I Made a SKULL CAKE! 4th Birthday Party Planning | Vlog

♪ Happy birthday dear Jack ♪ (bright marimba music) Well, it’s official, I just
registered Jack for school. Because my kids were born overseas, I have to show passport and, you know, declare when we arrived in
Canada and all that stuff. I’m excited for him, but it’s also, as much as it’s a new
chapter starting in life, it’s, you know, the
ending of another chapter and I can’t believe I won’t
have anybody home full-time. It’s so weird to me. I am gonna do a staggered start to school like I did with Esme
and I was even talking to the person registering me today and she was like Okay, well when you start ‘and when you know you’re schedule, you just let the school know. Because they put them on a
part-time register kind of thing. And that’s definitely the plan for the first half of the year and then we’ll kind of
reevaluate in December and see, like, okay does he
want to go full-time or what? Honestly, I’m in no rush. To me, SKJK, junior kindergarten
and senior kindergarten is free childcare and they
get to play with some friends, but it’s not, like grade one is an entirely different ball game. We’re learning to read, I mean you do that in kindergarten but
Esme wasn’t interested. Jack might show interest
so you go with the flow but it’s like a completely
different ball game. I’m looking forward to
personally having more time to get work done in the day, like I’m really excited about that and I’m excited for Jack
to have a new challenge. It’s all good things,
it is all good things. Anyways, we’ve run out of coffee. What is life? So I’m hittin up Tim Hortons,
I’m gonna go get a tea because do not drink Tim Hortons coffee. A tea and a bagel because I’m hungry but you know what, I have the
biggest, and I mean biggest, okay maybe it’s not the
biggest, but it’s a giant canker on the gum behind my molar, it hurts. And I’m pretty sure I have one
down my throat so that sucks. I’ve got a meeting in an hour. I bought myself some time and
so I’m just gonna meander, go get a tea and head home. How you likin my new Joe Fresh sunglasses that are total Ray Ban knockoffs,
but I’m okay with that. So, they were $16. Alright, I’m gonna chill, get
a little sunshine on my face because I’m Canadian and
it’s seven degrees outside, therefore I am outdoors. – Let’s play Go Fish with me. I’m gonna get all the cards good. – [Amanda] Hot chocolate
for the little lady. – [Esme] They look pretty. How do they make that? – [Amanda] I don’t know,
it’s very nice though. – [Esme] Do you have a 10? – [Amanda] Do I have a 10? Let’s see. No 10, Go Fish. (laughing) Do you have an Ace? An A? – [Esme] Go Fish. – [Amanda] Oh, darn it. – [Esme] Do you have a King? – [Amanda] You know what? I do. I also just ran out of cards so I gotta get a few more cards here. – [Esme] Do you have a Queen? – Go Fish. Good morning guys, happy Saturday from Catboy and friends and,
you look amazing actually– – I’m a unicorn! – [Amanda] She’s going
to a unicorn themed party and she’s got a very beautiful– – I’ve got jeans, rainbow jeans! – [Amanda] You look
awesome and you are Catboy. What? And right now we are getting
ready for Jack’s birthday so we are filling up–
– Zach’s birthday party– – I’ve got like, all the
things that I ordered, I just ordered my groceries
and for cake, daddy made this really cool skull
cake, they’re gonna love it. And we’re making dirt
cups, worm dirt cups. It’s like a zombie themed party. A bag full of goods and
we’re gonna fill them up. – [Children] Goodies! – [Amanda] Alright, here we go. Okay, so here you go,
here’s three for you. Put them in that bag close to Esme. Does every bag have some
of those gold things? I think so, okay next,
what have you got Esme? – These. – Put one in each bag.
– Is there one for me? – [Amanda] Yes don’t worry. Alright, pizza’s just been ordered. Not for today, but for the party tomorrow and Jack’s miffed because
he wants pizza now. Hi Catboy. So we’re having a shrimp ring, we’re having spinach dip
with pumpernickel bread, pretzels and chips and cheese
and all the various things. Fruit platter, veggie
platter, I’m gonna have about seven adults, eight
kids and it falls over lunch. We’re a little excited okay,
I’ll catch up in a bit. – I saw on a video, lemon
takes highlighter white and it doesn’t wreck the
paper or the writing. – [Amanda] Let’s see if it works. So she’s got highlighter. Oh my God! What? Now of course you used
pencil so it deleted, it deleted, can you tell a techy? Erased it a bit, dude! Gimme five! That’s awesome, what a cool
trick, dad’s gonna freak out. Um, your sister’s like
a scientific genius. – I’m a scientific genius. – Obviously gets it from her mom! – I get it from my brain! – Yeah, from your own brain. Alright we’re off to run some errands. I think I’m gonna leave my camera at home only because it’s one of
those days where it’s like, I don’t know that my
brain can handle all of it but I will Insta-story so
if you feel like you’re missing little bit and pieces here, you should follow me on
Instagram @amandamuse and you can see more behind
the scenes as they happen. Okay, I’ll circle back when we get back. We made it back and we did it all. We dropped Esme at the party. I even snuck in a coffee date with some of the moms
that were at the party. Come on down, and Jacky
was a real charmer. He was very good at the date
and what else can I tell ya? We hit up Michaels, I
was gonna go to Wal-Mart, but you know what, it’s Saturday. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t do it. So we went to Michaels,
got everything we needed for the craft, for the
table decor and stuff. Yes, coming! And I picked up my groceries cause I ordered those online
cause I am, I am not dumb. There was no way in hell
I was gonna be doing that. Okay, let’s bring this in, and obviously I did not have my grocery bags
so go for it in the comments. I already know. Okay. Let’s bring this inside. This is what my main party
room looks like so far. Just a little bit of work to do. Currently unloading all the goods but I found some fun stuff
like this giant glider at Michaels and I got three of them. And tomorrow if it’s sunny
like it is right now, we could play outside a little bit and the kids can throw this around. – This is serious business.
– Serious. So, Patcher’s doing the banner. Jack’s just yelling at me. – What’s going on with this song? – [Amanda] I don’t even
know, we’ve got some music. I’m testing out a white wine spritzer that I will be serving
at the party tomorrow because I’m that person
serving booze at a kids party. Yeah, man, whatever it takes
to get you through with Sunday. – I figured out how I’m gonna do this. – [Amanda] Perfect! Right, cause it was like– – Yeah, cause I was like, I don’t want it like, all sliding to one side. – [Amanda] Unless you glue it. – Well I could like,
tape, why would I do that? That would take so long. (laughing) – [Amanda] Or staple it
this way because this folds. Does that work? No. Just do your thing, do your thing. – Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! – [Amanda] Why is everyone
saying mommy to me all the time? Who’s idea was this? – [Esme] ‘Cause your name is mom! – [Amanda] Honestly, everybody. Okay, so here, we didn’t
show them yet the craft. Do you wanna show them? – [Esme] Okay so, here’s
the one my mom made. Here’s the one my mom made. – [Amanda] And they’re zombie brains. I found that idea on Pinterest by the way. – [Esme] And here’s the one I made. – Adorable. It’s a zombie cat so the kids can make these, you
can tell we’re both lefties, they’re both on this side
but anyways, so cute. And then we’ll have a
bunch of other activities and this will not look like this. (playful electronic music) Not excited at all but I just wanna say look what Patcher and I did, we did it. We blew that sucker up and now we’ve got a Happy Birthday part,
we’ve got a helium tank. High five me bro. Oh geez. Well, the festivities
are getting started here. What time is it? 8:54. We have two hours and everyone’s gonna get here. Patcher’s here in one hour. Loot bags in that room. We have some more decorations up in here. Got lots of areas to sit,
we even have a zombie friend that daddy made, so, lots goin on. Very excited to have everybody come and celebrate with us today,
and it’s a beautiful day. Probably gonna be the same
amount of kids and adults, so I’ve got food that I
know adults will enjoy and then, like, that kind of stuff. So right now I have to make
the cups, the dirt cups, which is like pudding
and Oreos and Cool Whip and then you put it in this, so I’m gonna get the mixture all sorted. Whoa. Oh, that was nice, landed
right in the dog bowl. Okay, those are not being used. (laughing) This is the cake wrapped
up all nicely in here that I have to put some icing
on and get it all sorted. We can do it! Can mommy do it? By myself, I know Dean’s
really sad actually that he’s on the road
today, like, it’s not nice to be away on your kid’s birthday parties. That looks awesome. You look amazing. Love it Esme. – My hair’s static. – No it’s not, it’s perfect. But we’ll have my dad,
and aunt and her kids, and Joanna and Holden, and my
friend Anna and her daughter, and Liz and her daughter, like there’s a good amount of people coming. – There’s lots of people!
– It’s gonna be fun. Okay, I’m gonna have my
coffee before it gets cold. Alright so Dean made a
skull cake the other day. This is the two halves of
it, so now what I have to do is put it together, I got some icing here and then ice it. So here’s how I’m setting it up. I’m going with the icing sugar route and I’ve put paper towel
around his eyes and nose and then all around the
plate cause I’m trying to think of how to do this properly. I am not a cake decorator. I put icing to stick it between. But I’m gonna take icing
sugar and go like this all over the top because I
like this effect better than the effect of the icing, so,
it’s all about the effect, you know what I’m sayin,
so let’s give it a go. Alright, I pray that this works. (playful spooky music) – [Patcher] That looks good. – [Amanda] Does he look weird? – [Patcher] No he looks good. – [Amanda] He looks, like, creepy? Okay I love it, it looks pretty cool. – [Patcher] Yeah, see? You always doubt yourself during and then afterwards you’re
like, oh it does look good. – [Amanda] Yeah, it looks way
better than had I iced it. I think this is awesome. I can’t wait. Okay, Dean will be
impressed, this is just… And because he’s a little
tilty, we put worms more on this side to keep him up. (whispers) Okay, let’s
put him on the table. Alright, I think the cake looks awesome. (playful spooky music) Got our white wine in a
box, how classy is that? But I mean, how convenient,
it fits in the fridge and it’s four liters, okay. We’ve got our club soda, our dirt cups. Jacky come see your cake! You guys, go see the cake! What do you think of my cake? Is that awesome? – Yeah. – [Amanda] I love it. Mmmm, pizza. Look, familiar face! You’re basically a celebrity Holden, I mean, let’s be honest. I guess so. (people at party talking) We got some yummy food happening, I like that there’s random brains on the table. (people at party talking) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Jack ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Can you make a wish? Make a wish. (blowing) One more! One more! One more! We’ll do it together, one, two, three. (applauding) Happy birthday! It’s a giant skull are you excited? Yeah alright. Let’s do it. Alright. Okay so we have, the, what’s this called? Dirt and mud? And stuff like that. So if anybody wants one of these. – I want one! I want one. – This was Dean, he got the
mold and then I decorated it. – [Amanda’s Friend] I’m impressed. A lot of effort. – Let’s do this. I think we’re gonna go sideways. Just gonna go here. – [Camera Man] You’re
actually smiling quite a bit when you’re slicing open
a skull there, Amanda. – I mean, when one is morbid
you don’t mess around. Alright, then I’ll cut
this up in some pieces. – [Camera Man] We never did
find her first boyfriend. (laughing) Are you ready for some cake? – Yeah. – [Camera Man] Good. What flavor is it? Is it vanilla? That’s a really clean cut,
you have experience with this. (laughing) – And we sit, we are
done, successful party. – We did it. – [Amanda] So tonight,
Esme chose this color a couple days ago so she’s gonna watch her show while I do her nails. Some Zoya base coat, top coat action and this is me doing my nails later. (relaxing music) – [Amanda] So cute. So it has been a day. We actually are five
to eight, so it’s 7:55. The kids are bathed, ready to go to bed, they’re tired, they’re just having a little bit of time on their iPads. We had a good day, it was like the perfect time for the party. After everybody left we all just kind of, well we cleaned up and then chilled out, and then just as everyone
was getting really tired and we all could’ve fallen
asleep, we went for a big walk and got fresh air and it just
like, it was really good. It was just a really good day. I’m tuckered out, though, I’m like (yawn) I don’t know how I’m gonna make it. I have to do a manicure, I guess I don’t have to but I should. I’m going to a meeting tomorrow in Toronto and so I gotta like, get all gussied up. And actually what I’m
gonna do, is normally I wrap the vlog up on Mondays, but I’m gonna film a
day in the life tomorrow so you can see, like, beginning
to end what that’s like, when I have a big trip into the city and just getting everything
done and managing it all and I have a live video so
there’s quite a bit going on. So it should be fun, so
on Friday, so in two days you’ll get to see the
Monday day-in-the-life vlog. It should be a good one. Alright guys, I’m gonna wrap it up. I hope you… (laughing) I’m tired, ugh. Alright guys, I hope
you’ve had a great day. Happy Wednesday, thanks for watching. Subscribe if you’re new
and I’ll see you on Friday. Bye guys. (playful music)

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  1. Join me this week as I register Jack for school, aaah how is he starting school this year?! Also a bunch of birthday party planning mom duties for Jack's 4th birthday – and in classic Jack it's a Skull Skeleton Zombie themed party!

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