I Married Three Horrible Men For Money

Hi, everybody. I’m Sarah. I’m in a very difficult situation right now. I could lose my son because of my actions
and my lifestyle. The worst thing is, that everything I did
was to give him a better life, because I love him more than anything in the world. A few years ago, I met a man, Victor. He was a real gentleman. We dated for a long time and everything was
just fine. Of course, we were young, passionate, and
deeply in love. We needed nothing but each other. And we were very happy right up until we started
living together. All the bad parts appeared gradually. At first, all the household chores fell on
my shoulders, and I was tired all the time. Then the love from my boyfriend began to wane. We began to bicker often, and stopped understanding
each other. It was like we were speaking different languages! Honestly, we were trying to save our relationship. We even went to a psychologist, trying to
understand everything, but it didn`t help. We understood that we needed to unite in the
fight for something, and soon we figured out how to do it. We decided to have a baby. You might think it’s a bad idea to have a
child in a family that was falling apart, but at the time it seemed like a good solution. And it was. While I was pregnant, Victor took care of
me and the household. Despite the fact that he worked hard and I
was pregnant, our relationship became much better. But taking care of the baby turned out to
be much more difficult than we thought. After I gave birth, life became unbearably
hard. I spent all day babysitting our daughter while
Victor was at work. By the end of the day I was exhausted. But in the evening when he came home, he wanted
the house to be in order and a warm dinner to be waiting for him. At night I spent time with the child again,
because he slept poorly, and woke up crying all the time. Victor didn’t help me much, and if he did,
he made it seem like he was doing me a favor. He changed a lot since we met. Perhaps this was his real personality – a
man who sees a woman only as a housewife. At some point, I realized that our relationship
could not be saved. After a year of living like this, I just hated
him, and I wanted to get out of this prison. And I found a solution. I told him I wanted to break up and take care
of the baby myself. In return, Victor would pay me some kind of
alimony. We weren’t officially married, so we were
able to negotiate this hurdle without a trial. I think he agreed to this because he was tired
of my rebellious temper, and he was willing to give me that money to get rid of me. So I moved out and started living separately. Victor`s money was more than enough for the
child and for me. I was able to get rid of the husband I hated
and leave with the child I loved more than anything. I was able to escape from this male trap. And this thought haunted me. Like I was just remembering how my parents
lived. My father was just like Victor. My mother told me that when they met, their
relationship was perfect, and everything changed after they got married. My parents fought all the time. My father wanted my mother to only do household
chores and take care of their child. He believed that since he earned the money,
that everything else should have been taken care of by his wife. In my opinion, this was a bad attitude, and
it oppressed us for many years. When I was old enough to understand this,
I started to hate my father. But my mom never tried to divorce him because
she wanted me to grow up in a full-fledged family. But is life with a dictator-father in a dysfunctional
family better than a broken home? I don`t think so. And as soon as I turned 18, I finally moved
out of my parents’ house. I have to say that after this kind of childhood,
I treated men with caution. It was hard for me to have relationships because
I didn’t trust them. When I met Victor, I thought he was different. But after a while, I became convinced that
men only see women as housewives who are there to serve them. And I came to a strange conclusion. Maybe I should do this all the time? I thought men deserved to be treated like
that. And if I could use them that way, I could
provide for the child and for myself. After all, the main thing for a child is not
a full-fledged family, where the father constantly humiliates his wife, but what they needed
most was love and care. And I was ready to put my heart into raising
my baby. So as soon as I got my life back on track,
I started looking for another man to provide for me and the baby. And soon I found one. He was almost 10 years older than me, his
name was Rick, and most importantly he was very rich. As in the beginning of any relationship, he
was very sweet and courteous, and he was okay with the fact that I already had a baby. But I knew it would be over as soon as we
started living together and I was right. He turned out to be just like my father, and
just like my previous boyfriend. No, actually he was worse. He was very controlling. It was an obsession for him. He asked me to marry him after three months. And I think he did it just to make sure that
I wasn’t going anywhere, and that I would be waiting for him at home while he went on
his endless business trips. At some point, I began to suspect that he
might be cheating on me. Think about it – he had all the resources
for this, plus, he was constantly on business trips. Who knows what he might have been doing. But soon I got literal proof of his infidelity. When he came back from some business meeting,
his jacket smelled like women’s perfume. And it wasn’t my perfume. So I just had to catch him. And I set a trap for him. I said I wanted to go on vacation with the
baby. I knew Rick couldn’t come with us because
of work and that’s just what I needed. But I didn’t go to the resort. I went to a hotel not far from home. I was hoping he’d take the opportunity to
bring his mistress home. A couple of days later, I “unexpectedly” returned. And when I came into the house, I saw what
I had expected to see. Rick had brought home another woman. That’s all I needed. Then there was a quick divorce process. He valued his reputation, so he agreed to
divorce on my terms because I threatened to tell everyone about his infidelity. So I was free again, and I got a lot of money
from Rick. I felt great. I just confirmed my beliefs about men, and
I was able to punish the scoundrel. I lived happily with my child for several
months. Until I met Andrew. I wasn’t looking for a man on purpose this
time. We just bumped into each other at the supermarket,
and he wanted to ask me out. Then I thought, “Ok. You asked for it. I forced the relationship a little, hinted
to him that we should get married, and soon it happened. We started living together. I didn’t want to torture myself, and I wanted
to leave before everything started to fall apart, and Andrew turned into a classic man. But I couldn’t find a reason to leave. Andrew was happy to take care of the child,
and we were equally engaged in household chores. I simply had no reason to be angry or dissatisfied
with him. His ideality just pissed me off. If I just filed for a divorce, I wouldn’t
have gotten anything, so I had to lie. I gave myself a few bruises, took the baby,
and left while he was at work. Then I lied to the police saying that he beat
me. I know he could have gotten in a lot of trouble
for that. But I had to leave. Soon he started calling and texting me all
the time. But I just told him that I would only drop
the charges if he would agree to a divorce on my terms. The divorce process began. But it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it
to. Andrew didn’t leave it just like that. It looks like he hired a detective or something
and found out about my previous relationships. He realized that everything I did was for
the money. So he accused me of fraud and threatened to
take me to court. This came completely out of the blue. Because of this, I could lose everything I
had, and most importantly, I could lose my child. I couldn’t let that happen. I made a mistake, and I wanted to make it
right. I talked to Andrew and told him everything. I dumped Victor and Rick fairly. They were terrible men. And I was sorry that I wanted to do the same
to him. I begged him not to go to court, and I was
willing to give him everything and even more for that. I was incredibly relieved when he agreed. He said I deserved to be punished, but he
would only give in for the sake of my child. I’ll be grateful to Andrew for that for the
rest of my life. After all, he was the only normal man in my
life. I made a huge mistake when I left him because
he loved me and my baby. Maybe I was wrong about all men. Some of them are good guys. Because I was so negative to begin with, I
couldn’t see a good man even if he was standing right in front of me. Thank you for listening to my story. I hope you don’t think I’m evil. Write what you think in the comments, and
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  1. Thank you for listening to this story. We hope you don't think she is evil. Write what you think in the comments, and be sure to share this video with your friends.

  2. You don’t babysit your own child you take care of them with of all your love Shame on that lady

  3. At first I was like, what is she doing wrong. The guys really were bad, untill the last one. Why couldn't she just be happy.

  4. You are a horrible person. Andrew is an amazing guy and you ruined him. He deserves better than a trashy woman like you.

  5. This is so sad… but I think that she passed through a trauma. Even though she did wrong, her trauma took over.

  6. Males this comment is for you…here’s a tip for ya


    A prenup is basically when a female wants a divorce on her terms she won’t get no money from you. She’ll only get the things she’ll put in.

  7. You beat yourself up and accused a good man of doing the deed. You may not be evil, but that was an evil act. If I were you, I would try to get Andrew back. You were really an idiot to leave him because he loved your child and you. If you don’t love him though, you should let him be with somebody who does, so I get it. He is such a good guy that he forgave you for doing something horrifying. You will never find a man like that again. Count your lucky stars he didn’t take you to court for that shite. You should probably get some counseling for your daddy issues.

  8. My Stepfather cheated on my mom I hate him but when he comes around it's hard to stay mad at him I have no real father my uncles are my father's figures

  9. That was stupid if y’all were both equal in house hold chores I wouldn’t have broke up with him
    Like if you agree
    Reply if you dont

  10. Her : we are not officialy married
    Also her: i was able to get rid of my husband 😂😂😂 what is wrong with these stories?

  11. like seriously husband searching money and you just need taking care at home if you not getting ready for that dont married god

  12. Basically the lady dont want to do anything around the house soninstead of growing up and being an adult, feelings is all that matters.

  13. Your not evil for wanting a good life for a child, but it kinda makes you sound like a gold digging feminazi for stealing money from three men.

    Granted 2 of them were assholes, but stealing from the nice guy was awful

  14. At 1:06 I would like to know what is the brazilian flag doing there as the language! Hahahahah! You know that in Brazil people speak Portuguese, right?

  15. She made it seem like what she was doing was innocent- Then she played it off as if it was a mistake- Then when everything is good she backstabs someone that only gave her love and support, She also assumes every man is the same and thinks every man deserves what she does to them all even if they were good, If this isn't pure sexist I'm not sure what is-

    And yeah i mean the bad men deserved it but Andrew was chill-

  16. Men: work hardly all day,give women food,a house and pretty much everything they need while the women are at home all day


  17. "Me and Victor weren't officially married"

    "I was able to get rid of the husband I hated, and leave with the child I love"

    "I could lose my son"

    "I gave birth to my daughter"

    come on guys which one is it!

  18. Ok she finally found a good man and then DUMPED HIM! 😠😠😠 I BELIEVE THAT A WIFE AND HUSBAND SHOULD WORK TOGETHER AND SHE FOUND SOMEONE THAT LOVED HER AND IS WILLING TO DO JUST THAT if you are asking me, your a jerk

  19. "because i love him" the child. Literally 2 minutes later "babysitting our daughter"
    Also literally her father on the dating app

  20. It’s just that she had a trauma from her parents , and attracted all men that looked like her dad . Except she was not used to good man . Sorry for you !

  21. I think this is the most made up story ever. This is so not relatable , if you want relatable watch my video , and you will see. I mean what even is ? The title is so absurd. Period.

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