I won’t marry Sera [Gracious Revenge | 우아한 모녀 /ENG,CHN/2019.12.09]

I didn’t expect Hong Sera to beat us to the punch. You won’t need to post the explanation. That means our deal is void too. That’s not right, Jennis! Thanks for everything, Philip. Haejun doesn’t know I’m here. Please have a seat. I don’t need any tea. You know why I wanted to see you, don’t you? I never expected to see you about something like this. Director Seo slapped Jennis? She just slapped her in the face without a warning. How could she hit her like that? It’s outrageous. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. Say that 100 times. See if that helps Jennis in any way. If you can’t protect her, keep your distance. I’ll protect her myself. From now on… If anyone lays a finger on Jennis, I won’t forgive them. I don’t care who it is. Even if it’s your mother, I won’t forgive her. I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again. You’re way too optimistic without even a plan. Yesterday, it was your fiancee’s mother. Today, it’s your own mother. They’re taking turns going after her. What do you mean? Your mother is with Jennis right now. What? Why is that my fault? I was going to post an explanation and start dating Jennis today. But you ruined it by making that video. You should’ve done it first then. Hey. Are you done? Did you forget your promise with me? Whatever. What do you want from me now? Why you… I’m going to your office now, so come down. – No, not my office. / – Bye. Philip. Hey! Why is he coming here? Team Leader, the madam is here in Jennis’ office. Don’t mind me and get back to work. Is she here about the rumor? What if she attacks Jennis? Why is he… You’re smart, so I’ll get right to the point. Help Director Gu and Team Leader Hong get married quietly without a problem. Is there a way I can help? Please don’t tempt my Haejun. I don’t think you’re doing it on purpose but imagine how he’d feel if he keeps seeing the person he likes. He’s having a very hard time. What should I do? Please leave our company. With your skills, you’ll be welcome anywhere you go. We can help you. If you need money, we can support you financially. I know… I’m being selfish and shameless as a mom. But still… Please leave Seoul. No… Please leave Korea. What was that? Haejun. Did you just tell Jennis to leave? Why are you here? I’m talking to Jennis. Get out. Did you just tell Jennis to leave? What’s wrong with you? Director Gu, please leave. Get up. Get out. I’m talking to her right now! Why are you just listening to her? Why are you just taking it? You did nothing wrong! So why are you taking it from everyone? What do you think you’re doing in front of your mom? You’re getting married soon. Snap out of it. I’m not getting married. What? I won’t marry Sera. What do you mean…

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