I never really wanted a bachelor party

you do not see the world as it is but as
we are this is one of my favorite quotes I never really wanted a bachelor party I
had no interest in the drunken late-night extravaganza of debauchery
and chauvinistic flamboyance I’ve never been that person and when my friends
took the reigns and planned something for me honestly I was a bit overwhelmed
a friendship isn’t about the status quo friendship is about something more than
just talk experience or common interest it’s truly about that warm fuzzy what
the fuckery goosebump weirdness that just happens when a part of your depth
or your soul connects with someone else those moments when you’ve exposed just a
bit more of your personality than would be considered casual your guard is down
and they accept you we’re all blessed with opportunities to connect with
people in that new way open up just a little more to embrace someone and
something new if you don’t prepare yourself and your heart for those
moments they could slip away and you’d never know what you missed over the past several years I’ve had the
honour of being introduced and getting to know seven of the eight guys at my
party that’s 87 and a half percent of close friends that I’ve only met in the
past six years these seven are guys I trust and I know and I feel comfortable
being myself around what’s the moral in the story why am I making it an entire
video around it you know what I captured some fun awesome video of some of the
trip and I’m sincerely overwhelmed by the consideration of my friends I don’t think I deserve shit but they
put forth so much effort to be there for me even when I was mentally completely
depleted from work and wedding planning they did the work to bring this together
I was just along for an epic ride so what what now life is fucking fast and
totally unforgiving take stock in the people you surround yourself with and
celebrate regularly that life is that we get the chance to be together and
connect with one another and if you do get that warm fuzzy what the fuckery
goosebump weirdness of true connection go with it embrace the conversation
ahead of you and the person you have the opportunity to connect with they very
well may be one of your future best friends that’s it if you liked this it’s a like
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  1. YO DUDE! This was such a joy to watch! Absolutely loved it! Something different and just so nice to see a visual diary of the build up to your wedding, congratulations sunshine

  2. God, Nick. Big fan here. Right from the caption, to the footage, choice of words and more – I love every video you put out. Hope you have an even more wonderful wedding than this incredible video. My best wishes.

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