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– Hey YouTube world, it’s me, Evelyn. If you are trying to eat more wholesome, nutritious foods this year, then Whole30 has
undoubtedly come up in your internet research.
(ethereal music) And I thought to myself, I
said, “Self, you probably “have some Internet cousins
who would very much appreciate “a Whole30 edition of #SmackYoLip.” The series where I taste and/or prepare beverages and/or food stuffs
and share my thoughts on them. So that’s what we finna do in this video. Breakfast, lunch, dinner,
snacky snack, and a drink. So the idea behind Whole30
is that for 30 days you eliminate sugar,
alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy from your
diet because the creators of Whole30 believe that
those categories of food cause the most inflammation,
the most allergies, and the most stress
internally in your body. Then after the 30 days, you
strategically reintroduce those foods back into
your diet and monitor how your body responds. The goal is to finally be
able to pinpoint what foods make you feel crappy. You might realize that soy
makes you feel a type of way, so now you know to stop eating tofu. If you find out that dairy is
what’s causing your pimples, then now you know to cut out cheese. And I’m sorry for you. During Whole30 you are not
supposed to weigh yourself and you are not supposed
to count calories. According to the creators of Whole30, this program is not a
weight loss solution. It’s simply a tool to help
you better understand food and its impact on your body. “Well God dang, what can you eat then?” I said to myself as I
was Googling. (laughs) You can eat meat, seafood,
which I always thought was meat but whatever, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruit. So I bought my father the Whole30 cookbook I think two Christmases ago. So I took it, and this is where I will be pulling my recipes from. But to be clear, this
is not a cooking video. I will try my best to
link recipes in the video description box, so that’s
where you will find that. So are you ready? Before we begin though, disclaimer. (soft jazzy music) Alright, let’s start off with a beverage, just because I’m gonna
need something to wash everything down with,
you know what I’m saying? You can’t be eatin’ with a dry throat. So let’s try the cucumber
pineapple sparklers. (chill jazzy music) Okay we have it here. Ooh, I match. Okay. I got a reusable straw.
(tapping) So not only we Whole30,
we eco friendly, okay? No straws in turtle’s noses. (smacks lips) Mmm. Let me tell y’all somethin’. This hit. The unsweetened pineapple juice. Who needs sweetened pineapple juice? To be honest. Pineapples are already sweet enough. The lime juice is giving
me more, you know, more of the citrus. And then I actually used La Croix key lime flavor
as the sparkling water and that really added some
depth to the beverage. The cucumber makes it, like, fresh, you know what I’m saying? So it’s sweet, tart, fresh. ASMR. (gulping) (laughs) Oh, let me know in the comments below if you lived in a house where you couldn’t drink anything until you
were finished with your food. If your mom was like, “No
juice until you finish.” If you wanna know my opinions
on La Croix in general, I have a video where I tried
all the original flavors. Click in the atmosphere for that. I give this a 10 out of 10. This is delightful. (smacks lips) (smacks lips) So breakfast, um, I’m a cereal girl, you know what I’m saying? Toast. I love a good toast. So the concept of not
having grains for breakfast, that pretty much goes against
like all humans, like, everybody got a porridge of some sort. Also, if you don’t eat eggs,
I found that there are just not that many options
worth your while, but, I did decide on something,
so for breakfast we are going to be having, ah,
we are going to be having the Tex Mex chicken frittata muffins. I chose this recipe because
it can use leftover chicken that you have, leftover
vegetables, and because they’re cooked in a muffin tin, they
make for a portable breakfast. (chill jazzy music) Alright. Here we go. Okay. Mm. Mm. Spongy. Definitely spongy. The flavor is there. I’m getting the egg. Chicken, I’m getting a
little bit of the salsa that was incorporated into it. The spinach. Oh, you can’t, girl, my bad. Mhm. No, this good. The thing is, it needs cheese. It would be fire with some
shredded cheese on it, but, we can’t do that. I like how you can
incorporate veggies into this. You could really add anything. Like, this is just Tex Mex
because we added salsa. You can make them taste
however you want to taste. Ooh. Is this a mukbang? Let me find out, I am
doing my first mukbang. So the thing about Whole30
is that sugar, you know, added sugars are not allowed. Condiments? All have sugar. I mean besides maybe mustard,
but ketchup has sugar, I mean salsa has sugar. I’m lucky that I found my
regular grocery brand salsa, the cheapest one, didn’t have added sugar. So be careful when it
comes to buying your sauces and your condiments and
this cookbook actually has recipes for sauces. I feel like if you eat two
of these for breakfast, you gonna be good to go. 10 out of 10. I would no be mad if
that was my breakfast. Mm. Usually for lunch you’re
at school, you’re at work, you’re out and about,
you know what I’m saying? You don’t want to eat anything heavy. Anything that will put
you to sleep, alright? So we’re gonna go with a nice salad. I think that’s what
we’re, I, I think that’s what we’re gonna go with. So for lunch, this
looks pretty good to me, as far as a salad goes, right? This is the chicken
cutlets with bitter greens, caramelized pears, and shallots. So I’ma just pan fry some thin, skinless, boneless chicken breasts,
and you know, you just put it on a bed of greens.
(chill jazzy music) So here we have it. Okay, we have the bed of greens. Um, it said something about escarole. I don’t what that is, so
I just got some greens. I got a bag of greens, a
spring mix, if you will. Put it on there. The pears, those are the roasted pears, so shout out to pears. Um, and then the pan fried chicken, super thin chicken breasts. Now the breading on this,
remember you can’t use grains, so it’s not regular flour. The breading has all the
seasonings and it uses coconut flour and almond flour, which, not gonna lie, is expensive. Coconut flour and almond
flour is expensive, so share, you know, if you have a friend
who is also doing Whole30, go ahead share ingredients,
because eight bucks, hey. That is so good. Woo! Let me find out I’m Whole30. Mm. Now, I’m not gonna lie,
I make my own dressings pretty frequently. Now this dressing would be flaming fire with a little bit of honey in it. A little bit, like a little, like a touch. But, it just goes to
show you that you don’t really need it in order
to have a very delicious, very tasty, satisfying dressing. Shoot. I’m about to clean my plate. Now I will say this drink is
probably like a treat drink. You don’t wanna be guzzling pineap–. Well, maybe you do. Time for a snack. So for snack time, I
decided to make the smokey barbecue spiced kale chips. So the spice blend that
makes the barbecue flavor is salt, pepper, um, garlic
powder, onion powder, paprika, and chili powder.
(chill jazzy music) So let’s give these a taste. They sound like they’re gonna be chips. (crunching) Sorry. (smacks lips)
Okay. That one had a little
extra seasoning on it. They got some crunch to ’em. Not mad at that at all. It’s still kale, though,
you know what I’m sayin’? I can’t decide if I like them or not. It’s really like you’re eating
barbecue spiced kale dust. I mean I’m still eating
them, as you can tell, so, they do taste good. The paprika, that’s
giving you that smokiness, the chili’s giving you
that little bit of spice. (crunching) It’s like I’m trying to
decide if they’re better than potato chips and the answer is no, ’cause they’re not potatoes. But if you just want a new way to eat a bunch of greens, I feel like this recipe will get the job done. It’s a little salty though. Mm. I give these, I mean as far as like spice and the flavor that they, um, chose, like the barbecue flavor,
I give that a 10 out of 10, that’s a great flavor, spice combo. As far as the concept of kale chips, I’m gonna try it again. I’m gonna give it a six out of 10. And I don’t know how long kale chips keep. I really recommend making a batch knowing you’re going to eat them ASAP. All right, so we’ve eaten
breakfast, lunch, a snack, drank some drank and
finally, we have dinner. I already bought chicken,
right, for lunch, so let’s keep that same energy and have a chicken dish for dinner. I decided to make the tomato
coconut curry with chicken. (chill jazzy music) So here is the tomato
chicken curry masala-esque, tikka masala-esque dish. I say esque out of respect
to my South East Asian internet cousins because
this not what your mama, um, this not what your mama makes, but, the flavor palate is there, you feel me? Did you see it? Alright. Oh. The spice? Okay. Oh, let me get the chicken,
I forgot about that. I definitely taste the coconut. I used, you know, coconut milk in the can. This is that tikka masala creamy texture where you usually use heavy
cream, which you can’t use, ’cause that’s dairy so coconut milk it is. This tastes good. It’s spicy, it has that,
like, zingyness from the fresh ginger that’s in there. The thing about these
pot meals is that you can customize them to be what you like. If you like super super
mild, you can make it mild. If you like flaming hot spice, you can make it flaming hot spice. This has jalapeno in it, and
it’s really carrying through even though I took all the seeds out. I have tried over the
past maybe two years to really understand cauliflower rice. It is not rice. And if you are on these
food programs that call for cauliflower rice,
you’re gonna do yourself a disservice if you compare it to rice ’cause it just don’t stand
up to the magic of rice. But, it’s good. And because it’s not rice,
you’re not gonna feel that, uh, you’re not gonna feel the itis afterwards, because you literally just ate vegetables with curry on top, you
know what I’m saying? You didn’t eat that grain. There’s no pasta, no rice, nothing to make you feel
like, “Oh my god, oh my god.” Even with the confusing
texture of cauliflower rice, I would give this a nine out of 10. The only thing that would
make it a 10 out of 10 is if I had some good old basmati rice. Good old jasmine rice. Like God intended. So if you’re wondering,
“Hey, there was no dessert.” That’s because dessert isn’t
really allowed on Whole30. Now you can probably make,
and you can definitely find recipes online that are desserts made with Whole30 compliant foods,
but I think just the concept of wanting a sugary item goes
against Whole30, I think. I don’t know how they explained it, but, this gonna be as much
dessert as you’ll have on this program, ‘kay? So that’s it, that is my Whole30 edition of #SmackYoLip, the series
where I taste and/or prepare beverages and/or food stuffs
and share my thoughts on them. Honestly, these dishes were very flavorful and relatively easy to prepare. So yeah, that’s it. Um, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I’m full, you know what I’m saying? In the comments below,
let me know which one of these recipes you’d try
to prepare for yourself, and if you are currently on Whole30, feel free to use the
comments section to complain, you know what I’m saying, or
sing the program’s praises. We’re here for you. So good luck with all
your health goals, boo, and I will see you on
the internet somewhere. Bye. (crinkling)

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