What up witches Happy Halloween! Yes, our day is finally here! And I have pretty successfully Hogwarts-afied my house. [Here’s] just a little recap: I ran across /this/ article on BuzzFeed, and knew I was in some trouble Because I instantly started following all the links and buying all of the things. Yeah, I think in total I’ve spent about $500 on this party so far. *cash register sound* So this party better be awesome. Most of our stuff has arrived from the various outlets we ordered things from, so that’s good. And I think the first thing I want to do is make the little Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches. I’m gonna be putting these inside the piñata. All we got to do is draw out a little wing template. This is what we’re trying to get it to look like and, unfortunately, I’m not very good at drawing things, so it took me a couple of times. But that’s okay, I think I got somethin’ [that] I’m pretty happy with, and now we just have to trace and cut out a bunch more of them. This takes a little bit of time, but it’s totally worth it. Alright. To assemble our Golden Snitches: First, we have to take off this little sticker here, and then stick it somewhere safe. And then we use a /tiny/ little bit of hot glue and let it dry a little bit, so it’s not as hot, and stick it right to the top of the chocolate I was a little worried about this melting, but things went alright. Lastly, you just stick the little sticker back on there, and look at this! Freakin’ beautiful! I love when a DIY project is so satisfying. Yeah, and after a little time and dedication, you can have a whole fleet of these little f***ers. *valley girl* So cute! I’m also gonna be putting these gold coins inside. Unfortunately, the only ones I could find had USA money imprints on them, so we’re just gonna have to use our imagination and pretend these are Galleons and Knuts and all those other Wizarding coins. And down the little chute they go! This is pretty cool. I’m actually starting to have some reservations about smashing this thing. I think [that] if I nurtured it, it wouldn’t want to suck the soul out of my mouth. Oh, but it’s so cute, just go ahead and do it. Okay, piñata sorted. Speaking of sorting, let’s make some sorting cupcakes! We’re gonna be using cake mix today because I don’t have time to make all this from scratch, alright? There’s a lot of elements to this party, [and] we need to move it along, so yeah. We’re just makin’ some cake mix, cake batter. And then just very carefully putting it into our cupcake cups, and baking that sh*t for as long as it’s supposed to bake. And, yes! We have cupcakes! Now, we have to let them cool, but that’s totally cool bro because we got these cookie things from Etsy, that BuzzFeed told us to get, and we’re gonna make some Hogwarts House cookies. They look like they were 3D printed, and that’s pretty cool. I don’t really know how to use them actually, they’re kinda hard to figure out. Yeah, this thing maybe?? And then it goes in here like this? But you know what, we should check their website real quick, just to make sure. Oh, and you’re supposed to spray the thing first with some cooking oil.. Got it. Alright, here we go! Let’s make some cookie dough! Hahahaha! Just kidding! Yep, I’m using the store-bought unorganic sh*t right now. If we want cookies at this party, this is how it has to be. Yeah, we’re just gonna roll it out on our sill pad here, and follow all of the instructions to stamp out our cookie. Alright, here’s the magic moment! And, no, god damn it! Why’d it all stick into the thing? F***, I forgot to spray it with the cooking oil! ‘Kay, let’s try that again, this time spraying it with the cooking oil.. And voila! We did it! [This is] much better. Do I really need to make these two other cookies?? Like, f*** those other houses, right? Gryffindor always has all the sh*t, they don’t need a cookie too. Alright, that made me feel bad.. I can hear Hermione in my head saying stuff about inner house unity.. *annoyed huff* Alright, we’ll make the two cookies then, even though it’s a pain-in-the-ass! But they are beautiful aren’t they? [They’re] just gorgeous! These are gonna be the coolest cookies of all time. [We] just got to pop ’em in the oven for a little bit, and let ’em bake. And what the actual f***! It’s like magic happened and everything just disappeared! Maybe after I let them cool we can add some decorations of our own. Yeah, that’s the ticket. [The] last thing on the treat docket is chocolate frogs. Yes, I realize there’s a lot of chocolate at this party, but that’s okay. [It’s good] in case of a Dementor attack. Yeah, this should be the easiest of ’em all because all you gotta do is melt some chocolate in a double boiler here, And then, just put it in this chocolate frog mold [that] I got on the Internet. Yeah, it should be easy, but I got water in the f***in’ chocolate, like an idiot, and that ruins the chocolate! D’:>I was able to get some off the sides that didn’t touch any water, and kind of press it into the chocolate frog mold.. Actually, I’m thinking a butter knife [would work better] maybe? Yes! Here we go. *laughs* And.. this.. is better than I thought it was gonna be. It does look like there’s a few bubbles in there, so I think I’m skipping a step? Oh yeah, you gotta smack it on the counter to release all the air bubbles *sarcastic* Riveting, isn’t it?? Now they just have to sit in the frigerator ’til we’re ready to use ’em. And you know what? I think this is the perfect time to start making our Beer Pong Quidditch Set. [The] first thing I’m doing is taking these all-black cups that I got and spiffying them up a little bit with some House Colors. And the teams that’ll be playing together in our Quidditch match are Slytherin versus Ravenclaw. Yeah, it’ll probably just be me and Rob at this party, and Rob’s a Slytherin and I’m a Ravenclaw, so that’s why I picked those teams. Anyway, I’m just taping around my cups like this, and bringing ’em to life!
{nice Holo tape Corrine 💿👌} Now we just have to make our snitch beer pong ball. I got these orange ping pong balls, and probably just a few too many of them..
{better to have too many than too few, you could use the rest for other things} Yeah. We just have to trace and cut some little wings out of this white craft foam and glue ’em to the ball! [It’s] not that difficult!! And.. super cute! Quidditch Snitch Beer Pong Ball? Check! Alright. Now, all we got to do is make our Quidditch hoops. I’m simply going to do this with some old alcohol bottles, some wooden dowels, and some embroidery hoops. Yep, [I’m] just using a little bit of hot glue to kind of stick it in there so it stays, and then gluein’ around the opening like this to really secure it in place. And yeah, I’m just using some tape to secure the hoop to the top, and then reinforcing it with some more hot glue. I think this looks pretty cool. Yeah, and then we just repeat that for the two other hoops, but making them slightly shorter. Whew! These look good! And we got ourselves some Quidditch hoops. All I gotta do now is spray-paint them gold, and we are in the business. Yeah, this Quidditch Beer Pong game’s gonna be fire! Oh, and by the way, I also ordered the light-up Patronus. That’s gonna go in the corner here to watch over our Quidditch match, [and] protect us from any Dementors. Yeah, even you, baby Dementor! [I’m] watchin’ you. Alright, I think our cupcakes are ready to be frost-ified. As you can see, I’m just very simply using an apple corer to kinda gut out the middle of the cupcake like this And then I’m just squirting a house color into each one. Yeah. And then you just close up the hole again with the little bit of cupcake that you scooped out. Lastly, I just put some vanilla icing into a piping bag, and iced the top of my cupcakes. Holy crap! They’re so cute!! Yeah, and that’s not all. I’mma take these to the next level with these tiny gold stars. You get a gold star and you get a gold star! Everyone gets a gold star! but you may be asking yourself: “What about the little Hogwarts Crest??” [I’m] not gonna do it, [I’m] doin’ a lot of stuff for this party, and some things are just /not gonna happen/. Yeah, kinda like trying to decorate all of these cookies by hand.
{you can use a toothpick to help clean up lines, if you want to try it} Nope, I am NOT good at that. You know what I’m good at? Smearing icing all over the top like this, and putting some fucking gold stars on it. Yeah! You get some gold stars too, b**ches! I think they look pretty good. Now all I got to do is pop my chocolate frogs out of here, and Holy Cute Balls, Batman! These are some good lookin’ frogs. The BuzzFeed article had a link to a tutorial teaching how to make the chocolate frog box, but guess what? Ain’t nobody got time for that either. No f***in’ chocolate frog boxes for you, okay? /Deal with it/. Oh, and see these fancy cocktails [that] they have listed? That’s not happenin’ either. If I want this video to happen before Halloween’s over, I gotta speed it up. So craft beer it is. It’s crafty, it’s local, and it tastes delicious. [You] might want to have some cider for the gluten-free folks though. This is also going to be helpful for our beer pong game, so it’s a win-win situation. The last and final projects that we’re gonna be able to take on for this party is The Platform 9 & 3/4 Entryway, and our Floating Great Hall Candles. Now, you may remember [that] I’ve made some other Great Hall Candles in the past, But I wanted to do /this/ version because that’s what BuzzFeed told me to do. They also look pretty cute and easy, so we’re doin’ it. Yep, I just ordered the little glass balls and the flickering candles. And you just gotta stick ’em right in there and hang ’em up with some clear thread! How hard could that be? Pretty freaking hard apparently. Yeah, I broke one because the candle was too big to fit in it.
{you could put the candles in first and then hang them up} Luckily, we only had that situation happen with two of the glass balls, so we’re still in business here people. And yeah, they look pretty good. Amazingly enough, they actually create a little Aurora Borealis situation on the ceiling because of their flickering motion. I’m really diggin’ it. And it’s lookin’ pretty Great Hall-like in here. Then, I just decorated the rest of the living room to kind of reflect Professor Trelawney’s classroom. We got our little mail station right here, and our Platforms 9 & 3/4 is lookin’ real good there. Oh, you wanna know how we made it? Well it was actually pretty easy for me, because I had Rob do it, since he hasn’t helped with /a goddamn thing/ yet. Since I wanted it inside, we decided to set it up on a C-Stand. /See/ here? /This/ is a C-Stand. Make sure you weigh it down a little bit, so no one trips on it and you have a major catastrophe in your Harry Potter party. Yeah, this would have been really easy if /this/ specific brick sheeting, that the BuzzFeed article linked to, was actually long enough to create an entryway. It’s not, so you have to tape two pieces together to get the desired effect. Don’t do what this person did, it just looks sad. That’s not the way bricks are supposed to go. We also made ours double-sided, so when you come in, it looks like you’re going through the platform. And when you leave, it also looks like you’re going through the platform. Yeah. It’s all about the details, ya know what I’m sayin’? Lastly, we just put up a piece of black fabric to really give it a nice dark effect when you walk into the little holding area. And then you come through the platform, and holy crap! It is freakin’ magical in here! I’m pretty happy with how this all turned out, even though I wasn’t able to get /all/ the projects done that BuzzFeed listed, I’d say this looks pretty good. We got our giant spider and a fog machine. What else do ya really need to have a great party? Not much. We have our beautiful Sorting Hat Station over here, which, by the way, the one the BuzzFeed article linked to was sold out. So I got this beautiful one on Etsy And.. It looks pretty good. It’s much better than that piece of crap that BuzzFeed linked to. Alright. We are ready to Harry Party! And guess what? You get to tune in live and party right along with us. Yep. We’re doin’ a Halloween livestream tonight at 9:31 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. We’re gonna break the piñata, we’re gonna play some Beer Pong, eat some cupcakes, It’s gonna be awesome, and you don’t want to miss it. Until next time, Happy Halloween.
{Happy Holoween!} MUAHAHAHA!
{Captions by Rainbrowz} {Captions by Rainbrowz}

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