I Tried To Make Zero Trash At My Birthday Party

Joyce’s birthday is coming up this Friday and she had a great idea yeah I was like let’s have a zero-waste party Z Rosie Rosie uh zero Matt drinks yes we do declaration know how a lot of buzzy parties have large traps so I sent the Facebook invites and I told everyone doing it cut because Raziel waist party is this summer for hours we gotta get zero a snack so I’m just gonna get raisins just getting her get other more tasty snacks go quick forget a lot of chips and like a mom trying to convince people so I just bought six different types of snacks for the party for 38 78 I’m coming to my birthday party today the party is zero waste we’re in the hillsides of Los Angeles and we’re going to be foraging for our zero waste party decorations today gathering flowers and we’re gonna compost them after we can compost the flowers why buy decorations that will go to landfill lasts forever when you can have free decorations that are cuter than the plastic ones anyway these are very majestic this is actually way more fun than going to the store it’s very pleasant just gathering the flowers on the hillside grace has no idea what’s going on [Music] I borrowed my friends Cape holder and I go pick up a cake I got a guava cake for choice the cake costs $30 but here’s the thing I feel like somebody in LA would actually get a lot of money for this so I brought snacks only reusable containers that brought strawberries I’m gonna put all my moonshine in this bottle wow that’s a big moonshine but I like it lots of ice this is beautiful fern we have an effort oh okay okay yeah ready to go see the zero we should be rinse we’ve been up to yeah okay let’s go amazing sincerely snacks the vehicle and your roommate brought the branch and she cut it up very beautiful Wow [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] like season [Music] [Applause] [Music] I am home now the party is still raging but I’m gonna have sweet dreams tonight thinking about all those Red Solo cups that we did not send to the landfill we’re gonna look through the party trash party party party trash party trash I think you did pretty well let it be known that this trash is not the trash that we made making our zero waste party and we did our best to ask people to bring their own cup and not to bring trash but you know people are people and they brought some trash so we’re just gonna go through it I am excited about going through trash so we’ll set up the recycling landfill and compost waste sorting she’s sorting things she’s sorting why I sing for pizza boxes you can recycle the top if it’s not food soiled but anything that’s food sold can’t go in the recycling so this would go to landfill what about check bags those are trash because they’re mixed material because they’re plastic on the outside and foil on the inside all the stuff in front of us is compost and recycling the final verdict is that for a party of over 60 people this is all the landfill we made it it’s not perfect but I think we did way better than if we just didn’t try to have people reduce their trash at all yeah having people be conscious about the mess they make even when we are all tipsy and turnt it’s actually cool cuz mostly everyone tried what do you think in terms of time and money I don’t know what you did in terms of time I think it’s the same because I still would have had to source decorations and the cake but I just did it zero waste and in terms of money I spent a certain amount of money that is here and it wasn’t not much it was thank you guys so much for watching please let me know in the comments if you would have a zero-waste party just like this I meant to eat we’re gonna try to go to the club let’s just back it up back it up zero waste back it up hey are you bringing up hey break it up [Music]

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  1. Sad part is bulk bins cost wayyyyyy more than buying prepackaged stuff! On the other hand I did just buy reusable produce bags

  2. I love this series so much. It makes zero waste seem cool which is exactly what we need for the younger generations to get involved!

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