I Was Made Fun Of For Being A Late Bloomer

I’m really skinny but I’m not anorexic I
started developing but I’m flat. And I don’t have my period yet, and that’s what
I give made fun of for. All of this started when I was in fourth grade. Kids
started making fun of me because everyone started developing and I didn’t.
All my friends did. But they had really big curves and standing next to them
this made me look like I was a cereal box. People started making fun of
me. I told I trusted adult like everyone says to do and she said that I should
just ignore them, but ignoring them is impossible when you have to see them
every single day. And some of them are even your friends. They always have this
Girl Talk moment you talk about their periods and how big their chests are and
whenever I try to get in the conversation they always say you
wouldn’t know. In sixth grade everything got even worse because everyone’s curves
became bigger and boys started getting on it too.
Boys call you many names like toothpick, popsicle stick, and I tried eating more
to gain weight and my grandparents noticed. They told me not to just eat the
amount that I wanted to and just leave the rest. So I started doing that and I
felt happy again but then I reached eighth grade. Everyone and I’m talking
about everyone has started developing. I started developing as well. But I didn’t
have my period and you couldn’t visibly see my chest. Some people don’t really
want to show their chest but in my school it was the other way around. So I
started wearing a bra with two pads in it to make us seem like my chest
was bigger. Even though I was trying really hard to make it look like I was
curvy, people still teased me. At lunch this boy called me that I looked like a
second grader, and I just laughed it off but I felt like I just couldn’t take it
anymore. I just wanted to punch him in the face
and say, “Whatever if I’m not curvy, I don’t care!” But I didn’t. And after I got
home I cried for a whole hour. The next day I didn’t want to go to school so I
told my mom that I was sick and she called into the office and I got an
absent. I didn’t know what to do that day and I was going on
YouTube and I found many inspirational stories and then everything clicked in.
Now I know that I’m supposed to love myself no matter how I look like. I don’t
care about whoever whatever they say to me I don’t care at all. All i care is
that i love myself no matter what…

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  1. I know you're talkin about the girls of helping but just saying that everyone is developing that just makes me feel like the boys are developing too

  2. Omg this is the exact opposite of my school!! Nobody got their period and started developing!! Im the only one who got their period and im in the 6th grade

  3. Boy: you look like a tooth pick
    Girl: i dont care
    Boy: well anyway get. Boobs
    Girl: you dont Have any anyway

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