Ian McDiarmid makes a joke without realizing it (Star Wars Celebration)

did you cut off a hand in designing Palpatine no with its elegance and prime none whatsoever yeah and I’m only just smooth getting over it I didn’t know I didn’t know I needed a lightsaber for this policy did I so when you know when they said there’d be a bit of dog fighting I feel great you know I’ll do it and people will collect my adult language my idea of a good spin but shockingly when I went to see uh what but you made a joke without realizing they lo char you said shockingly oh gosh well that’s the first time I’ve ever made a fight without realizing yeah thank you okay

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  1. he was dark lord so powerful and so wise that he could use to force to manipulate the midichlorians to create…..jokes

  2. Amazing how one of the most cartoonishly evil complete bastards in the galaxy is played by a marshmallow of a human

  3. Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Ian McDiarmid making a joke without realizing it? I thought not. It’s not a story the sequel trilogy would tell you.

  4. you can actually tell what a good actor he is when you see him in real life because he is not anything like palpatine. For example when he played the senator he seems super slimy even though he was just a regular guy(undercover sith) and here he seems like a nice grandpa.

  5. "That's the first time I've ever made a joke without realizing it." I guess his entire role in episode XI was the second?

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