I want to end this terrible marriage. [Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.09.03]

“A Terrible Marriage.” Hello. I got married less than a year ago. I met a tall, handsome man and got a beautiful son. Am I happy? Not at all. I want to end this terrible marriage. When we were dating, my husband said, “I want to marry you so badly.” Marriage, marriage, marriage. He always said he wanted to marry me. “Honey. To be honest… I’m pregnant.” “Really? Oh no. Why don’t we not have this baby?” (Everyone is in shock) Once I got pregnant, he changed completely. In the end, we got married and had a son, but… “Honey, how do I look? I put makeup on.” “Geez. What’s the point? Even then, you’re just an old married woman.” “Honey, why don’t we go on a date?” “Forget it. Why bother?” I don’t know when I last held hands with my husband. “Why did you marry me? Let’s get divorced!” “Oh, come on. Fine. I’m sorry. Are you happy now?” Must I tolerate being treated this way and stayed married to him? Please hear me out on Hello Counselor. The concern itself is serious. But it sounds more serious because of his voice. (Dark force) I can understand this concern because I think we were immature when we were newlyweds. Now that I think back on our lives… Didn’t you fight more back then? Yes. We were two immature people back then. When you told him that you were pregnant, what did Choi Minsoo say? Your first baby. “Honey, I’m pregnant.” He bragged about himself. (I’m awesome) Why would he brag about himself? I get it. Why would he brag about himself? I get it. What is it? Tell me. I was amazed by his reaction, too. When I told him that I was pregnant, he said, “See? I told you.” “I told you we could get pregnant.” Like that? That’s peculiar. What about you, Star? I wasn’t ready to be a mom at the time. We got pregnant right away, so I cried. Haha was very upset by that. Some couples want to enjoy the honeymoon period. As for me, I told my wife first. “You’re pregnant.” (In a daze…) (You are really something, Shin Dongyeob) I’m sorry. What did your wife say? “I’m pregnant?” (Just know that you’re pregnant) Please come on out. (Who’s unhappy because of her changed husband?) (Kim Suyun) As I introduced your story, everybody became quiet. Your husband changed after you got pregnant? Yes, before we started dating, he always said he wanted to marry me. Before dating or before you got married? Before you got married. He came over to my house and said he wanted to marry me. He actively pursued you. Then when I told him that I was pregnant, he said, “This is wrong. Let’s get rid of it.” What? He said, “I’ll tell the parents later. Let’s have a baby after we get married.” I didn’t agree with him. I said, “If we’re going to get married anyway, what’s wrong with having a baby first?” He just said he wasn’t ready. We argued a lot because of this. I cried so much that I got dehydrated and ended up in the ER. In the end, we got our parents’ permission, got married in February and had our son in June. How long did you date before you got married? We met last summer, got pregnant within 3 months and got married within a year. If you weren’t ready, he should’ve been prepared for that. Kim Jongmin doesn’t know anything. You should know before you get married. He asked, “Can you have a baby in 3 months?” What are you talking about? 4 months? Give birth in 4 months? 10 months. I know that. (What are we going to do with him?) Where is your son today? I’ve been living with my parents since May. My mom is looking after the baby right now. My husband comes to see the baby after work, but he doesn’t talk to me. He just leaves after seeing the baby. When I was in the postpartum care center, I was in pain. Of course. My pelvic bones were dislocated, so I couldn’t move. I asked him to get some things for me and he said he was too tired after work and told me to get them myself. He got angry at me. – In the postpartum care center? / – Yes. He’d lie down and just watch World Cup games. Soccer is causing too many problems today. Oh gee. I’m glad you’re here today. Immature couples these days go straight to the court when they have conflicts. Please stop by here first. Right. Stop by before you go to court. Stop by. Let’s talk to the husband now. Hello. Hello. He seems nice. Is everything your wife said true? Some is true, but not everything. At that time, I quit my job and I was getting allowance from my dad after helping out with his work. I wasn’t financially ready, so I was flustered when she got pregnant. – It’s scary. / – Sure. I was really scared. You never thought she’d get pregnant? If you were planning to marry her… You should’ve been prepared. It’s not just her fault that she got pregnant. You should’ve used birth control. You could’ve used a condom or talked to her about using birth control until you got married. Did you not talk to her about it? We went on a trip to Jeonju then. You’re going into details now. And? I asked her. “This is our first trip. Are you… You know? You asked her if it was safe? She said it was okay. (What are you doing?) (Looking far into the distance) I understand that it would be frightening for the husband. I understand how you felt at the time, but could you tell me what you said to her then? Right. How he said what is important. Did you really tell her to get an abortion? Did he ask you to get an abortion? At the time… Do you feel bad? (He’s unable to speak) “I don’t think we should have a baby right now. Can you get an abortion?” That’s what I told her. That’s what he said to you? I was scared, but amazed at the same time. I intended to keep the baby, so I told my friends. They were happy for me because they would become aunts. When I told my husband, he just got serious and didn’t say anything. He said, “This isn’t right,” so I asked him, “That’s all you can say to me?” He said, “Let’s get an abortion and get pregnant later after we get married.” (How could you say that?) I understand that you reacted that way at first, but after you made a promise to keep it, couldn’t you have treated your wife better? At the time, I started a new job, so I was really tired. She gave birth around the World Cup season. I got her drinks and asked her if she ate. I also asked if she wanted to eat anything. I did the best I could. What upset me the most was that I wanted to make our baby’s clothes and I asked for $50. He said, “He’s not even born yet. Why make it? Go buy it with your own money.” Even after the baby was born, I needed money to buy baby supplies. Whenever I asked for money, he told me that he was broke, so I should spend my own money. He always told me that he was broke, but I always see him assembling his computer. He always buys new computer parts and electronic cigarettes. My wife always wants new things. My sister gave her a used baby bottle sterilizer. But at the postpartum center, I guess she saw a new model. She asked me to buy her a new one. At the time, I couldn’t afford it. It was reckless spending. That’s why I told her she didn’t need it. What about the parts? Electronic cigarettes? From what I’m hearing, it’s not about that baby bottle sterilizer. Have you spent money for your wife or baby? One time, I was looking through his phone. (What?) (What did we just hear?) I shouldn’t have looked through his phone, but he had spent a lot of money for his ex-girlfriend. He even paid $1,200 for her pilates class and bought her other things. You should’ve deleted those messages. He never tells me anything nice. He never tells me I did a good job. After I gave birth, my friend came and gave me flowers and a cake and said, “Good job.” (She got emotional) Let’s talk to other people first. I understand how she feels. We went on a trip together. Usually a married couple takes each other’s side. But when she makes a mistake, he looks upset. For example, when we go to cafes or restaurants, it’s normal for them to set napkins or share food with each other. They should be considerate of each other. But he doesn’t do that. My friend is not good at thanking other people. But he will bluntly express when he’s angry or dislikes something. What is that? – He shows it when he’s upset. / – He’s a child. (It’s frustrating) But it’s also true that she doesn’t trust him enough. My friend can never put down his phone. When he’s with us, she keeps calling him, texting him, and asking him to take pictures. Like I told you earlier, my friend can’t hide his emotions. We can tell that he’s upset. So things get awkward and sometimes, we all end up going home. We just say, “Let’s go home.” How do you feel about what his friend said? Yes, it’s true that I don’t trust him much. Are you afraid that he is with another woman? No. But he did hurt me in the beginning and I can’t reach him when he’s with his friends. He never calls or texts me. (They’ve lost trust in each other) I opposed this marriage from the start. Their personalities clashed and they don’t have the same hobbies, so they argued a lot. He doesn’t seem to be affectionate with her, so she’s lost her self-esteem. After my friend gave birth, she ended up in the ER from a high fever. I saw her husband there. It looked like he was aggravated by being there instead of being worried about her. – You were able to see that? / – Yes. But I also think it must be tough for him, too. Why do you think that? Let’s say my friend is texting someone. Her husband asks, “Who are you texting?” Instead of saying, “I’m texting my friend,” she says, “Why? Are you doubting me? Are you?” She gets mad at him for nothing. I do tend to speak harshly to him. I wanted him to understand me at once, but I have to say it over and over again. She storms out every time we fight. She sleeps in a motel. One time, it was when she was pregnant. I was worried about her, so I kept texting her to ask where she was. She ignored my texts. Then she replied, “I’m somewhere. I’ll stay here for the night.” She’s like that. I was so stressed out and depressed. That’s why I left. To be honest, I wanted him to come looking for me. But instead, he went out to drink with his friends and I couldn’t reach him. I’ll explain that. I was stressed because I couldn’t reach her. I had to relieve my stress, too. There’s a battery in electronic cigarettes. That battery was delivered with a dent. I was about to smoke it in my car and she stopped me because it could explode. She said, “We have a baby. It’s too dangerous.” So I told her, “It’s all right. It won’t explode.” So I was driving the car and cars were driving by us. She was about to jump out of the car. I was afraid the battery could explode. So I told him that I was too scared to be with him, so I would take a cab instead. He pushed me to stop me from getting off. So he threatened me. “I’ll crash into that car. I’ll kill you.” He said that he’ll kill you? That’s what he said. You both have terrible tempers. You are both hot-tempered. The baby is less than 100 days old and you are talking about getting a divorce. Are you upset about that? When she first talked about getting a divorce, I was upset. She always says she wants a divorce whenever we argue. – Your wife? / – Yes. I know that’s my fault. But that’s how hard it was for me. He should’ve been good to me when I was pregnant. But when I said I was hungry, he said he wasn’t. He’d tell me, “Stop stuffing your face with food.” Whenever he said that, did you say, “You’re not hungry. Let’s get divorced!”? No. Everything has piled up. – Everything piled up? / – Yes. I thought of divorcing him because he’s always mean to me. I was in the postpartum care center, in pain, and he was going through my Instagram out of boredom. He saw my old pictures. I was wearing a skimpy dress on a vacation. When he saw that, he made a mean comment. (What did he say?) “You look like a whore.” Oh my goodness. (You look like a whore) That really hurt my feelings. He shouldn’t have said that. You weren’t joking? (I was really heartbroken then) If he said, “You shouldn’t wear such skimpy clothes,” – then I would’ve understood. / – Sure. That’s not the issue. Why did you go through his phone and why did you go through her past Instagram posts? Was it for revenge? I guess that was part of the reason. But she was the one who showed me pictures she took with her ex-boyfriend. “Why didn’t you delete yours?” I was perplexed. What are you two doing here? I’ve said this before. A marriage must be done between two adults or two kids. If an adult and a kid get married, the marriage won’t last. Fortunately, two kids got married in this case. (What a nice conclusion) One side is not worse off than the other. But now you two are married. But up until you did get married, it was tough and he belittled you, so you have a grudge against him? Yes, and it’s making me depressed and stressed. I know you feel bad about the way you behaved. Maybe you should apologize to her at least once for that. I didn’t make those mean comments to you because I hate you. I think I made a mistake because I really loved you very much. I will try my best from now on. I’m sorry. To be honest, whenever I get mad at him, he always gives a half-hearted apology. But I want him to understand what he did wrong. He’s just apologizing to make it go away. I think your wife thinks that you don’t love her anymore after she got pregnant. How do you feel about her? – I still love her very much. / – Really? Then it’s over. – That’s enough. / – I agree. This is what I think. From the moment you told him about the baby, if he really didn’t love you, he would not have married you. Seeing how he has been trying hard to change, there is hope. Your friends were excited to hear the news that they were becoming aunts. They were excited. But then you told your boyfriend. He’s the one who is responsible for the baby. Your friends are not responsible for your baby. Your friends don’t feel any pressure. Right. I also want to say this. You want him to understand what you’re trying to say at once? That’s impossible. It took me 25 years. “Oh, this is why I shouldn’t have gotten married. People should not live together.” I realized that. Marriage is the hardest thing. That’s such realistic advice. I want to tell you this. If your husband doesn’t meet your expectations, you’ll always be angry. You must lower your expectations. If he doesn’t reach your expectations, whatever effort he gave will look pointless. So you’ll be angry and he’ll find it unfair. Haha met a great wife. I’m sure many things upset you, but there were some good things about her, too, right? When we took pictures with our baby, I felt, “This is what a real family is about.” I feel happy about that. I dare to say… He’s getting emotional, too. If you’re going to cry… You can’t force tears, you know. (Feeling bad) It breaks my heart. Please say a word to your husband. I’m sorry for being too harsh to you. I want you to listen to me when I talk to you. Please love our baby and me. Is it a concern or not? (He pressed it?) It’s not? Oh, it’s a concern. (Jongmin’s opinion: It’s a concern!) You’re good at miming. This is one of the reasons why I’m not married yet. When two people fight and compete, and I feel like I won, someone else is hurt. This is love and you must go together. It’s not a competition or a fight. There’s hope, so it’s not a concern. I want you both to spend that energy on the baby and not on each other. Then you’ll make a beautiful family. I think you both need to make firm, detailed promises. You can resolve this, so it’s not a concern. If you think it’s a concern for her, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. Please say a word to your wife. We have a long life ahead of us. Let’s live a happy life with our son and not fight. Please show us the result. The first concern got 158 votes. Did they get over 100 votes? (How many could relate to this concern?) 88 votes. (They got 88 votes) “A Life-risking Concern” won this week.

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  1. A lot of women come on the show about husbands who don't care or contribute and all I can think is "if you're already raising your kid(s) and making ends meet on your own, the man is just dead weight, if not making things harder on you." I know there's a stigma to divorce and single motherhood that's hard to deal with but sometimes you need to free yourself.

    In this case tho I don't particularly think there's no hope. I'm not super rooting for them either but if they both commit they might be okay.

  2. 😅 I'm sorry, I tried to understand their stories but the wife's eye makeup really bother me.. she have beautiful eyes but the eye makeup doesn't enhance the beauty…

  3. lol i love none of the judges actually look mad tho

    also you could see the wife enjoying it when the husband got scolded
    the husband sucks but i almost felt bad for him because she’s stupid and rude and bitchy
    he was right when he called her a whore

  4. Only reason they got married is cause she got pregnant.
    They would have broken up had they been safe and used BC.
    There is no love

  5. 만나서 3개월만에 임신이라. 저 남자애는 그냥 어린앤데. 계획은 없이 그저 밤일만 하고 싶었는데 그 대상이 덜컥 임신을 하니까 싫었겠지. 안타깝지만 유유상종이야. 부부는 이 세상 사는 데 유일한 한 팀인데 서로가 서로를 괴롭히면 어떡하냐…저 어린애들을 어쩔꼬. 빨리 성장해서 행복해졌으면 좋겠다.

  6. How is this not a concern? Like I don't care if she is nagging at him, the things he said and did are way more hurtful and dangerous. He obviously has an anger problem, I will kill you? Like seriously, not even in my darkest times with my ex would I have said this or will allow anyone ever to say something like that to me without consequences. And he already got THAT angry at things that are like nothing, imagine them having real problems. And the you should trust him and not look at his phone shit? Sorry but for most woman that do this, it's not a thing from the beginning, they do it because there is already suspicion from his behaviour and from all the cases I know of, to 90% it's exactly where these women found evidence of cheating or him doing other wrongdoings. Like why would you give your ex so much money but not buy stuff for your baby? This doesn't add up. HE already talked about marriage after just 3 month? That's not romantic at all, it's usually people that rather want to posses you than love you, sociopaths and narcicist do that. Everyone sane would like to get to know their partner better first. My recommendation is always, don't even think about marriage before the honeymoon phase is over, which can last up to 2 years. But only after things are not pink anymore you will see the real person and decide if you both work together well and still want that relationship.

  7. I feel pity with their kid..they do what they like, keep asking for divorce, both of them are hot temper but the victim is the kid.. immature parents..

  8. Two people that never should have gotten married. I cannot imagine either of them will ever be the least bit happy together.

  9. I think something that you have to consider is culturally their view of marriage is something similar to the way we used to view marriage in the US. I’m not saying that by any means that was a good or bad position, but it meant that both difficult and positive marriages lasted.

    Currently we’re really quick to divorce or breakup, but the people that need to divorce or breakup don’t, ie. the people that are abused emotionally or physically.

    I’m on my first serious serious long term relationship and I’m currently engaged. It is really REALLY hard living with someone, working with them, and being constantly emotionally available. I have so many expectations for my partner and it sometimes makes our relationship difficult. He also has expectations for me that make me feel sad.

    If I had a family with someone, and I was in her shoes, I believe I would also want a divorce. But I also think I would try and exhaust all methods available to try and make my marriage work. So that I could feel like I had no regrets in the case of the relationship completely ending.

    Being a super young person engaged, I can only imagine what it’s like being marriage with a kid at a young age… that shit is no joke.

    I do think there are cases when you should leave you husband or wife and I’ve witnessed them a lot in my life, but I think that in a way the panel is right.. they’re really immature and they need to learn to communicate better. Love takes so much work, people just think oh it just falls into your lap and you’re in love for ever and ever and that’s not what happens at all. People need to stop living in a fantasy world and having all these expectations. Relationships will never work without compromise and flex.

  10. imma be honest everyone siding with her kinda annoys me. like think of it from his perspective you are having a kid with someone you’ve only dated for 3 months and basically was forced to get married before the baby was born. in asian culture u should be married before having a kid. they are both childish when y’all think about it. it’s not only her fault or only his fault they both have faults in this problem. they weren’t ready for that child and marriage.

  11. Why is this such a common thing with couples?? Is it because they get too comfortable with each other too soon and get married before they're truly ready? Do they crumble under the constant pressure to get married?? You shouldn't get married and start a family just because "that's what people do". If you're not mentally, emotionally or financially ready (or you're just irresponsible and reckless), stay single! Waiting until you're ready is better than the heartache and headaches you'll suffer because you settled down too soon with someone you barely know.

  12. This is why sex was only designed by God for marriage not before marriage….God knows the best cz he is our creator…my advice follow what the bible says and all marriage will last forever 💖💖💖

  13. it’s quite sad that they’re people laughing at them, it’s a real problem that they’re facing and i don’t think they are helping each other much. if the relationship is too toxic, the last resort is divorce. don’t victimise yourself and remember to stand up for yourself! i don’t think the problem has been sorted out well.

  14. To be honest, both have flaws. I find the guy stupid for leaving all the responsibilities as if he didn't care about his wife and his child. Being a husband comes with responsibilities and love, what more could be of being a father? Not only you'll ruin the marriage, but also the dream of the child with a complete and happy family. As for the girl, she irritates me. No offense, but she could have used the right words to talk to her husband so he would understand, not the other way around which is to think that his wife is colliding with him. The blame is not on the guy alone, it's hers too. Plus, don't they even think of talking in private with concern to each other and especially the baby? It irritates the hell out of me that the baby has to grow up with a broken family and has the problem of two parents arguing nonstop. You're not only ruining your lives, but also the baby's. At least think about that 😒

  15. at first I was shocked that he asked her to get an abortion, but honestly, it was their best option. She should've just left him, they don't match at all. I'm really sorry for their kid to be in the middle of this.

  16. Wth did I just watch?! The guy even threatened to crash his car when she wanted out of it and these people are encouraging them to stay together? Good grief.

  17. I can’t if it’s a difference in culture, but I feel like Koreans are more willing to put up with social unhappiness and it lead to a lot of their social problems and high suicide rates. It seems like enduring husbands, work, and parents is more important than personal happiness most of the time.

  18. If they really want their marriage work, I think that it'll be best if they change for each other and for the baby. They both made mistakes they should apologize to each other and learn from it. Marriage is not only love.

  19. I think it is good to be talking about their marriage problems but certainly not within this forum. It should be private without sharing it with the world.
    The man seems incredibly selfish and immature. He will only care for his son when it is too late, perhaps when he becomes ill in later life and hopes the son will be around to care for him. That's the mistake of many men, they neglect their kids and wonder why there's no one around to look after them in old age. If you neglect your children when they are young do not expect them to be around for you let alone care for your well being in later life. How cruel to suggest that his wife have an abortion. He wanted sex during the early stages of their relationship, without protection and failed to think of the consequences then and simply abdicated his responsibility.
    He doesn't appear remorseful and if he can spend more money on his girlfriend then his own family then he needs to grow up. He is likely to do the same thing to another woman if he is not ready for taking on the responsibility of a baby and should either take precautions or keep his trousers on.
    I hope they can sort out their problems and that he realises he needs to offer her more support and certainly needs to grow up.

  20. This is why you don’t marry just because you had a baby!! Hopefully they divorce cuz this is a mess! Not even worth saving! It sad that their baby might grow up in their toxicity!!! I am not a big fan of Divorce but this couple owe each other a DIVORCE!


  22. They knew each other for three months before they talked of marriage and got pregnant??? Nahhhhhh that’s a bunch of red flags.. they don’t even know each other and they’re playing games with each other. This is like a high school drama. They definitely need a divorce.

  23. I'm more mad at that woman than the man.If she wasn't financially independent and wasn't even sure about this relationship why bring a child in this world and torture him with so many mental issues since childhood… I wish her son doesn't suffers much with mental issues…

  24. They are way too young and immature. I think he just wanted to fool around and didn't really intend marriage. I wonder how they are doing now, a year later?….

  25. You know I watched this segment start to finish, from the start I thought… damn the husband is a bit of a dick etc, but as it went on I had suspicions growing towards the wife, even when he was trying to be sincere she wasn't looking at him always looking away at points like she didn't care. The fact she told her friends first before him also raised my suspicions, its extremely rare for a woman to tell their friends and other family first, unless there is circumstances to prevent telling the husband/partner first. So with that in the back of my mind and her excuses about things later on about her actions and her focus was constantly money in reasons for a divorce, I think the child's father is someone else; perhaps her ex, and she is just wanting to leave the marriage with possible some financial backing from him for the future of the child and then she goes lives with the ex after a while.

    Even her female friend in the audience was cagey and didn't show that much concern even when speaking.

  26. Of all the episodes to have results in the hundreds, this one needed to be one of those!! There is a huge concern for them on so many fronts. I mean lack of trust, jealousy, lack of respect…they needed real counseling.

  27. Sometimes I think Hello Counselor is all about trying to help people. But not realizing what will happen behind closed doors after the show. If Hello Counselor think they’ve changed a person relationship or a person perspective for the good. I want to see the, Where Are They Now! Wondering what happens after.

  28. She should’ve gone to an actual marriage counsellor to seek advice. It really bothers me that serious situations like this gets chosen to be discussed by a bunch of celebrities and traditionalistic hosts…

  29. WHY ARENT PEOPLE USING PROTECTION. Its not such thing as "its safe today" even on your period you can get pregnant becquse the sperm can live in the womb up tp 5 days

  30. A lot of people asking them to divorce, I would have agreed had a child not been involved. But since there is a child in the picture, I think they need to wake up and think bigger than themselves and give one honest 2nd try at making their marriage work, for the sake of the kid. Because now hello counsellor has highlighted their issues so they know its there, so I think there is hope. I have a cousin whose parents divorced when she was young, I think both her and her brother was affected until now as an adult. So I'm not pro divorce when a kid is involved, unless of course abuse is involved or even after trying hard, its one sided and you've given you best shot from your end, then sure divorce hopefully in good terms still.

  31. He was basically lying to her to get laid. And she liked him so much she wanted to keep him. Then pregnancy resulted in marriage. But truly it wasn’t a good relationship resulting in marriage then pregnancy. He is a playboy he didn’t even wanna get married. She kinda ruined his plan. She better make her life better and divorce him.

  32. Very true before date firstly check person good ,bad habits 🤧 more important then Carving for sex & at end only u have regret 😝 felt sorry for baby ,baby will suffer whole life because of 😈 his both bad parents

  33. I know both of them act immature towards each other, but it seems like the dad does the most. The mother owns up to her mistakes, while the dad makes an excuse to blame her and get out of trouble.

  34. If he doesnt give you enough money even for his baby…just divorced…he is crazy he is not a normal father…your life will ruined….and only waste your time to be his wife….

  35. When a guy is not ready and you force his hand, he becomes uncooperative and unsupportive. He alr said he didn't want the baby. If she wanted to keep the baby, she should've gone on by herself.

  36. People start having sex and are surprised they get pregnant 🤦🏻‍♀️
    There‘s a responsability that comes with it, but tv series and movies don‘t tell you that 🙄

  37. That what we call progress being in love..for over 2 years me and my gf always agrue with others..now it's been 10 yrs in relationship..trust, take long time to do..when things get hard try to understand each others..my gf is hot temper person and i get used to her behaviour.. sometimes if she don't angry at me one day, it's make me miss her..love their weaknesses and trust me everything gonna be fine..

  38. There's no love, get seperated are the best way instead of try to understand n show who did the try. When we love care n respect will come within.

  39. I started out thinking that they should just divorce. But then, the more I listened, I realized something: marriage is not easy. Love isn't easy. When we were at home with our parents and our siblings, they too did things that irritated us. The difference is that we don't have to commit out lives to them, or have babies with them (thank god). But personalities clash. People have expectations, and biases. They do care about each other. But they've never taken the time to talk to one another. When she starts talking, she does so harshly. So he ignores her or retaliates in a way that she doesn't like and then they build this really ugly cycle of either leaving or arguing. They haven't realized that theh both need to sacrifice. That's what like is. A whole bunch of sacrifices. This is bigger than the baby. This is the very environment in whic they choose to live. But inspite of all that, there is a lot of love there. She wouldn't have come to thw show otherwise, and neither would he. So somewhere within, they want to make this work. As for the spending money on the ex girlfriend, my guess is she was better company( in his opinion) than his wife.

  40. He's childish af and she's stuck because of the Baby. That's why people; USE CONDOMS!! If something happens then you can't blame yourself you didn't try.

  41. Not to say that either side is right but from the guy’s perspective mannn does that shit piss me off . How can you even think to end a child’s life simply because you are scared or not ready? That’s something you should have thought about before putting your little sausage in her. You need to man up and take responsibility for her and your child. But also the woman has to be strong minded and find a way to be self dependent and not fully relly on him. The marriage is fucked because both of these immature brats are stuck together because they couldn’t be mature adults and put a condom or birth control. Grow up both of you get your heads out of your ass and realize there is a child that needs to be taken care of. There I did yalls job for you !!
    Rant over 🤗

  42. Her hubby is actually lucky look at her she's still looks young, beautiful and sexy. A lot of moms in my country usually gained a lot of weight (30-60 lbs) 😭. And to be able to breastfeed they are required to eat more. 😞

  43. That's why to teenagers out there:

    You have think a lot of times before you have premarital sex. Getting pregnant really changes a relationship. 180 degree turn! You guys could be better then before or a lot of them sadly got worse.. 😞 Mainly because of immaturity and financial lacking. So know well yout partner before giving up your bodies to them. If you cant contain your hornyness then at least practice safe sex…

  44. i hate when they say “there’s hope, so it’s not a concern”… her pelvic was dislocated and the dude told her to get it herself. after that, i wouldn’t say there’s hope. he’s buying cigarettes for himself but won’t buy something for the baby. He threatened to kill her because she was scared that the cigarettes that had a BAD BATTERY was gonna explode. She has a temper too but things he has done are so heartbreaking and i would tell them to divorce immediately . their personalities don’t match

  45. They need to separate and find an agreement so that he can't get out of paying for the baby. He obviously doesn't want it and doesn't love her like she wants him to. He's not empathetic and her temper is magnifued because she feels crazy trying to change him so much. They need to grow up friends not partners


  47. Let’s be honest. They didn’t know each other well enough, fucked around, accidentally got pregnant and basically forced each other into a marriage neither of them were ready for. There weren’t in love when they got married and resent each other for their miserable lives. Korea frown upon divorces so now they just feel stuck. Side note: the wife’s eyes really creep me out.

  48. Why do men always say "she got pregnant". Like she got into that situation all by herself. Narrative should change to "I got her pregnant".

  49. Why is everyone saying end the marriage? Marriage isn't something to take lightly. You marry someone, you marry them for life. Its a permanent commitment. Now I'm not someone that thinks that divorce is unacceptable in any circumstance, but that's the thing. You should try every circumstance, you should try everything, you should fight for your marriage! Then if everything you tried doesn't work out, if you've exhausted every option, then you should divorce. Divorce should be the very last option. Like if your spouse is abusive or toxic. Or they just aren't the right person for you shown through you guys trying each and every option. This is why you should think long and hard and make sure that you really want to get married to somebody, having no doubt within your mind. Marriage is just like any other relationship, just because you get in fights with your siblings or parents, do you just cut them off? Never to speak to them again? No! You don't, because at the end of the day their your family and y'all have to be there for each other. There will hard times but you guys gotta get through them cause that's what makes you guys stronger!

  50. When my father found out that my mom was pregnant with me (they were both 22), he told her that’d “she’d become a fat and be a b*tch.”
    They have been divorced since 1994. Take note HC!

  51. They’re too immature. They need to be honest and show the other person who they are. THey just keep blaming each other only. And hey do things thinking that the other person will understand and know automatically. They need to understand each other. That’s the problem. They’re not voicing they’re thoughts or actions. They just do it expecting the other person will understand. They just leave everything unfinished. They don’t talk anything out. They just wait until the extreme then explode only.

  52. Both of them are very immature, but can we talk about how they said to the woman to lower her expectations…. No. If someone is hurting you that much, you get a divorce, not lower your expectations and be miserable your entire life. Jfc

  53. I've been married 14 yrs and for most of these years I truly deeply loved my spouse, but sometimes 2 people grow apart. I truly hope this young couple csn survive and they both need grow up and mature into each other

  54. To the fact that I only focus on two things
    1. They don't deserve each other
    2. The girl's face is fully plastic surgery

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