– Hello, everybody, look at this big hair. What’s up, y’all? It is, I don’t know what day it is, but I didn’t vlog yesterday, so, I’m going to a party tonight. It’s JoJo Siwa’s birthday party, so I’m getting ready for that. Daisy, what are you doing? Leave him alone, Daisy. – [Grandma] If you can’t
beat them, join them. – Okay, so hopefully I’m
allowed to talk about this. I’ll find out soon, but we’re
going to JoJo Siwa’s party, and so I’m wearing a JoJo
shirt, and high-waisted pants, an JoJo’s actual shoes. These are JoJo’s shoes, I
stole them from her closet. Thanks, JoJo. And, this is my little pumpkin. He was gonna come, but he
got some shots yesterday, so he’s feeling a little
under the weather. – [Grandma] You can see it in his eyes, he’s not feeling to good. – Not feeling too good, pumpkin, so, now he’s smiling, he’s
like I’m doing fine, Mom. So, he’s gonna stay home with Grandma, while we go to this party
for just like an hour or so, and then I’m gonna rush back,
’cause I’ll miss him too much. I hate doing anything without him. I’m literally a spaz the whole time, I just wanna come home and see the baby. And then, when I get home, I’m like, I can’t leave his side. Okay, so we’re gonna go now, okay, bye. Okay, we’re at JoJo’s party. The first thing we did was get beverages. This is the JoJo BoBo. – BoBo Bubbler. – BoBo Bubbler, and it’s
in a little disco ball. Let’s taste it. Have you tasted it? – Tastes like ginger. – Don’t you think JoJo would hate this? – She would never in her life. – She would never drink this, but okay. – She wants root beer. – Yeah, she wants IBC
Root Beer in the bottle. – I’m JoJo, and you are
all invited to my Sweet 16. Hit it! ♪ Three, four, it’s time to celebrate ♪ (band music) (crowd yelling) – I have been horrible at vlogging. Oh, but look, double vlogging. See, I wish I had someone to vlog for me, ’cause I just forgot, but the party’s fun. This is a Coke. Don’t come for me. There’s no alcohol at JoJo Siwa’s party. There’s minors here, but it’s fun, and there’s a lot happening, and there’s a lot of people here, and I don’t know what to tell you. I’m horrible at vlogging. There’s JoJo! Donuts, woo, oh hey, it’s a man. (electronic music) What’s up, guys? Today, I am at Magic Mountain, ’cause JoJo rented out
the park for her friends, so we are gonna go on some
roller coasters with JoJo, and I’m excited, and I’m
probably gonna forget to vlog after this one clip, so if I do, (bleep) Oh, I can’t say that. – [JoJo] I was just gonna
say, do not say that. I didn’t want to interrupt your vlogging, do not say that. She said something bad. Don’t listen to her. – Okay, we’re gonna ride
roller coasters, goodbye. Oh my god, this is really exciting for me. I love roller coasters, and I haven’t been on a roller coaster in a year. And we’re just like, there’s no line, ’cause there’s no one at the park, and I’m freaking out. Rachel, is this like? (squealing) Then we rode a bunch of roller coasters, but I got really scared
because I’m old now, and when you get older,
I guess roller coasters really hurt and they’re not as fun, because it hurts your back and your boobs, and all of your parts, and
then they’re not fun at all. And I was sore for like
three days after this party, so, cool, Gucci. I didn’t film any of the
roller coasters, sorry. But this is the end of the night. (rock music) (electronic music) JoJo’s birthday was so fun. You can watch the Nickelodeon
special on Nickelodeon of her Sweet 16, watch
all of it on May 18th? It was either the 17th
or 18th, maybe 19th. I can’t remember, it
was one of those days, but, look it up, you can watch
JoJo’s full birthday special. I had so much fun. I love her so much. And Magic Mountain was
literally one of the best nights ever, like even
though the roller coasters made me really sore
and were kinda painful, it was still super fun,
and it was so cool to watch JoJo just like have so
much fun with her friends and it was just like
everyone was happy, and like, loving and kind, and sweet and wonderful, and it was just the best
night ever, and I love JoJo. And, I will celebrate her
birthday all over again on her actual birthday in May,
and I can’t wait to do it. ‘Cause she’s the best. She’s my little sis, and I just love her. And I hope you guys enjoy this video. Make sure to subscribe if
you liked it, comment below what your favorite part was,
and what else do you do? I don’t know, whatever,
do whatever you want. I don’t care. You don’t have to like this video. Do whatever you want. I love you, goodbye. (electronic music)

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  1. I LOVE how Jo Jo’s party is like one big show 😂 😂 😂 and it is SO EXTRA( she hiered a theme park ) LIKE ME 😂

    I wach you when ever I am bored and I am your NO.1 Fan
    Colleen(Sorry If I spelt your name wrong)You just make me smile and you have that funnyness in you so that is why I am a subscriber

    Sorry If I wasted your time (If you read it)

  3. The clip where Cory is living his best life is like: ooh so fun! Then, you move the camera to Eric and it looks like he's the dad that just wants to go home but his kids are making him stay😂😂😂😂 love you

  4. JoJo's 16th bday party was on April 9!?! That was my 16th bday party! Lol her bday party was much better and fun than mine. But I'm glad she had fun!

  5. I worry about JoJo's future. Eventually JoJo will want to move onto more adult entertainment but she might have a hard time doing so because people see her as a children's entertainer. I remember Miley Cyrus had a hard time transitioning into adult entertainment.

  6. Jojo looks like she's 40, and sounds like a man. I cannot understand why young girls are so easily captivated by idiots.

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