I Let My Son Plan His Own Birthday

– We’re going to the horse ride, going to the horse ride, – [Jackson] Mama I– – Going to the horse ride up he’s mad about something. (upbeat music) ^Hi I’m Hannah, and I’m the world’s okayest mom. Now if you have kids odds are birthdays are a big deal in your house. There for sure a big deal in mine. I try to go all out for the kids and do really special stuff to make them feel loved. But for the most part I’m the one planning the parties and how we celebrate their birthdays. They’ll choose the theme and the cake that they want. But I’m really deciding when, where, and how we celebrate. So I wanna try something different this year. ^Jackson’s turning six, I want him to decide ^what he wants to do for his own birthday. ^So I’m going to take the money that I would’ve spent on his party and give it to him to use however he wants for his birthday. Now here’s hoping he doesn’t choose something like a new puppy, or 250 bags of M&M’s. But you never know what kids so let’s go ask him. First things first there weren’t a lot of ground rules for this because you know he got to pick whatever he wanted to do. But he’s five years old, he’s a kid. He doesn’t quite understand the value of a dollar or what you can get for certain amounts of money. He doesn’t know how to budget. We’ve gone to lunch and he’s been like don’t worry mom I got this, and like opens his wallet and pulls out a dollar. And I’m like you are so sweet but that’s not how it works. So of course there’s a little anxiety going into this, But I asked him and this is what he said. I want to go to Legoland, Legoland, Legoland, Lego. So for those of you who don’t speak kid, he said he wants to go to Legoland. (exasperated sigh) Now Legoland isn’t Disney expensive, but it’s expensive. It’s about twice as much as I was planning to spend. I have decided that I will not rest until we figure out how to make this work. I feel like theme park trips are something that families save up for for a while. So I wasn’t really expecting this. Matt and I are going to spend some time sitting down and budgeting, and going over everything to see how we can pull this off. How could you say no to that face? (laughs) ^Okay so the kids are asleep and so it’s time for us ^to try to budget and figure out how we’re ^going to make this trip work. Here we go. (upbeat jazz) Okay so we figured it out so usually we spend about 250 bucks per kid per birthday party We realized if we do this for both kids birthdays, we can swing the two-day pass to the park, and the aquarium, and get a night at the hotel. Jackson really really really wanted ^to bring my sister Stella she’s like his best friend and so ^I remember like as a kid my parents would let me do something with one friend for my birthday. We’re going to make it work for her to come too. ^We’re Wyatt’s only friends (laughs) so he’s cheap. We did it! – Yeah! – Go team! – Oh that’s horrible. – I’m looking, I’m trying to look at the camera. Yeah. ^Look what I got. (laughs) Are you excited? I’m so excited, I’m so excited. I think I’m more excited than you. – We’re going to Legoland! – Whoo! (laughs) Are you excited for Legoland? – Eee Da buhda. – Boogers, you have some boogers. So Saturday morning we decided to get up super early so we could try to get to the park when it opened. Okay we’re on our way. – Whoo! – We were only a little bit late getting out. I’m very surprised by how fast we got this done. And Matt and I have a couple little surprises. – [Dad] Wyatt. – We’re going to McDonald’s for breakfast. – (everyone cheers) – [Dad] Yay Wyatt, Jackson! – Wow we never get McDonald’s so this is a big deal – That tastes really good. – Mmm it tastes so good. – Have you guys ever had a hash brown before? – No I’ve never had a hash brown before. – Oh my gosh. – Not me. – Matt have you ever had a hash brown before? – I’ve had millions. (laughs) – So we’re in the car, we’re on our way. We got McDonald’s for the kids. They’re super excited until about an hour into the drive I realized something. I forgot the tickets (laughs) but luckily I have them in my inbox so we’re going to stop at FedEx so I can print them out Legoland doesn’t accept digital tickets. You have to like actually print them out and show them to them and I’m not used to that so my bad. ^We are here. – Lego, Lego, Lego, Lego – We are in the park. One of my favorite parts about Legoland by far was that it seems like it’s designed to wear your kids out. We just went, and went, and went all the first day. Whoo hoo Jackson! We have our 3D glasses on, we’re ready to go on the ride. Woosh woosh. – Rawr (laughs) – We’re in Vegas now, so cool. Watch Wyatt run, oh my God. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the way that Wyatt runs. So as a park Legoland is a lot smaller than Disneyland But the lines are short, the rides are quick, and the height requirement is a lot shorter. Pretty much for all the rides, both Jackson and Wyatt could go on them together. We’re going to go on the Lego friends horse ride. What color horse do you want? – White. – [Hannah] White. – [Stella] Brown. – Brown, and Jackson what color horse? – Black. – Black, I am not going on a horse. Wyatt is a little too short for a couple of the rides So he’s going to get his face painted – With Batman! – With Batman! – [Face Painter] All right sweetie just rest your head back. – Wyatt, you look amazing! So the one thing about Legoland, it’s designed to sell you Legos. There are Legos everywhere. Everything is made out of Legos, it’s amazing and it makes you feel like, I want to build this. I want to do this. I, like, you. You’re so sweet. So one of the cool little perks of our room was there’s a big treasure chest and in order to unlock it you need to complete a scavenger hunt around the lobby of the hotel. We’re going to do this scavenger hunt and it’s going to unlock the treasure chest with a prize inside. So the kids are going around counting things and it’s all Legos everywhere. So we get up to the room with the combo. And I’m really anticipating what’s going to be inside this box. – [Kids] Whoa! – And we finally opened it and it’s like, Legos! It’s your travel guide. Duh why was I expecting anything different? It’s Legos everywhere, everything’s Legos. But it was really cool that the kids each got their own little Lego set from that treasure chest. Because that was one less thing we had to buy. Quick Parent Pro tip, if you’re going to be bringing your own cake to the hotel you might want to bring utensils because I didn’t. Everyone wash their hands and eat cake with their hands. Which I mean we’re going to eat the cake. Like there’s no other way. But the prime example of how Legoland is made for kids is upon check-in I was notified of the kids nightclub that’s every night from 6 to 9 p.m. ^There is a kids night club inside of Legoland. Any leftover energy they had from the day, like that’s where it goes. Jackson I’ve got to get that kid in dance classes. He’s just letting the music control his body he was going for it. And the best part of the kids club. I got my chardonnay. That’s right there is a bar across the hall. And they will pour your wine in a plastic cup for you to take across and watch your kids just get out the rest of the energy they had left from the day. So day two, since we’ve gotten most of the rides done the first day, Jackson wanted to do the aquarium on the second day. So we are in the aquarium now. We got our coffees. They actually made it super kid friendly and fun. – Daddy I found one of your favorite fishes. – Whoa, look, oh my gosh look at the stingray! Oh, oh my gosh, hello. And then the first thing you get when you walk in is this slide, that’s so cool. Right off the bat there’s this really cool jellyfish exhibit and there’s this guy feeding them, And this one man explaining all different kinds of jellyfish, and how they eat, and what they eat and stuff like that. And so I saw this tank of jellyfish I had never seen before. So I was staring at them for a long time and waiting for them to get fed because I wanted to see what that looked like but it wasn’t til about 15 minutes in that I look down and realize that I had been staring at a display of plastic bags. At least I’m environmentally conscious okay. So Sunday, our final day, we stayed until the park closed because you know I’m getting my money’s worth but luckily it didn’t close that late because it’s designed for smaller children it closed at about five, which was perfect for us to pack up and leave, and get home, and not have bedtime be super late because the kids had school the next day. Goodbye Legoland. And look what we have here (laughs) Oh my God literally we haven’t even been on the road five minutes. So there was one last thing that Jackson wanted to do before we went home. So we drove through Anaheim, on the way back from San Diego. And there’s this really cool place called Anaheim Packing District. And they have these bizarre desserts. I guess you’d call it a dessert. And it’s a rice puff that’s soaked in liquid nitrogen. And so when you put it in your mouth and breathe out you get a lot of steam coming out. Like cold air coming out and it’s really cold and you can get about to come out your nose (laughing) – Can I have one? – It’s coming out your nose Jackson. But while the trip was super exciting and fun, it was really emotional for me because I mean any other parent can relate. When your kid gets a year older it’s just like, where did that time go you know? I feel like I blinked and he’s, oh my God that’s so embarrassing. I feel like I blinked and he’s six. And there was a moment at the buffet when they brought out the cake and everyone was singing and he looked a little embarrassed, and I was just like, oh that’s him getting bigger and he’s getting older. So that, I mean I didn’t log this, but there was a lot of this throughout the whole trip because for me as a working mom, time flies so fast and I just I was so grateful that we were able to give him that experience and spend all that time together and have that much fun together but it’s just like why why do you have to grow up you know? So, sorry, (laugh) mom moment right there. So how was your birthday? – I had the best birthday ever. – You had the best birthday ever? – Mmmhmm. – I love you so much. – Because my mommy is the best. – Thank you. – And my dada So that’s all I got for today, I’m cleaning. And if you had a birthday that you particularly loved, or a party idea leave it in the comments. ^Or you can always text me, this is a real number ^and I love hearing what you guys have to say ^So go for it. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go start planning for next years party Because you can never start to early. Until next time. Ugh, sh** [Hannah] Gotta work on that Lego. ^(playful music)

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  1. The end was so heartwarming Hannah my best wishes for you and your family for more trips like these I am now 12 and my mom I working 95 percent of the time and my dad also and as working parents they struggle with bills and rent and my dad always makes sure we have the best birthdays they love us deeply and you as a parent are wonderful and your so Amazing reaching your kids about love and kindness

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    That isn’t the point! It’s just a show to make people see the struggles of working parents!

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