Ice Cream Themed Birthday Party Decor (HOUSE TOUR)

hello friends I’m a mom of two who had a
full-time job planning fun events for kids and I want to share my
experience with you today I’m going to give you some awesome ice cream party
decor ideas by showing you our house decorated for my toddler baby girls
second birthday party which is happening in just a few minutes so I thought I
would take you on a house tour and show you all of the awesome decorations and
that we have going on all right so first off before we head in you’re gonna
notice these really cute ice-cream cone balloons I’ve hung upside down look that
you would have sprinkles sorry for the noise welcome eat we are going to put
together these little ice cream cone balloons to be made there we go and then thread it here we’ve
hung some balloons we use the bunch of balloons a blower-upper and I will
insert a clip right now of me blowing at these things up this thing blows up 40
balloons in 40 seconds Wow alright that over here I have put down
little cute little ice-cream party favors I found these ice cream socks
look I’ve got even got some on my toes already cute little socks that I bought
at the Target dollar store and give them to my guests we do ask our guests you
take off their shoes when they enter our home so having some cutesy little socks
to put on will be great and then just in case anybody wants to take any sort of
selfies I’ve got some selfie party stuff here and hand sanitizer all good
for a toddler party I went in here to the dining room and I’ve hung up a
couple balloons here nothing too exciting in the dining room the action
is happening further in the house follow me all right so right here that’s a really
cute banner that says ice cream bar I will link down below where I got this
because it’s super cute and really inexpensive on Amazon
all right then over here we’re gonna set the ice cream bar I’m gonna put the ice
cream right here big tub of ice cream with ice cream scoop this thing turns on
like that cute I got this at dollar spot most everything I got at the dollar spot
this cute sign came from the same place as the banner again I’ll have that
linked below I’ve got some little ice cream spoons
ice cream cups I’m gonna set out some Starbucks cake pops here and then look
how cute these little tags are that came with the banners they’re so adorable
chocolate syrup caramel sprinkles and then I’m gonna put an assortment of
candy in here all right then I’ve got my napkins over here and then if you walk
over here this is where I’m gonna set up the drinks I’m gonna do lemonade over
here I’m probably gonna do some sodas some water with that cups
we’ve got cute napkins all right let’s go into a living room because that’s
where some work I hung up some balloons right here so
cute she’s gonna love this when she comes down she hasn’t seen it all
decorated yet okay behind me okay we’re turning around I had some blew up tons
of balloons we added in some extra seating in the living room so people
will be able to sit and then we have these adorable banners oh my goodness
again I will show you I will link put the Amazon link in the description box
so you can find these beautiful banners and look at the detail of the ice-cream
columns oh my goodness is so cute you’re like oh if you need some games to
play at your ice-cream themed party I will post a link right here for some
awesomely fun ice-cream party themed games and check out the link in the
description box below because there will be a playlist of all the things
happening with the birthday you’ll get to see the birthday party as well as ice
cream invitations as well as how I clean my house before guests arrive what my
toddler daughter got for her birthday for presents all right so check out that
link in the playlist below a thumbs up is the best compliment you can give me
subscribe if you want to hang out with me more and I will see you in my next
video thanks for watching oh my goodness
ah do you like

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