I Went On A Date With A Kpop Girl Group (Dinner with Dreamcatcher)

Jiu- Waaaaaa hi!!!
Terry- Hello. Hi DC- Hi~ Terry- Have a seat. DC- Wow
Terry- Please sit down. Alright this thing on? Hello everybody, welcome back to the vlog. Er today as you can see we have reserved a ginormous table… and er we are probably not going to drink beer and soju.
They are probably going to clean that up. But guys we are currently waiting for Dreamcatcher. I actually filmed an interview with them prior. But, it was after one of their showcases and it was really loud
so I actually couldn’t use that video. But this is take two. Finally we are back and we are going to see them. We are going to have a sit down,
have some dinner have some galbi
(Grilled beef short rib) This er… I dunno… this is like a famous resturant that their management kinda hooked us up with
so I don’t know it’s gotta be good. They should be here in the next 5 or 10 minutes. So until then I’m going to brace myself and get ready, but hope you guys enjoy this one. Yep please come in. Jiu- Waaaaaaa hi!!!
Terry- Hello. Hi. DC- Hi. Terry- Have a seat. DC- Wow.
Terry- Please sit down. Yoohyeon- Where should I sit? Terry- Oh yes. Good. Perfect.
Gahyeon- Oh there’s nothing there. No setting. Terry- Oh here. Take mine.
DC- Nononono. It’s okay. Terry- Are you hungry?
Yoohyeon- It’s yours. Oh thank you. You’re so nice. Erm okay hello… DC- Hi~ Do you remember me? Yoohyeon- Yeah of course!
Terry- Really? Yoohyeon- Yeah.
Terry- What’s my name? Yoohyeon- Terry.
Dami- Cherry. Oh… wow… I actually… wow.. Surprised. Thank you! Okay guys we are currently setting up to eat food. So we got our cups, we got our water,
we got our fire and we are going to get one more fire. So stay tuned. Terry- Are you guys hungry?
Yoohyeon- Err yeah.. Alot.. because we skipped our dinner. Terry- For me? Gahyeon, Yoohyeon & Siyeon- Yeah.
Terry- Oh my god. Terry- You studied in the Philippines?
Yoohyeon- Oh yeah. Terry- When you were small?
Yoohyeon- Like when..yeah. Terry- Ahh.. so that’s why your English is good? Yoohyeon- Yes. Yoohyeon- I can’t do this well, what do I do! Sua- Have you tried this before? What is this… Gahyeon- Have you tried it?
Terry- Yeah I’ve tried before. It’s not bad. Thank you. Yoohyeon- This.. should I do it (grill the meat)? Terry- You okay?
Jiu- Are you alright? Gahyeon- No, no.
Yoohyeon- I’m fine. Terry- Are you sure?
Gahyeon- Yeah! Terry- Maybe you can…
Gahyeon- Oh my! Oh my- I’m not good (at this). Terry- Oh yeah look at that. Uh oh. Yoohyeon- Wow amazing… Gahyeon- I’m scared.
Yoohyeon- This is chaotic. Terry- Who is the best cook? Gahyeon- She. (Points to Sua)
Yoohyeon- Sua. Sua- I like.. I like cook. Terry- What do you like to cook? Yoohyeon- What do you like to cook? Sua- All.
Terry- Everything? Sua- Yeah everything. Sua- Everything.
Terry- Seafood? Jiu- What is abalone in English?
Gahyeon- Abalone… Yoohyeon – Abalone. Terry- Jjampong? (Spicy korean-chinese seafood soup)
Yoohyeon- Abalone. Terry- Abalone. Seafood.
Yoohyeon- Seafood. Terry- Oh okay, really? Terry- Do you guys all live together? Yoohyeon- Yeah together. Terry- In a dorm?
Yoohyeon- Yes. Terry- So Sua cooks alot? Everyday? Yoohyeon- No not everyday.
Gahyeon- Not everyday. Terry- What do you guys eat? Yoohyeon- Cereal.
Terry- Cereal? Yoohyeon- Yeah cereal. How do you say delivery?
Terry- Cereal is good. Yoohyeon- Ahh delivery.
Terry- Ahh delivery. Me too I love delivery. Terry- McDonald’s delivery…Yeah no McDonald’s only joking. Terry- I don’t eat McDonald’s never…definitely not. Terry- I like chicken. Terry- Fried chicken.
Yoohyeon- Yeah so do we. Terry- Do you know Outdark? Yeah. Terry- I love Outdark.
Siyeon- Outdark? Terry- You don’t know? *repeats in korean* Gahyeon- Do you go there often?
Terry- You went there? Gahyeon- Mm Hongdae!
Terry- Outdark in Hongdae! Terry- My favourite resturant.
Gahyeon- Oh really? Terry- Yeah it’s so good. Sua- Garosu-gil? Gahyeon- First meal? Sua- Today’s first… Terry- First meal?
Sua- Yeah. Terry- Your first time eating today? Yoohyeon- No no you. Terry- Oh me?
Yoohyeon- Yeah. Terry- No I had um… Terry- What did I eat? Terry- Bokkeumbap. (Fried rice) Yoohyeon- Do you make it by yourself? Terry- I can make bokkeumbap and eggs… Terry- and toast you know toast? Terry- Yeah I make good toast. Terry- You know like.. french toast?
Sua- Yeah! Terry- Oh you like french toast?
Gahyeon- She can make it. Terry- Heck yeah! Got to watch my language. Terry- Okay. I have an important question. You guys have a new album coming out… and what is it called? Yoohyeon- The End of Nightmare. Nightmare right? So can you tell me about your new album? Yoohyeon- Introduce our new album.
Gahyeon- Please introduce it. I’m curious… and your fans are curious. Jiu- It’s our last Nightmare story. Jiu- We, Dreamcatcher… Jiu- The last Nightmare story to the narrative that we’ve been portraying. Dami- Nightmare last story.. Last story? Siyeon- Last of nightmare. Oh the last Nightmare story. Yoohyeon- We tried to escape the nightmare. That’s the concept? Gahyeon- Yep. It sounds- Gahyeon- Not yet. Jiu- But, we weren’t able to escape. You can’t escape? Yoohyeon- Yeah we can’t escape. It’s kind of scary. Siyeon- Creepy! It’s a little bit scary right? Gahyeon- Our concept. How many songs are on your new album? Siyeon- 6?
Terry- 6. 6.. Oh that’s a lot. I can listen to the album now? Yoohyeon- Oh yeah of course! Oh okay. All 6 songs? Yoohyeon- Yeah. Yoohyeon- Released-
Terry- I saw on YouTube… PIRI? Yeah I liked that one. It’s very er… creepy. Scary… yeah. Gahyeon- You can eat this.
Terry- Now we can eat? Terry- Okay
DC- We’ll eat well~ Gahyeon- Eat well~
Yoohyeon- We always say this before we eat. Terry- I’ll eat well~ Just one bite? Is this too big? Isn’t this too big? Sua- No, no. You like big bites? Sua- Sauce.
Yoohyeon- What is this? This is galbi right? Yoohyeon- Right. I like galbi. Siyeon- Marinated galbi. Yoohyeon- Marinated galbi.. I like skirt steak. (갈매기살) Yoohyeon- It’s delicious. My favourite samgyupsal (pork belly)
cut is skirt steak. I have another question. Just.. random. Can you guys all tell me your favourite animal? Yoohyeon- Your favourite animals. Yoohyeon- I like the dog most. The dog? Yoohyeon- Yeah, dog. I have a dog. Yoohyeon- Oh really? Yeah, do you want to see a picture? Siyeon- I like wolves. Wolves? Jiu- I like dogs and rabbits. Rabbit, okay. Handong- I like cats. Dami- I like pandas. You like Kung Fu Panda? Dami- Yeah yeah yeah. Jack Black. Sua- I like elephants. Okay that’s random.. do you like peanuts? Sua- Peanut? Peanuts. Do you like peanuts? Yoohyeon- Why suddenly (peanuts)? Because elephants… they like peanuts. Yoohyeon- They like peanuts. Terry- You don’t like peanuts?
Sua- Yeah… She doesn’t like peanuts. But she likes elephants! Good enough. Gahyeon- Me? Dog. Dog? Okay we got a lot of dog lovers, that’s good. A lot of your fans.. they really like your dancing. Your fans were curious. They want to know how long does it take you to to learn your choreography? Yoohyeon- Like two days or three days. Siyeon- But… Siyeon- We do it together. Siyeon- The teacher… How do I say this? Siyeon- We learn it while the teacher’s creating it. Siyeon- While they’re creating the choreography,
we learn it together. Terry- Your teacher?
Yoohyeon- Yeah. Okay.. So you learn the choreography
while she makes the choreography. Yoohyeon- Yeah.. and it changes a lot. Oh it changes a lot? Terry- Do you like that?
Gahyeon- No. Who is the best dancer? DC- Sua!
Terry- Oh, Sua~ Sua- Thank you!
Dami- Main dancer, main dancer. I believe it. Can I hear some rapping? Sua- Promote our title song PIRI. Dami- Title song PIRI’s rap. Sua- Dance a little bit, coolly. Sua- Gahyeon.
Dami- Gahyeon. Dami- Rap too, rap too. Gahyeon you rap too? Gahyeon- No! You have to rap… you have to rap that. You are a rapper. Okay…
Just a little bit. Just once. Yoohyeon- Yeah just once.
Terry- Just once… Sua- Go go! Sua- Do some gestures too. Gahyeon- Wait, my mouth (is full). Gahyeon- You have to react, okay? Siyeon- Of course!! You guys are all more talented than me,
that’s good to know. I can’t do any of that. Do you drink coffee? A little bit? Yoohyeon- Errr… yeah sometimes?
Terry- Sometimes? Not often? But… you drink everyday right? Siyeon- Everyday.
Terry- Okay good I like you we can be friends. What’s your favourite coffee? Siyeon- …These days..americano. Terry- Americano?!
Siyeon- Yes. But that’s so boring. I like.. What about mocha? Sua- Caffè Mocha? Caffè Mocha, my favourite. Siyeon- Originally..
*looks at Yoohyeon to translate* Yoohyeon- I just thought of it (the word)
in Chinese. Siyeon- Originally… Siyeon- Grew up. I grew up! Probably the best reason. I want to know if you guys are not idols… Then… what would you do? Yoohyeon- If we weren’t idols,
what would we be… Sua- I haven’t thought about it. Siyeon- I think Jiu… Sua- Café…
Siyeon- Yeah a café. Terry- Macaron café? Siyeon- Macaron café. Or was it.. pie? Siyeon- What was it?
Jiu- Tarts. Siyeon- Tarts! Tart café? She wants to own a tart café right?
Be the owner? Yoohyeon- Yeah.
Siyeon- She loves desserts. Desserts are good. And also I think I read somewhere
you’ll be a tart café owner… and then a police officer? Terry- Police?
Jiu- Police? Yoohyeon- Right, you said that before.
Sua- Siyeon, Siyeon. Siyeon- Me too. I wanted to be a soldier. Jiu- Me too, a soldier. Siyeon- Army? You want to go to the army? You would have gone to the army? Siyeon- Because my birthday is… Yoohyeon- Is?
Siyeon- is.. Armed Forces Day in Korea. Yoohyeon- Falls on Armed Forces Day.. Yoohyeon- Her birthday.
Siyeon- October 1st. Celebration of Military Day. Siyeon- Am I right? Yoohyeon- You know what?
I really wanted to be a YouTuber. Yoohyeon- Like you!
Terry- Really? Yoohyeon- Yeah! But you decided to be even bigger! Yoohyeon- Yeah! So… Thank you… Thank you for just telling me that. I don’t feel bad… I feel- thank you. What about… Handong? Han or Ha? Yoohyeon- Han.
Handong- Han. Han. Handong. What do you want to be if you’re not an idol? Handong- Stewardess. Stewardess. Oh on a plane? Stewardess. Oh I can see that.. Yeah you could be…
Gah & Sua- It fits you. I fly to America and Korea many times a year. So I always see the stewardesses and
they are always like really pretty… Yeah I think you could be a very good stewardess. Gahyeon- You.. you have many mileage? Miles? Yes… yes I do. Yes I have er.. ah my wallet is over there. But I have a gold card… For flying… miles yeah. But I haven’t earned a free flight yet but I’m working on it. Maybe next time I go back. Sua- Ahh! Sua- Ahh… baby… Sua like~ Sua- I really like babies. She wants to be a baby? Yoohyeon- N-no. Oh okay. Sua- What? Gahyeon- He asked if you
wanted to be a baby. Jiu- What?
Dami- She loves babies. I mean.. you know…that’s okay… it’s okay. Yoohyeon- I want to be a baby. Yoohyeon- I wanna be a baby! Gahyeon- Yeah me too!
DC- Me too! Gahyeon- I want to be a baby. Yeah you know what me too why not, life is easier as a baby. Yoohyeon- Yeah. What do you want to say to them in a video? Yoohyeon- Do you have anything to say to
our international fans…? Sua- Oh, do it. Yoohyeon- First of all…
I want to say that I really love you. Yoohyeon- Also, we have made a
comeback with PIRI, right? Yoohyeon- A lot of people around
the world have been making covers of it. Gahyeon- That’s true. Yoohyeon- So regarding that, I want
to say that I’m really thankful. Dami- CherryTV and HappyFace YouTube channel.
Subscribe and like. Yoohyeon- Oh, subscribe and- Siyeon- Dreamcatcher Company. CherryTV? Did she say CherryTV? Yoohyeon- CherryTV? Think she said CherryTV. Dami- No, TerryTV. Terry. Terry!
Terry- Cherry no! Terry! Jiu- Cherry! My dog!
(Jiu has a pomeranian called Cherry) Why do they always think I’m Cherry?! Yoohyeon- Cherry sounds so cute. Yoohyeon- It fits you~ Sua- So cute! Terry- You know…to be honest,
when I first came to Korea… I was an English teacher. Yoohyeon- Oh really? Siyeon- Nickname? Terry- Also, my former students
didn’t call me “Terry teacher”, no. They said “Cherry teacher”. Yoo- Oh really? Cherry teacher! Sua- So cute~ Terry- I disliked it. Siyeon- You disliked it? Because I’m Terry, not Cherry. Feels nice… I feel good. I feel like you gus are just so… natural? Yoohyeon- Yeah… right.
Terry- Natural, relaxed. Siyeon- Why… Siyeon- Die.. gone… Yeah… don’t eat that one. Terry- Don’t eat it.
Siyeon- Don’t eat it. Gahyeon- Is this-
DC- No just keep stirring it. Siyeon- Can we get scissors? She’s a pro at everything…
Pro cook, pro m- Pro. Gahyeon- Thank you. I think you like ramyun. Sua- Oh! Ramyun I like I like… I like ramyunl Sua- What kind of ramyun? Yoohyeon- What kind of ramyun do you…
Terry- I like Jin Ramyun. Sua- Jin ramyun! Good? Yeah it’s good right? Terry- My favourite.
Gahyeon- Today, it’s a spicy flavour. Gahyeon- You know?
Terry- Commercial right? Gahyeon- SKY Castle (Korean Drama)
Yoohyeon- Oh yeah, right, commercial. Gahyeon- Together, eat. Yoohyeon- That’s for you. Terry- Oh me? For me? Okay.
Gahyeon- Yeah. Gahyeon served me some naengmyeon
(Cold noodle soup) with my meat. So.. she made it for me, thank you Gahyeon. Alright guys, welcome back. So we are done eating our food now
and we’re gonna do a fan requested activity. Me and Dreamcatcher are going to play a game. The one that so many of you guys requested. Terry- You guys ready?
DC- Yeah! Okay lets go. Okay so… this is the most heavily
requested game. Here you go, take that card… and this is called UNO!
So basically the idea of the game- Oh could you pass one to her,
and one for her. Idea of the game is you take your cards. You get 5 each and once you get
5 you take turns going around in cirlces… You know.. try to get the most… Do you need one more?
Yeah give one more to her. Yeah so you get 5. That is good enough.
Anyways… So yeah… there’s different cards… You know what I’ll give you one more,
I like you… And you know what?
I’ll give you one more, there you go. Sua- Oh nooooo! Alright, fine. The object of the game is simple.. Okay?
You want to win. You can get a card like this…
That means you jump around 4 times. Okay you put that down, you get a card like this 5 times same thing. You get a random card like this- woah oh.
It’s also 4 okay nevermind. Not that one. You get a card like this, uh, one time, that– you play Pokémon Go. But anyways, real simple. You just go around, you try to win. Least cards you have is the winner. And… loser takes all. Any questions? Okay GG. Guys I hope you enjoyed the video,
and I am here once again with Dreamcatcher. Go check out their new album… which is already out.
It’s on Youtube. It’s on Spotify, it’s on Itunes, it’s on everything. Go listen to it, stream it. The End of Nightmare,
go listen to it right now. Thank you Dreamcatcher. Bye bye! Jiu- Thank you!
DC- Bye bye!

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