I Tried Making Rihanna’s Holiday Recipe • Holiday Dinner Series: Part 1

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  1. I just had to say who else loves Lindsay bob cut 💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽 it makes me want to cut my hair like that

  2. Wow how did you not know about the paprika garnish lol I’ve only made these about 100 times though teehee 😍

    HERE FOR MORE DETAILS = https://youtu.be/yFNol8rv8M0

  4. The fact that this video is only 8 minutes long is kinda a disservice to lindsay. she's such a fun person with so much personality. i think the majority of the as/is audience would watch more than just 8 minutes of her

  5. Cooking advice: What helps me peel the shell off hard boil eggs is putting them in a ice bath with cold water after the eggs are drained from the hot water. A ice bath is a bowl full of cold water and some ice cubes and I let the eggs sit a few minutes in it to cool down. Because peeling off the shell on a hot/warm boiled egg is a pain and always end up peeling longer. Doing the cold bath method actually helps the shell come off way easier from the eggs. Also read all the directions of the recipe so you don't mess up. What you don't understand by certain terms of cooking just Google. Hope this helps. Been cooking since I was 4 and have done multiple family Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners making everything by myself. Also pro tip multitask making all the food and cooking it so it saves on time and doesn't take as long when you need to serve.

  6. To hear you say, "if you can cook a whole dinner for your friends
    , you can do anything"
    Means so much you have no idea
    My Thanksgiving was INSANE to say the least, and I did that! I made sure everyone left with leftovers & full belly's
    Thank you 💖💖
    As a full-time working mom, its hard to feel like I'm adequate in those things. Someone as accomplished as you? To hear you say that really does mean so much. Thank you my dear 💕

  7. So if you dislike mayonnaise, I highly suggest using Japanese mayonnaise instead! It's a much better flavour than the American version. But your eggs came out perfectly boiled, so good job!

  8. im konda dissaponted that it was only eight minutes but love u guys u should have your own show lindsey and jazz

  9. Am I the only one who actually adds a lot of different spices in their deviled eggs (also like to add bacon)?? The color of the filling wasn't that crazy to me. Her's were more of a Cajun-esk style egg but nothing too crazy.

  10. Liz: "Mayonnaise. Not my favourite thing in the world."
    Wait i thought she loves eggs why not mayo?
    Liz: "Because what's in it you know🤔"
    Everyone – 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    We need hundreds more videos with Liz and Jazz pleeeeaaaasseee

  11. One of the one and only life hacks I actually use is that if you put some baking soda in with the water when you're boiling eggs it makes the shells slide off easier.

  12. Put salt or vinegar on your water while your water boils and the shells will come off easier.

    I love Oprah but you're suppose to put sweet and dill relish with a dash of sugar in the mix too

  13. This was such a cute video!! I love Lindsey and jazz together. It wasn’t bad it was on the shorter side but I could’ve watched a 10-12 minute video of them cooking.

  14. “I love eggs soooo much”

    “I hate mayonnaise sooo much. It’s my least favorite thing in the world. What even is it?”


  15. Lindsay: less than one foot away from the mayonnaise
    Also her: eeeEeUw WhY cAn I smELL it frOm OvEr HeREeEe e e e e E eE

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