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Hello my Friends – How are you? What happened to him ? He is very happy today Mummy, I am feeling very hot in summers. Mumma, he is asking for Ice Cream Yes, if I will get then good. If not, then still OK You saw Ok, so we will nto give ice cream We can do another challenge Aayu diesn;t want to eat ice cream Some times, he doesn;t want to eat ice creams I will eat and do the challenge Did you saw? He is like this only Stone Paper Scissor OK Stone Paper Scissor Mumma, don’t come in middle Stone Paper Scissor I feel like I do the challenge Cheater His 1 eye is still open. This one – Yes This is Not correct See, a frog is here. I am rabbit Aayu is not cheating Tell me how many fingers are there. How many fingers 2 Laughing Did you know ? Aayu got which Ice Cream? Aayu I also want to ice creams. I will taste first then Aayu I am the Judge No… This one You have to tell the taste He is eating Ice Cream Which fruit taste like this? Mumma Pineapple? Wow Aayu, knows the fruit taste Is it correct? yes correct. It has 2 falvours. It has 2 falvours and very stylish. Aayu, let mumma also eat a bit This better than Kulfi Very tasty Sweet, sour Now, sister’s turn I have got 1 point Aayu won the last round Wow What do you mean? You want to eat all the ice creams. Mumma, will open Aayu look, shape is very nice Fiest I will taste, then sister will taste. No Sister this is heart falvour Aayu gave you this hint Heart falvour? Yes No it is heart shape. You will tell the flavour, because you are tasting We dont do cheating All of us are excited to taste the second bite. Chocolate What happened? Pihu also won yeah But, this one was easy Any one could have answered This is mine But, this is very tasty What is the name of this ice cream ? I don’t know Sweet Heart Ice Cream Name is also very nice Like, sister is my sweet heart. Yes If Aayu will cheat, then we will eat his ice creams So cheating is not allowed Probably, Aayu would not be able to guess the flavour yes But, Aayu will taste the ice cream, You have to tell the flavour Chocolate & Vanila no Then You tell Strawberry & Vanila? No Then You have to tell Aayu will eat spoon full and tell the taste. This is very tasty I have to tell the fruit Yes, which fruit is inside? Papaya Laughing Pass? This is Black Currant Show Mummy, what is black current You don;t know what is black currant? Let us find out Which meaning we are looking – Black Currant Now, it is Pihu’s turn She could get a difficult optin I can’t say, Pihu will guess it or now. Wow This is very beautiful color. What is it ? Eat, taste and tell the flavour. Pihu, still cannot guess the taste You know it.. I didn’t get it I read on the wrapper Grapes? yes It has 1 more falvour 1 more falvour Which one? Both are together Vanilla Chocolate Mango? Orange? Pass But, I should half point She is my sweet sister, so I will give her the point High Five Aayu Laughing He did Ice Cream High Five But, what was that? black Currant & Tutti Frutti Pihu, got half point Full point not half Yes, same thing – Half means full point. Please like if you like Ice Creams. I love it 1000 times. Aayu is like this… You have to do blindfold first First wear your blind fold Let us start Wow This one is very tasty All the kids like it I should have got this I know everyone will eat ice cream today Chocolate? Hmmmmm Chocolate flavour Aayu won Now let us see… Will Pihu, guess this one or not. Wow I should have got this All Ice creams are good. All Ice creams should come to Aayu Just look at it. Pihu, open your mouth wide Wider Wider Here it comes. Laughing Guess the taste What is it? You have to tell that. It is Ice Cream Yummy tasty Do you know the name Chocolate? It has chocolate, but you have to tell the name It has one more thing, you have to tell that. yes Show it to me. Show it – Means Are you looking? I am trying to taste it. No cheating Sandwich Yes This is Ice Cream Sandwich It has cookies on both sides. Now it is Aayu’s turn What is this? Aayu What will happen? This is very pretty Wow mumma Isin’t looking beautiful Did you saw friends? So pretty Chocolate? No Aayu, chocolate is not there. Vanilla? No Strawberry? Yes this is aayu’s style Aayu look It has shape of a Strawberry Now, what will sister get? Sister, will get a very nice ice cream. She will get ice cream Yes, she will get a very nice ice cream Which one is this Aayu? I don’t know Yes this one. It is It taste like a Raw Mango Yes Raw Mango Yes Pihu guessed it correctly Raw Mango Ice Cream I am enjoying Yes, I know What are you saying? No I didn’t say anything Did I say I am saying, that you are enjoying No, I am asking the name Name? This is Raw Mango Ice Cream raw Mango? Hmmm Pihu, we can eat Aayu’s ice cream. What are you saying? No we are not saying any thing Aayu, open your mouth Mummy, Laughing What is this? Guess What is it ? It has a very nice shape What? It has a very nice shape It taste like chocolate, but milk in it. Yes Aayu can guess any chocolate. Shall I open my blindfold Just open and see, it is very pretty. It is very pretty ice cream Friends, I am sure you will also like it. Next Ice Cream will be…. I should have got this Like if you like this ice cream Like this ice cream Everyone like this ice cream Sister can tell the name of this ice cream Hmmm Because, Pihu ate this ice cream many times. Let me taste it again Pihu, is not guessing and tasting ice cream many times, Chocolate Chocolate Cone yes Chocolate Cone I have a different method to eat this. pen it from bottom and eat it. Aayu eat chocolate cone like this Start from bottom Eat very very slowly Some time he makes a mess also Then he enjoy the ice cream – Look at him You let them do the challenge You must take care of me as well. What care? You must have bought some ice cream for me also. You must look after mumma also. 1 Ice Cream for mumma also. OK You also do blindfold. I will bring for you Then you guess the taste. OK Pihu give me blindfold Now I will guess it correctly Mumma, wear that blindfold That one I know your father will bring unique ice cream for me. It is very nice I am experienced Your father, brings very special and weird things for me. Laughing Because, you’r special, so I bring special things for you. I can guess from their smiles It is a special ice cream What are you giving me? Open your mouth wider What is this? Ice + Cream Ice Cream Laughing You could have bought ice cream – What is this? You asked ice cream I bought Ice and added cream to it You enjoyed? Yes I enjoyed – Now I am not playing You also like this one Hmmm Kids like this also Hmmm Aayu got this flavour Strawberry? Yes – You have got the point. But tell the name also. You don’t know the name Aayu? Aayu ate so many ice creams of mango flavour Starwberry bite What is bite? You are eating ice creams Like Mango Dolly Strawberry Dolly Tasty Yes, every thing is tasty But, If I will bring food here…. Then they want to eat very less. Mumma I am not feeling hungry Mumma I am also not feeling hungry You will not get a single ice cream Why? You gave me that thing You will see…. Ice Cream This summers, I will not give you any ice cream Will you give me that – Ice + Cream Yes you can eat that You will ask for Ice Cream, I will give you Ice with Cream Now, it is Pihu’s turn She will get which ice cream This is This is This is Ice Cream Which one? This is Cream This is mom and dad favourite ice cream Kulfi Yes Sure This is Punjabi Kulfi Who won in this challenge Me I lost Hmmm No Then? All of you Do blindfold But, what have we done I won and Aayu lost this challenge No You 3 have done something What Shhhhh Now open your eyes 1 2 3 Open Wow What is today’s date? 14th May What is special about today? Oh Yes It is our channel’s Birthday Yeah We forgot that yeah So, there are 2 candles on cake For 2nd Birthday We’re enjoying birthday with all our friends Thank you for liking our show Thank you Thank you friends Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to Friends of Aayu and Pihu Show Happy Birthday OK, now we will cut the cake. This cake is hard This is Ice Cream Cake This cake is very tasty Who will eat the first bite of this cake Friends Yes Here friends Happy Birthday Who will eat this First the youngest one No the eldest Then elder Then elder Aayu This is a chilled cake Thank you OK TATA BYE BYE LOVE YOU ALL

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