Wow! We’ve been on YouTube for 1 year marking today August 24th how time flies! Last year I said to myself that I had to get at least 500 subscribers in order for me to continue and if this was worth it and here I am doubling that Hello everyone and welcome back to Jesse’s World! I’m your host Jesse Ramon and I wanna thank you all so much for your support This has been a long journey Before I started about how I started on YouTube and what made me change into a plushtuber and I wanna give a huge huge special shoutout to Big D Beast gaming This guy met me when I was at 34 subscribers and has supported me since then he’s not only a youtube brother to me but a great friend Check out his channel if you like video games and he lives in the United Kingdom and is a cool English dude I started my first channel last year in July talking about interesting and creepy stories however i got bored of making those videos quickly so I changed to a video game channel named Jesse’s Gaming Yes I’m planning on reviving that channel again but when I go back i’m going to turn it into a personal vlog channel of what I do outside of Jesse’s World The first video I made on this channel was my gameplay of Battlefield 4 but again I was getting bored with being a gaming channel as there wasn’t too much room for me to be creative On September 17th was one of the first appearances of the character “Little Jesse” Speaking about, his birthday is coming up so if any of you out there want to send him a drawing or something special send it over to our PO box address which is in the about section I’m sure he will appreciate that and we’ll show it on our next video Little Jesse brought me my first 100 subscribers last year during Christmas and especially after giving him a plush teddy bear body to walk around in the channel really started jumping After bringing Master Chief on board and changing Little Jesse to a plush monkey is when I decided to stop being a gaming channel and become an official plushtuber With that being said, I wanted to be DIFFERENT from all of the plushtubers out there I didn’t want to show my hands or the cables and wires I use to move the plushies and toys around I created different voices and mixed the characters around as well I’m being creative and that’s what YouTube is all about Just because a popular plushtuber does things a certain way doesn’t mean that everyone has to do it that way NO I create my videos the way I like them with my style and my way Thank you all so much for watching and as I said in my food fight video Your only limited to what your imagination can do…. Peace out!

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