I Married a Stranger!

Hey guys, what’s up? My name’s Jamie and I’m 20, but this story
took place last year, when I was 19. You might not believe me at first, but I swear:
it all actually happened. And it happens to people way more often than
you’d think. So sit back, buckle up, and hold on. This is going to be a wild ride. I was 19, in my first year of college and
I was a regular college guy: young, wild, not a care in the world. I may have been a bit of a partier. OK, I was a major partier. But who can blame me? I had a great fake ID and I was on my own
for the first time, states away from my parents and able to do anything I wanted! When Spring Break rolled around, my older
cousin Josh suggested a trip to Vegas and of course I said yes. Josh was 21 and enjoyed the party scene just
as much as I did. So yeah, I was pretty excited for what I’d
be experiencing my first time in Vegas. I packed all the necessities: cool outfits
to wear when we hit the town and my precious fake ID (tucked safely in my wallet). I slept the entire flight because I was still
so hungover from the night before. I have no idea why I agreed to an early flight. Not a good idea. When we landed, we caught a cab straight to
the hotel. We got a great deal on our room and it was
SUPER nice. Hot tub, great view of the Strip, and a carpet
so soft it felt like you could sink into it. My first thought was “I could get used to
this.” How did our first night on the town go? Guess what! Nothing went wrong! We checked out a few casinos, hit up a couple
nightclubs, and then just roamed the streets. Both of us were carefree and just happy to
be alive. I couldn’t get over all the neon lights
glowing everywhere. It felt like Las Vegas itself was alive and
partying with us. Pretty sure we stayed out until 3am, got some
UberEats delivered to our room, and promptly passed out surrounded by food wrappers and
french fries. Not a pretty sight, but I was having the time
of my life. It was just what I needed. Gonna warn you in advance: night two did not
go as well. And by that, I mean everything went TERRIBLY
wrong. At this point, I should point that, yeah,
I have a lot of friends I met in college and I party with them all the time, but I don’t
have a ton of luck with the ladies. I think it’s my party lifestyle. Their loss, though. Doesn’t bother me too much. I hook up with girls at parties all the time,
but they’re never interested in anything serious. Neither are the girls at school. I guess I have a bit of a “reputation,”
whatever that means. So, night two begins and I order my first
Vodka Red Bull at the bar. After that thing, I felt like I had the energy
to straight-up FIGHT a bull. I don’t usually drink much caffeine, so
I was pretty much off the rails after I had a couple more rounds. We ventured to a popular nightclub next, drawn
in by the fake neon palm trees glittering outside. They seemed to advertise a good time. Once we were in line, I saw her: the girl. Dressed kinda different than the other Vegas
nightlife chicks, in an oversized band tee with fishnets and her hair hanging in cool
braids. Something about her made me stare. She seemed so… different than everybody
else. Josh noticed me checking her out. “Go and talk to her!” he urged, like it
was the simplest thing in the world. He was tall and easygoing. He had no problems getting girls. I laughed and shook my head. Maybe when I had some more liquid courage
in me, I’d shoot my shot. Speaking of shots, it was tequila time. Messed up my order a couple times and accidentally
finished the shot with salt instead of lime, but no one saw me do it, so it was cool. After I downed a shot or two, my confidence
was soaring and the caffeine was racing through my veins and I was ready to talk to the girl
I saw outside. I walked up to her and introduced myself. “Hi,” she said in a beautiful, husky voice. “Nice to meet you, Jamie. I’m Elizabeth.” Without saying anything else, she grabbed
my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. I was smitten. She smelled amazing (tropical fruit, maybe?). And she was a good dancer. I’m definitely not. I’m pretty useless on the dance floor, but
she didn’t mind. I caught Josh’s eye across the room and
he gave me a thumbs up. He was talking to a girl, too—of course—so
I gave him one back. A little while later, hard to remember how
long, I bought another round of tequila shots for me and Elizabeth. After that, the rest of the night was kind
of a blur. I think I remember some more dancing and somehow
making it to another nightclub. I lost track of Josh at some point. There was more dancing, more shots, and then
the two of us stumbling through the streets, laughing as we held onto each other for balance. My head was spinning like we were in a tornado
and after that… nothing. No more memories. I blacked out. To my surprise, I woke up the next morning
in the big, plush bed in my hotel room. It would have been a nice way to wake up if
I hadn’t immediately had to run to the bathroom to throw up. I had never been so hungover before, and that’s
really saying something. As my brain started to clear up, I noticed
a few things. First, Elizabeth was still sprawled across
my bed, snoring like an old man. She stayed the night! Score! I had a good feeling about her. That was when I felt something on my hand
and my heart sank. I looked down and my worst fears were confirmed. There was a cheap ring on my left ring finger. Seriously?! I ran over to Elizabeth and saw a matching
band on her finger. Maybe it was a joke? Sure, I had heard you could get married easily
in Vegas, but it couldn’t be THAT easy! My queasiness was starting to go away when
I looked at the nightstand and felt like I was going to throw up all over again. There, clear as day, was a certificate from
a Las Vegas wedding chapel with our names on it. Oh my God. I was 19 and married to a stranger in Vegas. Things went from bad to worse when Elizabeth
woke up and I showed her the certificate and rings. That’s when I found out she had a boyfriend. A fiancé, actually. She’d just taken off her engagement ring
for her night out. Maybe my gut feeling about her had actually
just been indigestion. Plus, she was a lot older than me. 25. That’s not as bad, but I still felt weird. Both of us were trying not to hyperventilating
when Josh walked in. He came in for a high-five when he noticed
the certificate. “Jamie, please tell me that’s a joke,”
he said, his voice full of despair. I shook my head. “I wish it was. What the hell do we do?!” We did some Googling on our phones and found
out this happens kind of a lot. It turns out that drunk people really like
getting spontaneously married, which they hate once they sober up. We found a thread on Reddit where someone
did the same thing. I started reading the top comment. “It says that you can get the marriage cancelled
without an attorney if you say you were mentally incompetent or not able to comprehend what
you were doing at the time. Well, we were both wasted last night and I
definitely didn’t know you were engaged.” I shot Elizabeth a dirty look when I said
that last part. She didn’t even bother to look ashamed. The only reason I hadn’t kicked her out
was that, like it or not, she was my wife now and I needed to divorce her. We found the address of the chapel and went
back. Neither of us remembered ever being there,
but it happened. We couldn’t believe they didn’t breathalyze
us or anything before letting us sign lifelong legal contracts! The lady at the desk directed us to someone
who could start the annulment process. That’s where we found out it could take
TWO DAYS! Maybe even more. So there I was: forced to spend two days in
Las Vegas going through legal proceedings with my wife, who was engaged, who I didn’t
like or want to be around, and my patient cousin, who was understandably mad at me for
ruining our whole trip. Luckily, it had been pretty easy to prove
that we had not been able to consent to marriage at the time. We were clearly drunk. But all the paperwork going back and forth
took forever. When everything was final, we got a call confirming
that the marriage was officially annulled and no longer legally binding. I just wanted to make sure no one ever found
out I was a divorcee at the tender age of 19! After the phone call, I turned to my now ex-wife. “No offense, Elizabeth,” I started to
say, then stopped myself. “Actually, FULL offense, Elizabeth: get
out of my life. And break up with your fiancé. He deserves better than someone who goes behind
his back like this.” She scurried out of the room without even
looking back. I hoped she would tell him or, at least, break
up with him. I also hoped I’d never see her again. I turned to Josh to apologize. “Bro, I’m so sorry about all of this. It was so stupid to do. I need to chill out on drinking for a while. I don’t ever want to be so drunk that I
can’t remember doing something crazy like getting married! I understand if you’re still mad—“
Josh cut me off with a massive bear hug. “Jamie! You’re so goddamn stupid, but I know you
learned your lesson and you’ll never do anything this dumb again.” He was right. I had and I wouldn’t. We ended up going to dinner at this awesome
all-you-can-eat pizza place. I did pass out again that night, but it wasn’t
due to alcohol. I was just so full of garlic bread. We had a few more great days in Vegas and
I knew that Josh had truly forgiven me. Thank God! He’s a great guy. Even after the trip was over and I was home,
I felt weird for a while. I had come to terms with the fact that I had
to cut back on the drinking and partying. It took a while to change my lifestyle and
find new friendships not based around partying. But I did make the change and I’m a lot
happier with myself now. Plus, I’ve dropped five points now that
I’m not downing beer-after-beer every weekend! Josh and I swore we’d never tell anyone
what happened. I still haven’t, over a year later. You’re the first people I’ve ever told. Kinda feels great to get this crazy story
off my chest. On a serious note, please remember to drink
responsibly and safely. I don’t care if you use a fake ID, that’s
your choice (though it IS illegal). Just make sure you’re with people you trust
and you pace yourself as you drink. Thanks for listening. Like I said, I feel a lot better now that
I’ve shared this. If you liked my story or even if you just
found my misery funny, don’t forget to like and subscribe for more real stories
like this.

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  1. nice video keep it up I hope I can make an animation channel in the future i just need equipment I have a question how long does it take for you to make draw and edit your videos

  2. After divorce, you seem to blame the girl. Do not blame the girl. You have to blame alcohol. He caused this mess. Yes, you are right, it is better not to drink alcohol again. It is not worth

  3. I’m just glad to hear he learned his lesson! I’m sure so did Elizabeth. What a story! I’m not a party person but I have friends who are and I worry about them often. I guess I should just be their version of Josh if they ever need help. No I don’t drink or openly flirt with guys and girls, if anyone was thinking that XD I mean I’ll just be there for them. Hey this story teaches us to drink responsibly AND to be good friends to our random friends

  4. I’m sorry but when u read the title I said “No boy you were on married a first sight” But when I watched the whole thing I changed my mind 😏

  5. Dude, why did you tell YouTube!! You think that some strangers are going to feel sympathy for you!! No they aren't, and even if they do, will you get to meet them, no you won't, because they live all the way across the country from you, heck some live across the world from you, which means that you will need a passport, and would have to get through U.S. Border Customs, before even getting on that plane! My advice to you, is, be a knight, and tell your parents, professors, closest friends, if you go to church, your pastor, and your doctor. Get professional help, from a therapy group session,(you know, like the one on the show Mom).

  6. A lot of things happened in Biggest or different other places. It's how effects does in the aftermath from now on I agree with you that you should learn to watch what you drink cuz Anything is Possible. And that's really good. You're cutting down on drinking. Cuz it could happen again

  7. alcohol is to blame and that is both your faults by over drinking, I am grateful that you both are ok, cause my cousin died from alcohol poisoning.

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