I replaced the bride and married him, even though I knew he was dying|ep6-1

almost She should be here Look, look, the bride is here Something is wrong uncle Why didn’t you play? I failed to pick up Miss Hu What’s going on Hu Zhicun said He can do nothing It’s time to go! If you never get married again Wu Pin might not wake up God Is Wu hired to be doomed? Is it Are you really going to destroy me! God master… Isn’t it just replacing the bride? Lift car Is this OK? Lift car Grandfather Thank you In the future, our business depends on everyone Eat slowly Thank you everyone Big brother It’s nothing drink you come down This child is really disobedient What are you doing Let me see Is it peeing Didn’t you say that you can live after marriage Why are you still like this Young master Do you hurt me I’m a little regretful now You said why did you give me money I have caused so much trouble Why are you so good to me Make me impulsive Marry you Young master Should we discuss Just wake up If you don’t wake up I may be held in your house by your family I don’t want to stay here forever I have to go to my dad Young master Young master He woke up! Is the rice soup cooked All right You blow Don’t get too hot Hurry Doctor, you are here Hurry and see Don’t follow Call a few more people to help

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