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  1. If anyone is kind , doesnt matter who but im in Culinary Arts . I would love to go to South Korea to do my externship but the only problem I have is I dont know any restaurants if anyone would love to help me out that would be wonderful thanks in advance. – have a lovely day 😊🙂

  2. I've been trying to look for the previous video (posted about 10/11 months ago) where Megan mentioned the KIIP program but I think she put it on private 🙁
    That video was really useful, I wish you can un-private it soon Megan.

    ps: congratulations! I'm incredibly proud of you and you deserved this so so much! Love your videos! You're a massive inspiration <3

  3. For men that try to become citizens, do they have to go through military service? Even if they're over 30 years old?

  4. The part with your great grandma made me cry. So sweet. I would love to know more about the wedding planning in Korea. Thanks for the wonderful video.

  5. I’m currently in school in North Carolina for my BA in health care management. Would it be possible to get a job in Korea?

  6. Aww! Your great granny is soooo sweet and cute! Bless her! 🥰💕 how was your fiancé in those moments? Nervous? Did the English overwhelm him or did he handle it well? Omg I’m just so happy for you two! So exciting, getting married 💕 many blessings to you both!

  7. Are there any organisations in Korea that hire people without an English or American passport, but still want to teach English? Xxx

  8. Yaaassss!!! Listen to baba!! He got the right idea!! If you can do it yourself why not; why be reliant and tied down when you can fly free w/F2!? Good decision!

  9. do you need to do anything patriotic for this? i don't do that even for my own country for faith reasons. also, i am so happy for you! ^_^

  10. Im planning on moving to Korea after i graduate college(in three years) im going to school to become a 간호사. Ive been curious how much nurses make out there. My 선생님 says its about the same here and shes from Korea bit hasnt found out the amount. Also my 아들 and 엄마 are coming with me, my 아들 will be about 12 or 13 so he will be a student and i will be supporting my 엄마 so how would i go about getting visas for all of us. My 아들 and I will know Korean my my 엄마 wont. Sorry for writing so much

  11. “If you want something don’t rely on no man to get it, you make your own money and get it yourself”- Megan’s dad. 😆🙌👌 best words Ive heard all day

  12. Meghan I'm going to China this week ,I'll stay there for 14 days then I'm coming to Korea. Please help me I need to find a job in Korea😪😓😓😓😓

  13. Ok you don’t have to answer this question but I just wan to know where you on an E-2 visa as well before it’s the teaching visa ( I’m looking into the different types of visa clause after college I want to be come a teacher in Korea and I just want to know all the different types of visa’s there are ) and I looked it up and it said you can get an F-2 for being on the E-2 visa for 5 years would you recommend being on the E-2 for five or just do the point system

  14. congratulations Megan! You so deserve it! your hard work and dedication is inspiring! also i have a question, will you get the F-5 after this or will you keep re-newing your 3 years?

  15. Hi Megan, I was wondering if you need to speak Korean a little to take beginners class for KIIP? I want to try to do this but I don't speak Korean fluently. I understand better than I speak it.

  16. Megan for calculating education points, do you count say BOTH your high school diploma and bachelors, or do you just count you degree?

  17. Damn all i have to do is transfer to one of my firm's Korean offices, take the TOPIK, wait a year, and I'll have an f-1 (10 year) visa? Or do I have to get the f-2 (3 year) first? This seems too easy. Time for a change of plans lol see ya'll in Seoul ✌🏽✌🏽

  18. Watching you work so hard to achieve your goals & build an entire life for yourself in another country has been so inspiring to say the least. You deserve every bit of success!!

  19. Congratulations❤❤ I would like to ask you a question. Is it possible to get a job or a visa in korea without graduating from high school? Because i really want to go to korea after my training but i dont if its even possible to get a visa or a job then😬

  20. I rarely ever comment but Megan you are one of the people I look up too I’ve been wanting to go to Korea and I’ve been watching your blogs and they give me so much information at the same time entertaining. I love your channel and I’m going to be studying in Korea and you are one of the biggest factors into convincing me that Korea is where I want to live and I want to thank you and CONGRATULATIONS 🎊🎈🎉🍾 QUEEN 👑 👸🏾

  21. Your picture on there looks too good
    Like I look hideous on my walkers permit
    I need to fight everyone since I look like a rat smDH

  22. Can you do a video about sarcasm in Korea? I feel like I can't be playful or sarcastic with my peers like people are in English without offending or annoying someone. Even though I'm trying to joke WITH them, not at them. They always take me seriously and get annoyed or think I'm being stupid I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Is sarcasm not a thing in Korea or is it just a case by case situation?

  23. what do you do to make money in Korea? are you still a teacher? you should make a video on this, and just generally getting jobs in Korea!

  24. Slightly unrelated question about visas: holding a tourist visa, is it legal to volunteer in South Korea in exchange of accommodation? There are many hostels and guest houses that offer free accommodation in exchange of a few hours of cleaning and simple house maintenance. It is ilegal in Japan since, even if there is no salary involved, it's still considered work. How about in South Korea. Many thanks in advance.

  25. Im planning to come to korea…and study and to live there….but i dont know what kind of work is allowed for students or after im done with my studies….i searched but couldn't find what im actually looking for

  26. I had a really hard time with the KIIP.. I took it but the classes were so long and it was too difficult for me… which is too bad.. I really wanted to get the F visa next year but had to quit.

  27. My dream is to move and study abroad in Seoul, and after that I'm pretty sure I still want to live there and get a job and such.. I'm already feeling stressed watching these types of videos. I save them in my private playlist that I titled 'Dreams for future life in South Korea' (Not that anyone cares) but there's still 5 years left until I leave my country and start following my dreams! I'm so grateful, thank you for being my role model and posting these types of videos! It really helps me a lot and makes me not want to give up! ^-^

  28. Program for getting a job in Korea. (Without marriage) Are you an unmarried woman? Can you speak Korean language? Do you have a visa to korea? Are you planning to get a job in Korea? We can help you stay and get a job in Korea.  This program is for foreigners to get a job in Korea. We can offer clean and comfortable shelter in Seoul for you and 500000 won(KRW) for your living expenses every month before you get a job in Korea. If you are interested in this program and want to know detail conditions please Email me as following:[email protected]

  29. Hi Megan, I've been thinking of pursuing jobs among the film production field. So acting, script writing or maybe, even singing. One thing to highlight, I have no interest in being and idol, so I can't really go through the global audition route. The thing is, I only have a high school diploma right now and am thinking of going to Korea. However, I don't know which visa should I apply for and whether or not I will be accepted. Say, if I got a student visa, can I still look for entertainment agencies that are willing to take me in? Or that would be illegal? Like the c-4 visa or the e-6 visa, if my visa is still student visa or working holiday visa, can I apply for them?

  30. Dang girly your doing the darn thing lol I remember your early videos they cracked me up and you still do but your all grown now 😉 wishing you the best and I’m going to keep on watching.

  31. Can you imagine in 75 years or more what your family tree will be like? This one point in your life is surely going to impact your future ancestors. Idk if you want or are planning for kids no disrespect if you're not.

  32. When you first go to Korea did you stay with a friend or get an apartment and how did you go about getting an apartment and with beginning visa what restrictions did you have?

  33. Hey Megan! Just want to add, if you graduated with a masters or PhD in Korea, you need to make 1x the national average income to change from F-2-7 to F-5 visa.

  34. Hey for f2 visa do we have to get job first? And i am confused how we can show tax clearance report if we just graduated and if we haven't work anywhere then how do we show tax clearance report?

  35. How come when I searched on YouTube about this topic (visa, work n stuff) everyone described it as being this horrible process and coming to the conclusion that it might be near impossible to get a job/ an F visa if you're a foreigner. But Megan made it seem like it was hard but well, *possible*. So I'm just sitting here super confused
    Also Megan, girl you are BOOTIFUL

  36. I have lots of questions for you….anyway I can direct message you?  Thinking about moving over there and teaching English

  37. Hi Megan. Next year I will be going to South Korea for a volunteering program (it's either gonna be 6 months or a year, not sure yet) but I am looking for a chance to stay. The current situation in my country is very delicate and scary (issues w/security) and I had to drop out of college due to 1. Financial reasons. 2. Personal reasons involving dissatisfaction. I managed to make it until my 3rd year of the career I was studying however (Communications). I would really like to start over again w/my education (hopefully w/a chance of studying Music Production) and get my degree eventually + a job but yes I would like to see if there would be an opportunity for me to stay in South Korea. I was wondering, in your opinion, what would be the best way for me to achieve that? If there is a possibility at all of course. I speak 3 languages currently, both English and Spanish fluently + French (Spanish is my mother language) and w/the possibility of a fourth (Korean) I imagine that help me somehow. Would love to hear your thoughts and advice on this situation, and thank you very much.

    Love your channel! xx

  38. This woman move to Korea and lost her mind. Korea is not all that great. Millions of Koreans live in the exact same type of aspartame’s, s communist country in the making, it would be nice to know how many foreigners would stay in Korea when the war starts. It is going to be a blood bath, North Korean army is going to eat up the k-pop makeup wearing boys.why would anybody in their right mind want to take a chance living in that powder keg country of the koreas. Most of the time throughput Korea the trash is not pickup regularly even in Seoul piles of trash stack high on the street and public toilet is the same very nasty place to your business. Most of the wealth of Korea is in Seoul, as a US military person we had our own: Korea is a nice place to visiting but I would not want to trade America For Korea. Thousands of Korean leave Korea every year. Knowing that there will be a war. And the America’s want be able to help and Korea will fall to communist; not if but when and they will Clean house. Most Foreigners people’s will be lucky to get out alive. I would tell anybody Live in Korea at your own risk.

  39. I know this has been out for a while, Im just now seeing it and I had to pause the vid when Great Granny came on… I am tearing up at work. She reminds me of my granny so much! Megan that is truly a blessing to be able to have her there to give her blessing to the two of you. Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

  40. You go, girl! Awesome, funny, beautiful lady! So wonderful! Your dad is right. You don’t need a man, you did it yourself! Bravo! 👍🏻👏🏻🎉💖

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