i made tasty’s 4 DINNERS IN 1 PAN !!!

Fish is usually not my favorite, but this one is actually better than it oh You guys are not gonna believe that, this was going way too smoothly I don’t think you guys are ready for this video because I know so many of you loved when I made the Tasty’s eight desserts in one pan and by loving I mean I actually got death threats from that video. as any sane person would do I thought we should definitely do this again But this time around, I really wanted to make his savory dish, so I went on the Tasty’s Youtube channel just like I do every day And I was looking for a savory version of the eight desserts in one pan But I couldn’t find anything Specific so I found this video in which tasty teaches you to make four different meals in one pan But every single one of them in one individual pan I’m going to show you the video in just a second But I thought it’d be hilarious and also Potentially delicious to make four savory meals in one pan only so this is gonna be very Messy. So the video is called for simple one pan dinners So the first one is fish that actually looks so good So I’m pretty sure the second one is chicken and then everything in one pan once again And the next one is shrimp this one’s a little easier I need that in my life, and the last one is pork which also looks incredible even though I’m not the biggest fan of pork. So I thought this obviously looks incredible, but this is not much of a challenge How could we turn this video into a challenge? Simple. We are going to attempt to make all four dishes in one single pan. This is a terrible idea so here So here we’ve got the ingredients to make the first one This is a lot to do in one video, so I’m gonna try to be very quick Which usually means that I’m just gonna be messy I am so sorry in advance, so we’re gonna start with the olive oil this is for the sauce for the fish I’m gonna slice this lemon we are going to add the juice of half a lemon. That’s probably a good amount there’s two little seeds there, but what doesn’t kill you makes it stronger Kelly Clarkson is shook. I’m not really following the order here, so I’m gonna add the mustard now. It’s a sauce It doesn’t mean a difference or does it Here we’ve got some onion granules or powder a little bit more to give our fish a lot of flavor and Last but not least some garlic a little more Let me zoom you in so now we stirred the sauce Why is it not coming together why is it all separated? You know what? It might look like dog vomit but it might taste good. Oh, we’re gonna carry on Thankfully the asparagus looks already ready to just throw in the pan So we don’t really have to do anything to these apart from washing them and here with got the courgette I think on the tasty video. They said zucchini, but is it the same thing? I don’t really know let me know in the comment section. We’re gonna open this up We trying to figure out how to do this with the minimal amount of work Ok I think that’s kind of what they did in the video This seems like the right amount I just realized we forgot to salt and pepper the sauce We probably only need two Thin slices should we do one two three four or should we split it into squares probably squares I think that would be best so I’m gonna squeeze out the fish though such a weird thing to say That’s technically what I’m doing, so here, we’ve got the sauce I mean you can’t really call this a sauce, so we’re gonna put it on top I Really messed up with this sauce situation on this side we’re gonna add the asparagus is that too much and last, but not least the zucchini or Courgette depending on what you call it, and there’s a last step. I’m gonna add one slice of lemon on top of the fish Obviously we messed up with the sauce, but I actually think overall it looks okay It looks like this could actually look very good once. It’s all filled in and here we’ve got ingredients to make the second one which is the chicken dish? Instead of the giant chicken breast they use in the video we’re actually using these mini fillets because I need everything to cooking like 20 Minutes at the same time as the fish, so we couldn’t really go with the big chicken breasts because that would take 30 minutes So let’s get started with the sauce so the first ingredient is some honey here. We’ve got some Italian seasoning Some mustard and a Little bit of salt some more of this garlic you’re supposed to just peel it off and chop it yourself But I don’t have time for that, you better know make this whole thing separate, so I’m not gonna add too much We’re actually doing something right for once the consistency of this looks really smooth So we’re gonna open this up and wash it I never really understood people’s hate for Brussel sprouts because I think there’s a million vegetables there are a million times worse These potatoes are massive so we don’t need a whole one So I’m just gonna use like a little bit of one because we’re trying to cut down on carbs. That’s funny So I’m trying to cut these in little cubes because I think that’s what they did on the tasty video But this is not very easy Give this video a like if you think I should make a video in which I go and get cooking lessons like a whole week Of cooking lessons, I think that would be kind of funny if we get to 20,000 likes I will actually go and get cooking lessons Let’s do one chicken breast, maybe two so we’re gonna pour the sauce right on top This kinda looks like the same sauce that we use for the fish except this time. It doesn’t suck I say let’s add the potatoes on this side This video might seem like a stupid idea guys But also kind of genius for those days in which you don’t know what to get for dinner And you kind of feel like everything and on this corner right here. We’re gonna fit in the Brussel sprouts Let’s drizzled everything with a little bit of olive oil Also here, I’m not mad about any of this…so far So I’m not gonna jinx it this one’s a little bit different because instead of a sauce you make everything in a bowl and then We’re just gonna add it to the pan It doesn’t have sauce but he has an insane amount of spices stil, so I think it’s still gonna get a lot of flavor I’m actually excited to make it you guys know how much I hate chopping an onion so according to the video We need to slice this very thinly oh I’m crying. I’m so glad you can’t see my face. Okay, should we separate this? I need some sunglasses or something I’m gonna cut it in half because this is just not separating very easy Going to slice some pepper Very thinly as well I mean if you’re putting effort into it. If not it’s okay This is either my best video or my worst one because if this is good I can imagine the amount of different flavors, that’s gonna be in that pan you might actually work, so I’m gonna open the shrimp. I think these are king prawns, but they seem a little small for King anything Some olive oil I’m made a mess And last but not least some garlic granules um or garlic powder so to this I’m gonna add the vegetables that we prepared And that’s basically it maybe be a little more gentle I’m gonna add the mixture in this corner, should we add the whole thing The key is to press it Against this side and hope for the best and finally for the last one here We’ve got the ingredients to make some barbecue “Pork” and I say that because we’re actually gonna use the leftover chicken instead of actual pork so for a side for this one tasty uses some corn and I’m kind of Figuring out how I should place this. It looks right on camera, and that’s all that matters. We’re gonna add the chicken So we’re gonna add some pepper to the chicken. I;m following the recipe as if this is the pork except it’s chicken, so I’m gonna add some hot chili powder Not too much because we’re gonna cover this in sauce Last but not least we’ve got some green beans And in last place, but also a very important step We’re gonna cover The chicken which is supposed to be the pork in barbecue sauce. I love when tasty is relatable And they use a bottled sauce when they probably have a million chefs working on their videos And This is officially four one pan meals from tasty in one pan It’s too soon to speak as this might taste disgusting to eat all of this in one go But I think we killed it in terms of looks this looks really good I feel like 20 to 25 minutes and not a very high temperature might cook this kind of evenly But obviously some things might be overcooked like the shrimp But I don’t think so cuz I topped it up with a lot of vegetables, so there’s no science here just wishful thinking please do not disappoint me I’m just cleaning up everything and I think there’s 10 minutes left in the oven I’m very nervous This is gonna taste bad and look bad as well because on the last time that we did this you guys Roasted me in the comments for days Last time we failed with that, but this time it actually looks separated And I love that. Also probably the first time on my channel, but everything seems like perfectly cooked I am genuinely shooketh. I don’t have much to say this rarely happens You know what it might taste bad, and it might give me food poisoning because that’s just what would happen to me I’ve done a lot of strange things on this channel but this is gonna be one of the weirdest ones because we cooked a million different things all in one like shrimp fish and chicken. I say, let’s give this a try while it’s still hot because Actually, no. Nothing can make this worse or better. It is what it is there’s so many things that I don’t even know where to start. should we start with your barbecue chicken? I mean let’s be honest, it’s probably because of the barbecue sauce but this is one of the most flavorful chickens that I’ve ever made I I would happily roast myself like I did on the previous time we tried something similar, but so far so good There are so many options. I don’t even know what to eat next I think we should try the prawns now I wasn’t really expecting that but I almost prefer the prawns or the shrimp to the barbecue chicken I just think the flavor of this it kind of tastes like Mexican food, and it’s pretty good Let’s try the honey chicken because just for some variety. Here we got some honey glaze and Brussel sprouts chicken It tastes like Christmas This honey glaze is everything. I’m just gonna start covering every food that I ever make in this sauce because it’s like sweet But not too much. It’s like it’s a good balance between sweet and savory The potatoes are a little bit undercooked not gonna lie. If you like your potatoes with a little bit of crunch then you might like This but definitely undercooked the potatoes are not good not gonna lie But I guess it’s one thing out of like 20 things to try that I didn’t like so it’s not that bad so here we got some asparagus I guess I like vegetables now, I’m just going to delete my channel and become a vegan YouTube channel Just kidding But these asparagus are really really flavorful and the last thing to try is the salmon with a zucchini and the cherry tomatoes Oh? oh my god that’s my favorite one by far. Fish is usually not my favorite, but this one is actually better than the oh my god (gasp) You guys are no gonna believe that, this was going way too smoothly Honestly guys. I could not make this up, but we actually cooked the fish With some of the plastic. Just when they thought I did a decent job for once this happens I cooked a fish with the actual plastic on it. I’m kind of surprised it’s not melted, but like you can’t blame me that kind of looks like fish skin. And that was it for this video guys I hope you guys had fun. I had so much fun. If you want me to review more tasty recipes definitely Let me know in the comment section. Also if you like this video Don’t forget to give it a like Only if you liked it if you didn’t like if there’s a lot of different things on my channel so definitely go and check it on this side, I think. If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet all you have to do is scroll down there’s a subscribe button so if you tap it you will also pop up a little bell So if you tap that Bell as well every time I put up a food video You’ll receive a notification and that obviously really helps me out. I think that’s everything for this video I love you, and I will see you tomorrow. Bye bye!

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