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I have a feeling you were gonna pick a lot of desserts for our meal what this looks different and that’s what it’s like parenting a toddler hi I’m Hannah and I’m the world okay it’s mom now real time in our house is usually planned by me which means there is a lot of variety so I want to try something new I’m gonna let my kids meal plan every meal of an entire week now this is something that you guys have been asking for for months so I’m going all-in I’m gonna give it a try I hope you appreciate it and please wish us luck so the rules are there are no rules well no there has to be one rule because my kids are very weird and for one meal they might be like we’re gonna eat grass so it has to be food but if they want to eat McDonald’s for all three meals in a day and top it off with an ice cream sundae this is their week we are going to try something really new this week what is it what do you think it is we can’t go potty probably we’re going to let you guys pick everything we eat for a whole week turn off the table dude I don’t think my kids are deprived of treats and like special foods and meals but it’s definitely not the norm this will be their week to just go completely rogue Monday Tuesday mac and cheese oh my god Thursday while that we could eat this sushi I think we got a good menu guys let’s go the grocery store shopping for the groceries wasn’t difficult per se because everything was very detailed in these meal plans but it was pretty expensive I was really surprised by how expensive some of the junk food is I’d always thought it was cheaper but it actually ended up costing a lot more another big factor in the cost was usually when I’m grocery shopping for the week I plan our meals around what’s on sale I shot very smart my kids did not give me that option with this meal plan happy Monday everyone it is day one of kids meal planning this week and here is today’s month yeah go ahead here’s today’s menu breakfast cold pizza lunch cheese sandwich and french fries cheese sandwich in kids speak of world cheese sandwich dinner ham sandwiches she’s pasta and for dessert ice cream yeah healthy start moving off right with some cold pizza I make this last night and refrigerated it which felt weird but I look cold pizza do you yeah I’m gonna be real and admit that that it’s not the first time we’ve had pizza for breakfast makes me hope of human that doesn’t make me a Padma these are all foods that I like you want to serve them fresh and warm so I would never pack these in a lunch because I feel like they’ll pack kind of soggy or maybe not ideal plus I usually don’t make lunches that take this much time and have this much cooking involved huh so dinner organic mixed veggies makes me feel good in my momma heart I’m a the mistake of asking the boys what goes on the ham sandwich my kids definition of a ham sandwich is ham on bread no condiments no toppings no nothing I like fully loaded sandwiches I am Subway’s worst nightmare more olives get it in there that sandwich was bad I like my sandwiches like I like my men dry they were very very pleased after day one and now I’m just realizing that why it tried so hard to write ice cream and I forgot just day two Tuesday’s menu breakfast grilled corn and pasta lunch lettuce sandwich and strawberries dinner mac and cheese and Doritos morning breakfast grilled corn and pasta and of course I made spaghetti because it’s the best pasta in the world and a pasta that matters this look at different it’s what you picked this good for the morning [Music] typical mornings at our house are very rushed breakfast is usually cereal so something like grilled corn is not really doable for us but luckily Matt decided to be a hero got up at 6:30 and started grilling some corn so I could boil some pasta what goes in a lettuce sandwich man Asian mustard anything else no I realized I’ve been putting too much effort into their lunches every day I’ll make a sandwich and I’m like getting all the garnishes and really loading it up when in reality they just want a hunka lettuce on some bread time to ease up on myself a little bit with the lunches dinner Doritos and mac and cheese they are thrilled I have a feeling the boys are gonna eat every bite I could not be looking forward to this dinner less hope they didn’t hear me phone app the cheese kid how do you feel about this oh so good you never get these huh phone at the tea I’m happy I cooked for you amazing get it oh it’s like a college kids dinner Oh gourmet oh thank you and literally all I wanted at this point was a piece of broccoli but it’s so like something to know about this meal is not only was it why it’s favorite meal of the week it was also Matt it was real people food it just wasn’t it wasn’t grown-up food Wednesday breakfast watermelon and blackberries thank goodness lunch talked about dinner McDonald’s dessert root beer flop blow and white rice Wednesday morning breakfast it’s fruit yeah yeah yeah oh my god get out of here with that thing huh look at that I could eat this all day you found your glasses all right here oh great I’m glad you did oh and you found my underwear it’s new guys it’s not dirty okay Taco Bell for lunch was a tricky one because not like I can just go grab in fast food and drop it off at school at lunchtime I have to pack it first thing in the morning so what we ended up having to do was pick up Taco Bell the evening before refrigerate it and put it in their lunches cold there’s nothing worse than reheated fast food in my opinion so I’m not looking forward to it but maybe this will make them pick something healthier or like change their mind from all the fast food this week how did you enjoy your Taco Bell lunch it was so good you really are you excited about the dinner we’re in the desert oh my gosh I don’t know about desert guys we’ve been eating pretty crap lately I felt my digestive system screeching to a halt at this point the kids were fine my old was feeling it the boys picked grouper floats for dessert they insisted on buying sour patch kids ice cream in root beer this looks so gross call me an old lady but a root beer float should be vanilla yeah it wasn’t good mmm by Thursday my body was starting to reject this food breakfast waffles and toppings and juice lunch sushi and cheese dinner fries and cheeseburgers and berries Thursday morning breakfast what do you have Wyatt it’s a lot for weight room and shattering yep and yogurt there’s a promotion that says [Music] one thing I noticed on the menu is the kids did not designate any drinks so I decided that the drinks were how I was going to sneak in as many veggies as possible that’s one tried-and-true way that I get vegetables into my kids dude can you eat normally oh my god what just happened lunch was another tricky thing to pack I know getting California rolls because the crab in there is cooked and I feel like that’s less health hazardous because I don’t really know the protocol of packing sushi and a lunch the wild card really was cheese does it go on the sushi or does it just I scooped the wasabi out so when you fly all over the rolls my kids eat sushi yeah I feel like that is that not normal maybe it’s a California kid thing I didn’t put cheese on my sushi I ate cheese alongside my sushi chose lunch for you good so tonight’s dinner is on the menu burgers the fries and blueberries well why didn’t outfit change for dinner look how fancy he looks don’t put that in your mouth you can’t commit okay are you excited ha how do you feel so excited I am actually okay with this because jokes on the kids I went I got vegetarian burgers because this menu has a lot of red meat in it for us they didn’t say what kind of burger it had to be so beyond burgers it is I don’t think anybody noticed that they weren’t real meat Matt never knows I’ve been doing this to Matt for years secret’s out sorry Matt I care about your health Friday was a special day Friday’s menu breakfast beans and rice and almond milk lunch peanut butter and jelly chips apple sauce and juice dinner was a surprised return of a family favorite meal beans rice and almond milk well eat your beans and rice are you stoked Jackson so you pray this is not another breakfast one some countries this is a normal breakfast do you like when mommy sometimes claims the menu I wish you did Allah when I was pregnant with both kids all I ate was refried beans cheese and jalapenos that was every meal so I’m happy lunch was normal I got to make TV and J’s in the morning it was so easy oh my god I missed that can you guess what tonight’s dinner is only oh gee mommy Progress fans will know spaghetti like iconic it’s such a fun food good you like this yeah do you like it sorry so Friday was a good day by Saturday I would kill for something green on the menu and I definitely found my chance Saturday’s menu was breakfast Starbucks lunch burrito bowls and smoothies and dinner ramens one thing to note about Saturday is every single meal is takeout which is convenient but it’s also very expensive not something we can do very regularly Saturday morning and it’s Starbucks today and I love Starbucks more than anything fun fact I actually used to work there and I loved it it was one of my favorite jobs ever so I am so loyal to Starbucks this is not sponsored I just I love them sponsor me please what are you gonna order I’m get hot tea and a breakfast sandwich what voice is that mad don’t know what are you gonna get baby [Music] Bettina look at you such an LA socialite is your latte got you something new what’s this it’s a biscuit it’s not caffeinated lunch with the burrito bowls and smoothies I seize that opportunity to shove a bunch of greens into my children and I took it hey psyche you wanted this I’m making a smoothie to go along with lunch and I honestly can’t take it anymore so don’t tell the kids I’m loading the smoothie up with blueberries beets strawberries banana a bunch of spinach while yogurt and almond milk I could drink this whole thing best thing I’ve had all week dinner was ramen I’m not even hungry but they were gonna eat it I might have a little bit how’s the taste Jackson you hungry oh I get it Sunday last day going out with a bang here breakfast cereal with whipped cream lunch hamburger and pickles dinner ribs chicken Caesar salad and fried sushi you know normal good morning everybody I feel like you guys live with us now because you are here for every meal what’s for breakfast this morning or capture Oh whip cream on here mmm it’s a good dessert so lunch another hamburger what a whoop-dee-doo we ended up getting fast food again which at this point I was like whatever just pile it on just to throw it at me just put it in my mouth I don’t care for today’s dinner of the grand finale I think the boys chose an epic thief I’m going to start with the ribs they take about six hours and we smoke them if there’s one thing I can say with full certainty I’m really good at its making ribs it’s a three to one method three hours in uncovered two hours in covered one hour uncovered and it’s basically foolproof when we compiled kind of everything we were gonna make we realized that it was just too much food for all of us to finish so we mix the fried sushi they’re picking the meals but they’re not wasting food not on my watch I can’t wait to eat a new look but that’s because when you smoke it you get pink on the outside look at these bones I couldn’t keep the ribs on the bones pretty proud I know for like competition ribs you want them to stay on the bone but it’s just family ribs no I’m very excited is this your favorite meal of the week mine too what I learned from this week is my kids like most kids don’t have a firm grasp on nutrition and don’t really care that much which is totally fair so that being said I would not try this for a whole week ever again I would do it for a day maybe it’s like a birthday treat they really had a fun time planning the menu with me and going grocery shopping for everything I think a week was just a lot so that’s what I got for today I’m Hannah and have you tried this would you try this let me know in the comments let me know how it went or if you have any ideas for future food challenges for my family let me know in the comments as well now if you’ll please excuse me I’m going to be prepping fruit for my lunches for the next five years till next time [Music]

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