I was getting married & I’m from Jersey.

(upbeat music) Emily Perez. Good morning, your honor.
Good morning, Emily. Emily, you’re charged with speeding on Blackstone Boulevard. Yes. What do you wanna tell me about this? I was getting married on that day so I was all over the place. You were driving? I was driving. What time was the wedding? It was at around five.
Yeah? Yeah.
And where were you going, to the hairdresser? Yeah, I had to get ready. (laughing) Your honor, I watched that video there earlier, that’s the opposite direction of the wedding event. (laughing) So that might explain the high rated speed. She didn’t drive fast enough. (laughing) I have the proof and everything. (laughing) You have the proof? What, the marriage certificate? Yeah, I have the marriage certificate. Where is it?
Right here. Show it to Inspector Quinn. She has the wedding ring, judge. There you go. I have in my possession a marriage certificate, issued by the Rhode Island Department of Health, license and certificate of marriage. Emily Brianna Perez.
Yes. Has been lawfully married to Noel Piscado. Yep, mm-hmm. On the same date, Inspector Quinn. This is on May 25th. Inspector Quinn, it’s a very serious matter. Are you gonna make a recommendation as the prosecutor, Inspector Quinn, that Emily begins her married life in such a manner that she’s in court and found guilty? Your honor, unfortunately I would like to but brings back memories for me, it’s the same date I walked down that aisle. Really? Different year of course, but same day, yeah. Is that your anniversary as well? The 30th, yes. You guys should get together. We should. (laughing) I’m driving though, you speed. (laughing) What are the chances of that, Inspector Quinn? Just bring back some wonderful memories, Inspector Quinn? Yeah. Remember them memories. ‘Cause going forward you’re not gonna look at ’em in the same light every day, believe me. How many years you been married? 38 judge.
38. Wow. See that. Hold on, it’s 18 now, no. Sorry, 37 judge. (laughing) That proves people married on that day have good luck, see? (laughing) So what do you think Inspector? First off, congratulations. Thank you. And secondly, your honor, I can understand her not being of sound mind and body on that day. (laughing) I think, Emily, we’re gonna give you a wedding gift. Awesome. Even though it’s gonna be a little bit late. Yeah, it’s okay (laughing). I think given those circumstances, you were getting married that day, you had stuff to do, you were only doing three miles over, faster than you were supposed to, so we’re gonna give you a break. Thank you so much, your honor. Good luck. Congratulations.
Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a good one. Yanca Agrugua. How you doing, your honor? Sir, you were charged with, you have one overnight parking ticket and you have a red light violation on service roads seven and Broadway. This was at 5:43 in the evening, let’s take a look at it. All right, there are two signs. There’s one on the corner and there’s one between the lights and they both say, “Right on red after stop.” Yes, your honor. The way my car is adjusted, the moment I get to where it is right now… ’cause I’m from Jersey, so in a yellow light… I didn’t get adjusted to how quickly the yellow lights change to red, ’cause from Jersey you have time to cross. When I made the right, I was still thinking, in my head that is still yellow. You were thinking you were in Jersey. To be honest, yes. You think, “I’m a Jersey guy.” See the swagger, Inspector Quinn? Inspector Quinn, he’s a Jersey guy. We’re gonna take a look at the Jersey guy one more time, okay? Lisa, stop this as soon as the light turns read. Already at that point, I’m making my right. No, no, no, you’re before the line. Actually go back, go back Lisa, we’ll start off from the beginning. Stop it. All right. Jersey guy, take a look. (courtroom laughing) The light is yellow.
Yes sir. Where is your car? It is right there.
Where? If that’s my car.
Huh? I’m just assuming–
Where is your, can you see your car in that video? No, I cannot.
You cannot? No.
So far we know you had at least 300 feet before the light. He’s still in Jersey at this point. (everyone laughing) All right, Jersey guy. Here you go, we’re all of a sudden beginning to see your car, right? Now it’s red, Jersey guy, and there you go. I’m not making this up. In Jersey, the yellow light is still going for a prolonged time.
No. No, no. You know that when you see the yellow light, you know that that means it’s gonna be red pretty soon. Yes.
Now in Jersey, I guess they wait 45 minutes between yellow and red. (courtroom laughing) Well they had that issue with Bridgegate, I don’t know how that works. Anyway. (laughing) We’re gonna give you a break on the overnight parking ticket, but it’s gonna cost you $85 for the red light. The good news is, it doesn’t go toward your driving record. True. But your honor, I honestly cannot pay it. I don’t have a job right now. I understand that. You’re gonna see Lindsay and she’ll put you on a payment plan. All right.
You can spread it out as long as you need.
Okay. You can put it off for a few weeks to start paying, and then you can pay as little as you think you can afford. Okay. (upbeat music) Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune in to, “Caught in Providence,” every week day. Excuse me? You didn’t know, “Caught in Providence,” is also a TV show? Oh wow, your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to caughtinprovidence.com, click on your local listings, scroll down till you find your home town, then start doing your happy dance. That’s it. Move it, move it. Nice. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.

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  1. Inspector Quinn " i watched that video she was driving the opposite direction of the wedding event " lmao

  2. I love it when people say, "I'm from (fill in the blank)" as if to intimidate someone that they are from a place that is a total shithole. LOL!!!

  3. Judge Caprio..i love your good vibes sir and decision making..regards to inspector quinn and to all employees.. i am watching here in the Philippines..more power to all of you..God bless!!

  4. Why ? Why ? Why can I not stop watching these videos. Caprio and Quinn and Carrigan are like the Mafia in Godfather 3…..I try to get out but the keep pulling me back in. Love these guys !

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  6. Guilty before proven innocent. If your charged that means your being sued by a fake state that only exist on paper which isn’t living.

  7. i get a parking ticket because the meter was expiered on my wedding no Chance as i called to get it dismissed, . i am from germany

  8. I highly doubt that every city in the world have the same timing on their yellows so that guy from Jersey may have a good case unless the video shows a very high rate of speed hmm??? I think the judge is wrong on his stance I timed the lights here and ours are much longer than the ones in these videos Imma try and remember to time the ones in the city, I go every Friday morning but here in my little city the lights are longer between yellow and red no doubt.

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