation that I am far from the only one going crazy over how insanely and annoyingly sloooooooooooooooooow, Chantel's mother taaaaaaaaaaaaalks🤯

  6. Guess what everyone all ready knew this marriage is a scam. These desperate women looking for men can not see they are being used for entry to the US. Chantel you are an attractive women and I can not understand why you could not find someone in the US to treat you better than this scammer family. Come on girl you do not need this lying guy use your brain and dump him!!!

  7. This girl is fine as hell but dumber then a box of nails and her mom annoying af. Jesus is slit my wrists having her as a parent

  8. How on earth such a beautiful lady stood so low n desperate to be in a relationship with this idiot who doesn’t respect you, this watering mouth boy who’s mouth still bring spite . Really such a pretty girl stressing yourself out for this guy who just using u to bring his family to Us n u still with him

  9. As far as the producers cut (cause you know they twist and turn the plot for ratings), Chantel is too immature for marriage.

  10. Why TF did u tell then if u didn't want them to be in ur relationship…to be honest ur forcing urself on pedro it's obvious he doesn't love u

  11. I can understand a man getting a chick overseas, American women are virtually impossible and the average man is pretty much ignored by most women. But when a WOMAN has to do this when any basic average woman can put up a social media profile and get FLOODED with offers from men within minutes? What on EARTH is wrong ANY decently attractive woman who has to do this to get a man? LOL! Unreal.

  12. Chantel: tells her parents intimate details that she knows will cause them outrage and anger
    Also Chantel: I don’t want you guys to help.

  13. Chantel's parents have always accused Pedro of using Chantel to get to America. Meanwhile they are just using her to get on reality tv.

  14. This woman is way to good for this guy. Dont sweat him. Find another husband? …you could have any husband. He dont love you or appreciate you

  15. I love Chantel's mum, gets the taser out and off she goes.
    As for The pairing. It was SOOOO obvious from the start and practically all the way along that Chantel was being used for money and a green card, for both him and his family. Why are they still together?

  16. Whats so shady about have a separate bank account and sending money to his family? My husband told me to have a separate account on my own so he would question how much im sending my mom. I dont question him too when he give something to his mom. Even though we're married we give each other a privacy to each family. its called MUTUAL RESPECT. 😑

  17. "This is my relationship, stay out of it" as I tell the world about my relationship! These dumb hoes are ridiculous!

  18. Im Dominican and im saying hes no good his family are all no good . Hopefully his decietful scamming ways he and his family acts. Doesnt deter you and think the rest us act like that. In no way should a man who get married to a woman should be sending all his money to his mother his first responsibility is to his wife and children. Girl youre young , pretty and smart . Leave him divorce him youll be glad and happier. trust me you will get over him

  19. You know what pedro is a pimp he is pimping son tell hes been doing upon the beginning hes been by his family think that they need hes now about to move his family to the States prominently he didn't come with any finances so the money he has in his account it's from her or the show either way go the weather here making the money from a job himself and if he does have a job he did make enough within this period of time to move his whole family into a house then he can support himself

  20. So… why do you need to talk to anyone about anything if you "found out" they are scamming you? This is so rediculous. Leave him and drop it, if he has been here for less than 2 years, he doesn't have a permanent residency anyhow. He would need to reappear with you after 2 years to get the permanent residency. She doesn't want to leave him. Let her stay with her scammer while she banks off this chantel family show bs

  21. chantel stop crying and grow up….sent that man back home and see who will take care of his family ….that is why her marry you so he can make life better for them …while you suffer kick his ask back …..now behind your back he went to the attorney office to see if he can bring them two fool to Americia….girl wake up

  22. If you have different bank accounts that mean he has his own money. If he said find another husband how is he scamming you he just fed up you and yo damn family crazy

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