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  1. Can you make budget friendly recipes for people who live alone? I'm a student and I live by myself in a dorm so only one of these recipes will give me 4 meals. It would be boring to eat the same dish for 4 days straight 😉

  2. I am just bothered by the fact that he used a green cutting board (which is to be used for vegetables) for meat. Technically, he should have used the red one.

  3. This is not hard at all. I stretch $20 into 5+ meals all the damn time. Really just buy whatever Protein is on sale (usually chicken for like under $1 per pound), buy a sack of potatoes and a large bag of frozen vegetables. season everything to taste and bam youre done.
    Show me a 5 meals for under $10 video and then i'll be impressed

  4. my budget meal for the week
    Monday: Hot Pockets
    Tuesday:Hot Pockets
    Wednesday:Chicken Nuggets
    Thursday:Chicken Nuggets
    Friday: Hot Pockets and Chicken Nuggets

  5. Well i just wasted my time watching this who in the hell on a budget makes Curry honestly you don't know what it's like to have a real budget or I got to spend like five bucks to make a meal for 4 that is not budget shopping that's freely Fufu s***

  6. I need tasty to help me grocery shop bc idk how you find this stuff for so cheap. Spinach for $1?! All this stuff at my grocery store would be at least $40!

  7. The best tip is to save and freeze your kitchen scraps everytime you cut up veggies and aromatics and when you have a whole chicken to make a stock, you can just pull out the onion peels and carrot peels and celery ends and such you have saved in the freezer! I do that all the time and it also cuts down dramatically on the amount of waste I create after cooking a meal.

  8. This is the best series you have on this channel. It's just real life.
    How about a meal that will impress my in-laws for under $40 (alcohol will be required obviously).

  9. This video is worse than 5 min crafts. Wow such bull shit. He showed his receipt for the total $18. However that is impossible. He only listed prices for the amount he used. Tell me where to find coconut milk for .98 cents! Screw you tasty. Fucking liars.

  10. i would save a lot of money at home if my husband would just eat chicken. but at the same time im looking at the ingredients and reeeaaallllyyy doubt if i went out and got everything it would be 20$

  11. His beard should be reshaped. It makes his face look rounder and his jowls look saggy bc of the beard shape. He's a handsome guy over all but could look better. (Before you bitch about this comment, if you don't like this comment then leave it alone.)

  12. If you have a Hispanic Nana, you already knowww your Nana got down and made something out of nothing. Sometimes your meal was made out of straight up flour no mas lol. Nanas work miracles 😊😋

  13. I can’t believe that tasty tells us how to make these dishes when I only understand the part we’re the eat but not talking

  14. 1:16 you sure? To me, the murder of a living being seems like quite a huge expense just to satisfy your tastebuds with its dead flesh…

  15. If it’s possible, can you make an episode about how to throw a simple get together or party on a budget please? Thank you! ❤️😘

  16. So I watched this video last night and could not stop thinking about the chicken piccata. I'd never had it so idk why I was immediately obsessed. Point is, I just made it for my family and HOLY SHIT. I'm even more obsessed and it was SO EASY. I didn't have capers or parsley so I'm sure some of the flavors weren't there but it was still so good. There's no leftovers and I am so sad about it. Please do more of these cooking on a budget videos, they help the broke bitches out here like myself.

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